The Secret To Beautiful Looking Skin? Evening Primrose Oil Is The Supplement You Never Knew You Could Benefit From

In the quest for smooth, supple and radiant skin it’s safe to say I’ve probably tried everything going; if there’s a new serum I’ll apply it, if there’s a new device I’ll try it, and if there’s a new breakthrough ingredient I’ll embrace it. Although I’ve been blessed (thanks mum!) with clear and relatively unproblematic skin, I’m still always looking for ways I can retain my glow and keep those telltale signs of ageing at bay for as long as possible. As I speed towards my forth decade those fine lines become more visible, my complexion starts to lack the plumpness it once had and a night of interrupted sleep is more visible than ever under my eyes – so I’m increasingly looking for solutions that can support my body’s needs. Once such area I’m particularly passionate about is boosting my diet with targeted and proven supplements, and the latest addition to my morning routine is Efamol Evening Primrose Oil capsules that have been that have been shown to support beautifully smooth and nourished looking skin.


I’ve no doubt you’ve heard of Evening Primrose Oil, but you’ve also quite possibly dismissed it as something not dissimilar to an old wives remedy. I recall my mum dragging me round health food shops as a child to stock up on those little yellow capsules and popping them daily. So what is this age-old ingredient and why is it still so relevant to women of today?

Extracted from the seeds of the yellow wildflower, Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids which are essential for the normal functioning of every cell in our body.


I’ve been taking three capsules of Efamol Evening Primrose Oil for over three months and have definitely noticed a subtle overall improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. As I reach less and less for my makeup bag and embrace my natural skin on a daily basis, those noticeable signs of fatigue have become less visible and the overall feeling is that my skin is softer than it once was.

Despite being in the middle of winter, I haven’t been reaching for the deeply nourishing treatments or night time moisturisers like I would’ve expected; instead my skin is happy enough with a little lightweight cream or a quick spritz of a hydrating spray. In recent years the constant movement from brisk wind to central heating has played havoc with my complexion, but over the last few months I’ve not experienced a single moment of dryness.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint Evening Primrose Oil being the sole reason for this positive change, it’s the only real ongoing difference or addition I’ve made to my routine. I believe it’s such a simple way to boost your beauty regime and ensure your skin gets the helping hand it needs, no matter your age or skin type.

Efamol Evening Primrose Oil: Skincare Benefits You Never Knew About


The oil used in each capsule is carefully extracted from a specially cultivated Rigel Evening Primrose, the seeds of which contain up to 33% more GLA than other Evening Primrose Oils; this makes Efamol’s oil unique. Efamol also carefully manages each step of the extraction process to ensure that the oil stays in the same form as in the seed, retaining its natural properties once again.

Quality and purity are of high importance, which is why their unique Rigel Evening Primrose is grown in the Netherlands and New Zealand by the same growers they’ve relied on for the last 40 years. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil also has a long history in scientific research, with four decades of studies – and you know I’m all about being able to read up on the science!


In a recent consumer trial, 77 participants were asked to complete a skin perception survey after taking Efamol Evening Primrose Oil for a three month period. The results illustrated the beauty benefits that such a simple addition to a daily routine could make…

** 82% agreed that Efamol Evening Primrose Oil supports beautifully smooth and nourished looking skin. **

** 85% felt happier and 82% more confident with their skin after three months. **

** 87% felt their skin looked and felt less dry and 72% agreed that their skin looked firmer. **

** 85% said their skin felt softer and 84% felt their skin was smoother. **

Efamol Evening Primrose Oil: Skincare Benefits You Never Knew About

I take so many supplements that I practically rattle, but the addition of Efamol Evening Primrose Oil is definitely something I plan to keep up with.

Even better is that it’s super affordable: £9.99 for 30 capsules or £12.99 for 90 capsules.

Why not add Efamol Evening Primrose Oil into your daily routine and see what it can do for you!


Find out more about Efamol Evening Primrose Oil and the consumer research conducted HERE.

AD: sponsored feature in partnership with Efamol Evening Primrose Oil; all opinions and insights my own.

The research was conducted between 18th September and 26th November with 77 consumers (women) aged between 18 and 65. The study was conducted by Cue Consumer Research in the UK and the study group took 6x 500mg capsules a day for 12 weeks.

Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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