10 Of The Best Things I’ve Tried From Beauty Pie So Far

It’s been almost a year since I took the plunge and signed up to be a fully fledged Beauty Pie member. Initially it was more of an experiment than anything else, driven by the frequent questions and requests from my community as to my thoughts on the platform and the products it offered, but soon became something I genuinely enjoyed exploring. What’s unique about Beauty Pie is that there’s a real anticipation that accompanies that pink box delivery every month, a real moment of joy in the discovery of something new – even if it falls short of your expectations. Few other brands have managed to capture the emotional connection a community of women has to beauty in the same way, which is why it’s become so hugely popular amongst those that have fully committed to an ongoing membership.

With the sheer volume of products and constant new launches, it can be tricky to navigate and know where to start if you’re new to Beauty Pie. Which are the products really worth trying, and which are the ones you can leave lingering on the virtual shelf for another day? Where should you splurge on really great routine additions, and which affordable gems are really far superior to their price point? Over the last twelve months I’ve tried a plethora of different products from the skincare, makeup, body, hair and wellbeing categories; although I know I’ve yet to only scratch the surface of what’s available and have many more gems to discover, so far these are ten of the best Beauty Pie products I’ve tried…

How Beauty Pie Works, My Top Product Tips & If It's Worth Becoming A Member


FeatherLight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer (£10.10)
SPF has long been part of my daily regime, no compromises, so I’m always on the hunt for new lightweight textures that are easy to layer over skincare and under makeup. This is a pretty good option, especially for the price point. Containing a ‘light-absorbing DNA shield’, Chromophores to help fight inflammation, Vitis Vita Grape Extract for skin detoxification and rehydration, plus Tomato Stem Cell Extract and Peptides to reduce ‘skin stress’ this is jam packed with goodness. It’s very lightweight, doesn’t have any white telltale residue when applied, isn’t sticky or gloopy and works well in my routine; it actually reminds me of a Murad one I’ve been using for years, but at a fraction of the price this is definitely a great every day option.

Pure Ceramides Elastic Boost Eye Moisture Serum (£7.04)
I can take or leave a lot of eye creams, but under the recommendation of Sascha from Beauty Geek I popped this in my basked and hoped for the best. From the first use I knew I was onto something good, thanks to the cooling metal rollerballs that help massage and cool puffy undereyes and the refreshing gel texture. It features 10% pure encapsulated Ceramides (found naturally in skin and essential for plumpness,) Phytosqualane from Olive Oil, NMF-boosting Biomimetic Moisturizing Molecules and Deep Water Brown Algae to ensure even skin tone and radiance.

Über Youth Super Elixir Microbiome Mist-on Serum (£17.43)
Mists always seemed like a bit of an unecessary add-on to my already expansive routine, but during lockdown I’ve had both the time and inclination to finish my daily skincare with a spritz. Although this is expensive in comparison to a lot of other Beauty Pie pieces, it contains a powerhouse of ingredients that’s akin to a serum-in-spray format: anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, anti-hyperpigmentation and anti-glycation collagen boosters, plus skin-barrier-supporting Defensil and dynamic probiotic Revivyl to help balance the microbiome to reduce inflammation.When used as a last step in my skincare regime, or added over makeup as a quick refresh, it helps to boost my skin in a multitude of ways. The only thing I don’t like is the spray nozzle, which leaves a slightly wet result rather than a delicate mist, but it’s something I can live with.

Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial (£10.12)
An absolute hero of the skincare range, this contains a potent mix of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Pomegranate Enzymes alongside gentle Quartz and Bamboo scrub grains to slough away dead and dull skin cells from the surface in only a few minutes; it also includes anti-free-radical stem cells from Raspberries, helping to keep the skin protected and healthy looking. It’s the perfect combination of liquid and manual exfoliation, leaving my skin feeling much smoother, softer and clearer after every use. I’ve tried quite a few similar products over the years and this is really comparable to face masks three times it’s price, so it’s definitely a great investment.


Super Healthy Hair Coconut Water Heat Shield Styler (£7.84)
Coconut has to be one of my favourite ever scents, so anything with a sprinkling of the tropical stuff is something I’m willing to try. This hair-strengthening protein spray helps protect fine, weak or damaged hair from heat using ‘elasticity Peptides’, while coconut water helps to offer a hit of hydration. The spray is a very fine and manageable mist with just a hint of coconut fragrance, leaving my hair feeling less parched after use; it’s always hard to know if heat shield sprays are really doing anything, but I’m already onto my second bottle and I definitely feel like my hair is less damaged than it was a year ago.

Super Healthy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner (£6.04 & £5.80)
My hair is so easily affected when it comes to what shampoo and conditioner I use, so on the whole I stay clear of anything I think may overload it or dry it out. Chloe from Lady Writes recommended this as one of her current favourite combos, and I trust her opinion wholeheartedly, so I thought I’d take the plunge and try it for myself – and I’m so pleased that I did. The shampoo provides a gentle lather to thoroughly cleanse without stripping, while the conditioner adds much needed moisturising, colour protect and shine enhancing ingredients; it’s a great all-rounder, especially if your hair is fine like mine and prone to being overloaded with ingredients. It’s a fab daily duo that leaves my ‘do feeling great and easy to style, which is all you can really ask!

Soul Providers Dry Oil Scrub (£10.87)
First things first, this smells INCREDIBLE; a combination of Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Apricot and Evening Primrose Oil provides a refreshing but uplifting experience that I just adore. You do need to mix up the scrub before scooping up a handful and buffing it across your limbs, but the process is both enjoyable and effective – my skin is left feeling super smooth, softly hydrated and ready for either body lotion or a bit of tan. It also contains antioxidant Indian Gooseberry and detoxing Holy Basil Extracts, making this an absolute treat for your body. One of my all time favourite Beauty Pie discoveries.


Superbrow Colour Pomade (£4.79)
The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade is one of my all time heroes, and this is a great affordable alternative. Creamier and slightly lighter in texture, this delivers a decent amount of pigment and allows me the precision to create a statement brow; the more I use it the more I fall in love with it, to the point where over the last six months I’ve ditched my Anastasia altogether. The brow products are a real hero of Beauty Pie, and a great place to start if you’re dipping your foot into the pink waters; this is one of my top three finds to date.

Shine Up Lip Colour Balm Stick (£4.00)
Another gem of a find, this is pretty creamy and deposits a lovely slick of comfortable colour on the lips that’s easy to top-up on the go. Although I’d like it to be creamier and offer more of a moisturising balm-like texture, it’s a great alternative to some of the premium brand sticks that charge four times the price. For the price, you really can’t do better!

Shimmerbar (£8.75)
A blatant copy of the best selling Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, this highlighter is pigmented and reflective without being super sparkly or shiny. Great for a quick flush of radiance, especially thanks to the complementary colours and finely milled powder formula, this layers beautifully over makeup and provides the perfect finishing touch to my look. There are many highlighters within the Beauty Pie collection and all have rave reviews, so if you don’t fancy this there’s a liquid version that may just tickle your fancy instead.

How Beauty Pie Works, My Top Product Tips & If It's Worth Becoming A Member

What are your favourite Beauty Pie finds if you’ve already signed up to be a member?

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    I’m so sad this brand is not available for the rest of Europe as everything sounds incredible and it’s so affordable too!

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