I Finally Found The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots!

Is there a fashion item that you wish (every year without fail) that you’d love to add to your wardrobe, but the perfect piece alludes you no matter where and for how long you look? For me it’s always been the perfect pair of black biker wide calf knee-high boots that will go with everything, keep me warm and dry, look effortlessly chic and get better with age. About ten years ago I found a great pair of biker boots that I wore to death, peeling them away from my feet sobbing at the worn away heel and holes that had long since formed around the sides; since then I’ve been looking for a replacement, but to no avail.

As a woman with chunky calves that defy her height and size, I’ve never been able to successfully fit in mainstream sizes and the task of finding something practical yet on-trend (that doesn’t squish my legs together so they look like a multi-buy of sausages) has been somewhat impossible. I temporarily found satisfaction in a suede pair of wide calf knee-high boots from Simply Be, but after a couple of months the bagging around the ankle became as uncomfortable as it was unsightly.

Le Sigh. And so the hunt started again.

The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots DuoBoots

This year alone I’ve tried on around twenty pairs of boots in shops, ordered and returned three that failed to deliver a decent fit, and added about another fifty to a ‘possible option if all else fails’ wishlist. Just as I was about to give up the ghost for yet another year and force myself to settle for yet another year of ankle grazing alternatives, the guys over at DuoBoots asked if I wanted to give theirs a try; and spoiler alert, I NOW HAVE A PAIR OF KNEE HIGH BIKER BOOTS THAT FIT MY CALVES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!

A rather revolutionary brand that I wish I’d discovered years ago, DuoBoots offer their beautiful styles in eleven different widths and a multitude of heights to ensure your perfect fit. (You just have to measure your calves following their instructions to get the right size.) Whether you want something sleek and simple, classic and elegant, or surprisingly on-trend, they’ve got you. I chose the Camden black leather biker-style wide calf knee-high boots because I adored the chunky sole and buckle detailing, and they didn’t disappoint; super comfortable, incredibly luxe and with leather than feels buttery soft, from the first wear I was in love.

The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots DuoBoots The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots DuoBoots

That very first time I popped them on and did up the zip with ease, I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to jump around the room with glee or cry out of pure relief at finally finding my perfect fit. For such a long time I’ve felt embarrassed that my calves were too big to fit into knee high boots (it’s a family trait not helped by the fact I was a ballerina for 14 years,) so to find a pair of wide calf black leather knee high boots to fit felt like somewhat of a revolution. Since then I’ve been wearing them non-stop under dresses and skirts to add not only style and substance, but for comfort and warmth too; they really do tick all my boxes and more.

In a world that’s driven by diversity and inclusivity, where fashion brands are increasingly offering plus and curve collections, and household names are finally starting to realise not all women come in a simplified shape and size, I’m surprised there aren’t more amazing brands like DuoBoots out there righting a long-standing wrong. Because one should never underestimate the power of a great fitting knee high boot!

The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots DuoBoots The Perfect Pair Of Wide Calf Knee-High Boots DuoBoots

Although these are pricey (£250.00 but currently on sale for £150.00) and a definite wardrobe investment, as someone who has spent the best part of two decades searching for exactly this I can say they’re 100% worth it. I’ll be wearing these until they fall apart, when surely they’ll be replaced with something incredibly similar to keep my wide calf knee-high boots dreams alive.

On a cost per wear basis, they’re a wiser investment than most things stored away in my closet…


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DuoBoots Camden Black Leather Biker Boots* | £250.00 (Currently on sale £150.00) | LINK
Givenchy Medium Antigona Bag | £1660.00 | LINK


*AD: press gift sent with no obligation to feature; I’d buy these again in a heartbeat if they ever broke, and have my eye on a few other styles I’d like to add to my wardrobe!


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  1. Su
    January 6, 2021 / 7:37 am

    Hatley, those boots look great on you.

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