Three Sensual & Seductive Scents To Treat Yourself Or A Loved One To This Springtime

It may be a cliche, but there’s something incredibly meaningful about receiving a scent from a loved one. Whether it’s because they’ve spent time exploring the facets of your personality and passions to find the perfect match, or because you can think of them every time you spritz it onto your skin, it’s a timeless way to show you care – and Valentine’s Day (love it or hate it) is one of the biggest celebrations of fragrance there is. This year a lot of usual gifts and treats may be off the table, but thanks to the wonder of the internet it’s always possible to get your hands on a new scent; and Valentine’s doesn’t just have to be about love in the traditional sense if you want to treat yourself, let your bestie know you’re missing her, or send your mum something to brighten up her day.

With so many to choose from, and the challenge of not being able to smell them in person, where do you even start?

These three perfumes are perfect for any fragrance lover and each offer something slightly different; whether they’re a classic and elegant fragrance lover, a sassy saucepot who likes their heels high and their scent rich, or a modern and feminine woman who loves a little luxury, there’s something here for everyone.

Three Seductive Scents To Treat Yourself (Or A Loved One) To This Valentines Day jimmy choo i want choo carolina herrera very good girl jo malone scarlet poppy

Jo Malone: Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense (From £86.00)
You really can’t go wrong with a bottle of Jo Malone any time of year, but this perfectly stunning limited edition red bottle makes it an even more exceptional gift than usual. Scarlet Poppy has been inspired by ‘extravagant blooms’ and is a richly evocative scent that would definitely add depth to any combination of JML you choose. With notes of velvety Iris, decadent and sweet Barley and Tonka Bean, as well as a ‘burst of succulent fig’, the result is an opulent and seductive scent that’s perfectly placed for romance. Many of the Cologne Intense fragrances are a touch too heavy for day to day wear, but this walks the line of richness without being overpowering.

Anyone who loves classic interpretations of scent, or who you know already loves anything Jo Malone.

Carolina Herrera: Very Good Girl (From £55.00)
When the original ‘Good Girl’ fragrance was launched it instantly became an icon, thanks to the stiletto shaped bottle. This slightly reinterpreted addition features rich and fruity notes of Redcurrant and Lychee, alongside deeply sensual Vetiver, sweet Vanilla and delicately rich Rose; it’s a scent that’s inevitably addictive, providing the wearer with a passionate experience that reminds me of nights drinking champagne in a dimly lit bar. I was immediately surprised by how much I liked this when I first sprayed it, with the berry notes lifting an otherwise unexciting scent into a new realm; and the bottle offers something beautiful for the dressing table too, which is always an added bonus.

Anyone who loves their heels as high as they can get them, or who likes to smell as powerful as they feel.

Jimmy Choo: I Want Choo (From £45.00)
A departure from many of the previous Jimmy Choo incarnations, both in design and fragrance, this oriental scent contains notes of Peach, Mandarin, Orange, Vanilla, Jasmine and Red Spider Lily. It’s a delicately rich and sassy perfume that ticks so many of my boxes, thanks to the inclusion of sparkling citrus notes that counteract a more traditionally floral base for something that feels fresh and modern. This is definitely more of a daily wear for me than the other two, offering something more elegant and understated, but that doesn’t make it any the less beautiful.

Those that may be a bit scared of rich or intense scents, but love modern elegance.

Which of these three scents would you choose for Valentine’s Day?

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