I Started Seeing A Crystal Healer… And It Benefitted Me In More Ways Than I Could’ve Imagined

During troubling times there’s no denying that we turn to more spiritual solutions to help guide and support us along our path. Whether that’s religion in the traditional sense, or alternative therapies like I favour, it’s unsurprising that we look beyond what we can understand as a way of establishing both hope and control. I’ve long been fascinated with the level of energy that resides in all of us, and understanding how we can best capture that for the benefit of both body and mind; whether it’s Acupuncture, Sonic Soundwave Facials, the traditional Japanese medicine Reiki, or crystal healing, I believe there’s so much we don’t yet fully understand that can benefit us.

With an open mind I recently started seeing a crystal healer, just to experience this new way of seemingly treating energy blocks that may be hindering me both physically and emotionally. I entered into my programme of sessions somewhat skeptical, but open to possibilities, and the results have surprised me.

It’s said that crystals act as conduits, allowing positive and healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out; as these stones are formed over thousands of years, their compressed energy can be used to restore without the need for skin penetration or topical treatments. Yes, it sounds more than a little woo-woo, but having read numerous books on the subject I do kind of buy into the theory of it – it makes sense to me that the pure energy required to form these crystals will leave them with some kind of residual power that can be harnessed in a multitude of ways.

Over the past couple of years I’ve dabbled in the idea of crystals, finding myself perusing the shelves of the local ‘hippy shop’ that was so pupular amongst my friends in the 90’s and searching online for the types of stone that can target my specific need. I’ve read more books than I can count, have found myself actively searching for leaving craft markets laden with all manner of beauties I was attracted to, and have even been creating a regular ‘crystal bath’ to embrace their potential positive influence. But deciding to take it up a notch by visiting a crystal healer in London unlocked something even more intriguing.

crystal healing therapy in london toby aspin wellbeing treatment


Toby Aspin has treated all manner of celebrities, journalists and sceptics over the years, but his abilities universally seem to present good for all those he works with. One of the loveliest, kind, spirtual and calming people I’ve ever met, Toby has an incredible passion for crystals and the wider energy they evoke. He’s the kind of person you could talk to all day, instantly puting you at ease and seemingly understanding all the struggles and pain you’re facing under the surface – even if you’re not aware of it yourself. I found myself asking constant questions, wanting to understand how he came to realise he was a conduit for a higher power and how he uses that to ‘heal’; not only was he patient, genuinely interested in my personal challenges and a friendly face to meet at the end of a long train journey every week, but someone I knew would be a safe pair of hands.


When I stepped into the first treatment session I didn’t have a clue what to expect, but with an open heart and mind I laid on his couch to let him do his thing. The healing session itself involves very little as the recipient: laying with your eyes closed, breathing slowly and holding a crystal in each of your hand. As far as Toby is concerned, he spends the hour ‘washing, pulling and sorting’ energy from all over your body to rid any negativity or unwanted baggage that may prevent optimum wellbeing. It’s a contact-free session, which makes it all the more incredible to feel and see results; at no point did Toby touch any part of my physical body, instead focusing on the energy that radiates within it.

By way of simply explaining the purpose of crystal healing, it’s said that we all radiate energy (both good and bad) whatever we’re doing and however we’re feeling. We can absorb the energy of others too, so often we can find ourselves bogged down with negative energy and emotions that don’t serve any purpose within us; this negative energy can cause blockages and stop our bodies and minds performing at their most optimum, so by removing it you remove excess baggage that could be weighing you down. Toby uses his skills to remove as much of that as possible, focusing on instead allowing you to be full of positive ‘good stuff’. Are you still with me?!

As the majority of us have been walking around with trauma, negativity or heaviness for years, it can take a series of sessions to start to see real benefits or progress; I went for a series of five sessions after feeling really positive after my first, and I think I’ll be back for some more soon…

crystal healing therapy in london toby aspin wellbeing treatment


What’s really intriguing is the fact that Toby doesn’t necessarily target a specific issue while working, but inevitably the result has a beneficial impact on any niggles or issues you may be experiencing – pain, discomfort, under-performing organs and mental unrest are often the result of some kind of energy block. Although I wanted to tackle overall wellbeing, emotional strength and a sense of balance, there were also some more targeted issues I was interested to see if crystal healing could support (maybe which I’ll share in the future when I feel more comfortable doing so!)

Every session for me was very different. One time I saw lots of yellow shapes moving in front of me, another time I felt a strange pulling sensation down one side of my body, and during a subsequent session I felt a huge amount of pressure around my face. The one consistent sensation though was a feeling of relaxation and contentment; I always left the session feeling good, positive and hopeful.

The after effects were also multi-faceted. After the first I felt energised and focused, the second I felt an overwhelming need to look after myself properly, and the third I felt exhausted and spent the next three nights going to bed at 8.30pm. After the first session I started to feel much calmer, more stable and increasingly able to deal with the struggles life was throwing at me; this continued to develop with every week, until I was in a much happier and more positive space. I even started to avoid sugary snacks and feed my body with more whole foods, without ever actively trying to do so, and get into a better daily routine – admittedly something of a struggle after the curveball 2020 has thrown at us.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what the results have been, but they’re no doubt incredibly positive.

I just *feel* better.

My last session was probably the most revolutionary for me. For reasons I won’t go into now, I embarrasingly greeted Toby with sobs after a somewhat overwhelming personal experience; he was so calm and reassuring, talking me through how to turn a percieved negative into a positive, that I just knew his abilities would work their magic before I stepped back out the door. Half counselor and half healer, he encouraged me to embrace my emotions but then let them go and see them as a challenge sent by the universe to ensure internal strength (how lovely is that!) Although I still felt somewhat fragile, I definitely left with a weight having been lifted off my shoulders and the knowledge that I would be ok. Honestly there could have been no better person to see in that moment, and not only for his healing hands.

crystal healing therapy in london toby aspin wellbeing treatment


Yes, absolutley. I feel like I benefited in body and mind, in the same way that embracing meditation or practicing yoga encourages you to open your heart and mind to something higher than your physical self.

Although initially Toby promised to offer facial rejuvination (the positive side effect of wellness is that you ‘glow from within’ and your complexion reflects that internal balance,) the benefits of crystal healing far exceeded the physical – although I definitely noticed my complexion looked a little fresher after the first session! For me it was more about overall balance, ridding myself of negative energy and blockages that were preventing me from being my best self, and finding a certain level of inner peace.

I’m well aware of how crazy this sounds, and how some of my closest friends have queired how such a logical and science led person can embrace such a ambiguous and unproven pricess, but for me it worked.

I believed it could, and it did.

Sometimes it’s the things you can’t explain that are worth embracing. For me, this is definitely one of them.

I visited Toby Aspin, a crystal healer in London, for series of five appointments; two were complementary and three were paid for at a discounted rate. Find out more here: www.healerhealer.org.uk


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