Archie’s New Beauty Regime: Sniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered Pooches

There’s no denying my pup Archie is the most pampered pooch. He has a wardrobe to rival me, more toys than he knows what to do with, a bed in every room and portraits up all around the house; he even had a (socially distant!) birthday party for all his friends for his first birthday, which involved an assault course and pawty bags before they all dug into a specially made peanut butter cake. What can I say, he’s like my child and for the joy he brings into my life deserves everything he gets – including a beauty regime almost as expansive as my own!

During the colder months the fields and lakes that surround our house are inevitably more of a mud bath than anything else, so Archie knows full well to step into the shower and let me wash away the dirt after pretty much every long walk. Although he’d rather not be washed, brushed, clipped and spritzed, he knows he looks even more handsome when he is so has just given in to the process of it all. There’s nothing I love more than when he’s freshly pampered; he smells amazing, his fur is super shiny and his fluffy coat is addictive to stroke.

Over the last year I’ve been reaching for so many different shampoos, scent spritzes and grooming tools, but since discovering Sniffe & Likkit I’ve found a brand that’s worthy of His Lordship Archibald and leaves him looking his absolute smartest. All their products are formulated using pup-friendly and natural ingredients, as well as containing a blend of five calming and soothing scents to ensure they enjoy their pampering sesh as much as you. Not only do they look great, but they do a fab job and keeping pups looking (and smelling) their best at all times…

Sniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered PoochesSniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered Pooches

Sniffe & Likkit Fragrant Fur Coat Shampoo* (£14.00)
Formulated with mild cleansing agents and coat conditioning ingredients, this beautiful shampoo helps to leave coats looking bright and feeling super soft. Quilaja Bark Soap provides a gentle natural cleanse, White Willow Bark provides antibacterial properties, Shea Butter provides moisture and fermented mushrooms act as a natural odour neutraliser too! It foams very gently to easily wash away big chunks of dirt or residue from jumping in the canal, leaving Archie’s coat shiny and smooth.

Sniffe & Likkit No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo* (£14.00)
The perfect way to give your pup’s coat a quick refresh between deep washes, this contains a blend of skin friendly powders selected for their odour neutralising and oil absorbing properties. Oatmeal Powder helps to soothe minor skin irritations, Multani Mitti Clay works to repel fleas and insects, Rye Powder is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, while Arrowroot and Bicarbonate of Soda help to absorb odours and offer antibacterial properties. I find this great if Archie isn’t that dirty, or has managed to wash off most of the muck by running through a puddle on the way home; just sprinkle a little on to where you need it, give the fur a comb through with your fingers and you’re done. It’s a quick refresher that’s super handy to have in the cupboard.

Sniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered Pooches

Sniffe & Likkit Fab Paw Protection Balm* (£14.00)
Probably my favourite of the entire range, this nourishing and soothing balm contains a plethora of beneficial ingredients that make this a formula I’m happy to use on my own dry bits: Papaya Seed, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Sunflower and Wheatgerm Oils offer rich conditioning, moisturising and soothing properties, while Shea Butter, Cadelilla Plant Wax and Vitamin E provide antioxidant conditioning and moisture barrier protection. When Archie rubbed his paw pads raw recently this was a great balm to put on after we’d regularly cleaned them up, helping to soothe away any irritation and speed up the healing process. Since then I’ve been using this once a week as a little pup manicure to help prevent those rough and split paws that can be so common, and his pads have never looked better. If there’s one product to try from the range, it’s this.

Sniffe & Likkit Give A Dog Cologne* (£14.00)
Not only does this contain the Sniffe & Likkit signature scent and natural deodorising technology, but a multi-vitamin complex to help promote healthy skin and fur. Admittedly this isn’t Archie’s fave as it makes him sneeze (I mean, it’s too cute!), but it is great if he’s smelling a little too much of ‘wet dog’. I probably would use this least out of all the products as it’s almost a wet version of the dry shampoo, but it smells fab without being overpowering.

Sniffe & Likkit Whippets Cleansing Wipes* (£7.00 for a 10 pack)
These individually wrapped handy wipes contain a gentle cleansing agent, antibacterial White Willow Bark, antioxidant Vitamin E, soothing Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and a natural deodorising ingredient to leave your pup looking, smelling and feeling great on the go. I may have only used these once so far, but they do the job well and are certainly handy for leaving in the car for a quick clean after exceptionally messy walks. The cloths are 100% biodegradable too.

Sniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered Pooches

As every dog mum knows, our pups deserve the very best – and in my opinion, Sniffe & Likkit is definitely a brand I’m happy to use on my beloved fur baby every single day.

Discover more about Sniffe & Likkit dog grooming products on their website:

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Sniffe & Likkit Dog Grooming Products For Pampered Pooches


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