Truly Magical: Discover The NEW Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics

It may have been nearly twenty years since the first Harry Potter film hit cinema screens, and even longer since the first book was published, but the magical franchise continues to capture the imagination of children and grown-ups alike all around the globe. The Wizarding World provides some much-needed escapism, no matter our age or seriousness of the day job, and I for one will be a Potterhead until the day I die. Just in time for Christmas there’s a new collection of beauty products that will no doubt make an effortless transition from memorabilia to dressing table favourite; I guarantee you’ll want to get your hands on this Harry Potter makeup!

For the first time ever, Warner Bros and the Wizarding World have teamed up with Barry M Cosmetics to launch a range of magically fun and super affordable makeup and accessories that would make just the perfect gift or stocking filler this festive season. Starting at only £5.95, the range consists of three collections: Hogwarts Houses, Luna Lovegood and Deathly Hallows. Choose from lipsticks, nail polish, mascara and liner, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes and all number of beauty accessories – but be warned, because you may be tempted by every single piece of Harry Potter makeup!

Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics


Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, you can showcase your house colours via your talons with these richly pigmented and quick-drying nail paints. Each bottle is adorned with the house name and symbol, making these just as collectable as they are wearable; I’m super surprised at the depth of the colour for the price, with no streaks or watery finish in sight. To complete your collection there are also a range of nail files, compact mirrors and eyeshadow palettes (which I haven’t personally tried) to choose from – or opt for the House Beauty Bundles for added value if there’s someone in your life you know would love to unwrap this on Christmas Day.

My personal highlight is the compact mirrors, which at £7.95 each offer incredible value and a real keepsake. With different metallic finishes to match the house colours, they’re weighty and luxe feeling – which defies their price point. I think these would make a great stocking filler for any Potter lover.

Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics


Finally getting the spotlight she deserves, the Luna Lovegood collection is definitely the most fun and experimental; just like Luna’s personality, it’s all about embracing colour and the unexpected in a fresh way. The most conservative way to dip your nose in the metaphorical Pensieve is definitely with the iridescent and pearlescent nail polishes that work just as well on their own as they do layered up over a deeper colour; the way they catch the light is beautiful, and you could certainly seeing Luna adorn them herself for a night at the Yule Ball.

If you fancy something a bit more daring then the Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers provide a very similar colour and result via a wet-to-try liquid that leaves behind a very subtle glittery shimmer. They’d be great over the festive period worn around the lash line, or for a more wearable look they’d be great layered over a smokey eye; either way they’re easy to apply with the applicator (although you may need to buff or blend in with a brush) and they dry without flaking or caking.

My personal highlight of Luna’s picks are the colour changing lipsticks, which when applied to lips react to your own pH and transform from blue and yellow to purple and pink – it’s like a little bit of magic in your pocket! The texture is super light, comfortable and balm-like, making these a great gift for any teen who hasn’t quite transitioned into full blown lipstick. The bullets are even embossed with the HP logo, making these truly something special.

Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics


My personal favourite of the three collections, just because it’s incredibly wearable and a fail-safe gift for even those not keen on bright colours or new textures, the Deathly Hallows makeup picks are sleek and understated. Everything features a black metallic snakeskin print, as well as the Deathly Hallows logo, and feels weighty and of high quality – I’m honestly amazed that these are so affordable!

Although black lips or nails may not be for everyone, both the lipstick and nail paint is richly pigmented and super dark. The mascara features a twisted brush to help capture lashes, separate and create volume at the root, while the liners are super precise and rich in colour – the liquid liner is probably one of the best I’ve seen in recent years, especially at the price of £6.95.

The makeup brush set is the most expensive individual product in the whole collection, but with six super fluffy and high quality brushes for £24.95 you really can’t complain. Each features a weighty metal handle and green ombré synthetic hair to really make a statement, and regardless of their affiliation with Harry Potter these are some cracking brushes. With three face and three eye brushes within the set, this is the foundation of a great basic collection for anyone wanting to start as they mean to go on. I’ve no doubt that this will be one of the most popular pieces and make a great gift for any Potter nerd or makeup lover.

Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics

I’ve seen a fair bit of Wizarding World memorabilia in my time, and often the magic is there but the quality is not. So many times I’ve overpaid for a keepsake only to be later disappointed, but with this Harry Potter makeup collection everything exceeds my expectations while offering a little sprinkling of something special.

Regardless of whether these pieces featured Potter logos or colours inspired by the Hogwarts houses, they’re all pretty incredible for the price point and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them for a fellow makeup lover; the added magic just makes them all the more covetable and collectable.

The only thing is, you’ll probably want one to keep and one to actually use!

Are you tempted to treat yourself or a loved one to any of the Harry Potter makeup pieces this Christmas?


Harry Potter Makeup Collection From Barry M Cosmetics

The Barry M x Harry Potter makeup collection is available exclusively via and the official Platform 9 3/4 shops (both at Kings Cross and Warner Bros Studio Tour)


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