The following explains the Gifting Policy for HayleyHall.UK and all it’s related social media platforms.
This policy applies to products, services and experiences.
If you would like to ‘gift’ me, please see the below set of terms and conditions:

1. I do not accept gifts in exchange for coverage or content or in lieu of payment.

2. All gifts are given without any guarantee of coverage; they’re for trial and consideration only.

3. If I do choose to cover the gift, I am free to do this in my own timeframe and within a context I decide appropriate.

4. Gifted items will be declared as such within all content.

5. Any content or imagery produced around or of the gift remains my property and reproduction of it is only possible with my written permission.

6. Once a gift has been received, it becomes my property to use and / or dispose of as I wish.


I work with brands in many ways and am always open to suggestions, collaborative campaigns and championing products I truly believe in. I offer workshops and training to those wishing to understand both social media and bloggers, as well as being a public speaker at events and conferences. I love hearing from people wanting to work with me, but please bear the following in mind:

I only write about what I’m interested in. I like lipgloss, handbags and cups of tea. Men’s boots, curtains and bleach – not so much. Take the time to see if there’s a real possibility I’m going to write about your product and if it’s relevant to my audience.

I do not offer free guest posts or ‘reciprocal links’. I do not place infographics or third party content. End of.

I don’t enter any kind of blog competition, nor will I write about your product or campaign in the hope of winning something I don’t really need.

I’m not interested in social selling businesses and will not feature any products from their social selling representatives; that includes Younique, Monat, My Showcase, Tropic and any other variant.



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