Why Am I So Obsessed With Anything Personalised?


One of my most prized possessions as a child was a set of pencils with my name embossed on the end of each; the joy didn’t come from knowing nobody in my class could get away with stealing them, but in the fact that I had something that was seemingly so unique. You see, I grew up not knowing anyone else with the same name as me – which when there were three Natalies and two Claires in my form room alone made me feel a little bit special. Hayley seemed quite unusual back then, especially as there wasn’t another one in the whole of my 200+ year group, and (although I went through a period of wanting to be called Rosie!) it’s always been a name I’ve been proud to call my own.

But the most frustrating thing about having a name that wasn’t from the 1982 top twenty picks, was the fact nothing in the gift shop was ever adorned with my moniker. Every school trip, every holiday excursion, every time one of those twiddly display units was outside a rural corner shop: no trinkets for me, no matter how many times I looked! To this day I still have a look at every one I pass, just to see if the situation has improved for future generations of Hayleys… And alas, it has not.

So there my obsession with anything personalised began. If it miraculously had my name or initials on it, I wanted it – and if it didn’t, I’d buy the stickers and do it myself. I ordered two phone cases with my new initials printed on the week after I got married, and even found some car stickers in Halfords so I could do the same to my car; I’ve got endless amounts of jewellery with the letter ‘H’ hanging from it, and one of my most cherished possessions is a bespoke name necklace my Nan got made for my 21st birthday (in the height of my SATC days. If you know, you know.)


Thank goodness, in 2020, for small businesses and platforms like Etsy allowing my personalisation dreams to become a reality – because now, there are so many amazing things I can adorn with my name, and to be honest I want them all. Especially during gifting season, when finding a bespoke and unique gift means so much more than how much you spend, personalisation is always a winner (whether you have a truly unusual, kind of unique or widely used name!)

Tillyanna Shopper Bags (From £20.00)
These have become my absolute favourite for their practicality, classic style and beauty too; who doesn’t want a tote with their name on? The quality is fabulous, especially for the affordable price, and inside they’re super roomy. Featuring a leather handle that will only look better with age, and poppers on the side to allow you to change the shape and width for your needs, these would make a great gift for anyone you have in mind. Available in a multitude of sizes, colours, styles and designs, they can be used as shoppers, picnic hampers, storage solutions and so much more… So there’s a reason to buy one in every design! (You can get 20% off using code HAYLEYHALL20 too.)

Casetify Phone Cases (From £35.00)
Ever since I could change the fascia on my Nokia 8310 I’ve loved personalising my phone and changing up the case to suit my mood. I’ve had a few Casetify phone cases over the years, but their monogrammed designs are always a favourite – especially when printed big and bold. They’re a bit pricier than a lot of standardised cases, but for the protection and quality alongside the bespoke printing you really can’t go wrong; choose plain designs or opt for something more luxe, in the form of glitter or pressed flowers. Either way, it’s sure to make a statement.

Aspinal of London Pouch (From £36.00)
One of my favourite brands for affordable luxury, Aspinal offer a personalisation service on a lot of their smaller products so it’s well worth having a browse through their site. From makeup bags, clutch bags, coin purses and phone cases, there’s sure to be something that will surprise and delight. One of my personal favourites is their small pouch, which can be used to pop all those floating bits in one place – lip balms, hair bobbles, travel cards, hand sanitzer – to help organise your overflowing handbag.

Lisa Angel Engraved Necklaces & Jewellery Boxes (From £26.o0)
If you’re looking for inspiration, then Lisa Angel is definitely a go-to destination for anything personalised. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to receive many of their different pieces from loved ones, and they’re always so elegant but suitable to wear every single day; choose from their signature engraved necklaces that come in all shapes and sizes (including my favourite double hearts,) or opt for any number of their other personalised homeware and gifts from their treasure trove of a website. I really love their little jewellery boxes, which would make a great gift for any woman in your life.

Studio Hop Scarves & Wraps (From £15.00)
If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Burberry, then embroidered scarves are definitely still an option. In my opinion a scarf makes such a thoughtful and welcome gift, as we rarely treat ourselves to anything other than the most functional; adding a personalised touch will undoubtedly ensure it’s even more special for the recipient, sprinkling a little bit of luxury but without the price point. Studio Hop offer a selection of different sizes, colours and patterns, but all are elegant and timeless – exactly what you want from a personalised gift.


When times are tough, it’s never more important to spend wisely and shop well; finding a small but thoughtful gift will mean so much more, but adding a touch of personalisation will surprise and delight every single time. I may be a sucker for anything personalised because of a childhood spent lusting after anything with my name on, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy their name being embossed on something special just as much.

Will you be buying personalised gifts this Christmas?

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    Lovely outfit. Looks great on you! I have something similar I got from Tommy Hilfiger. Thanks for sharing.
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