A Red Light Treatment That Targets Fine Lines, Radiance & Tone In Only 10 Mins: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

Technology is synonymous with beauty in so many ways. There’s often more investment in discovering a treatment for fine lines than there is in discovering life changing vaccines or treatments for tropical diseases, so is our obsession with ensuring we look our best as we age. I’ve made no secret of the fact I’ve dabbled in any number of treatments, non-invasive aesthetics and facials in the quest for younger looking skin (check out my first experience of Botox here!) but red light therapy is pretty new to me. In-salon facials have included a light therapy element for some time, offering radiance boosting and breakout-tackling properties, but until now it’s not been something you could experience from your own home.

CurrentBody are known as experts in beauty devices, and their LED Light Therapy Mask* is as game-changing as it is popular with the elite; everyone from celebrities to makeup artists and beauty experts have been raving about this flexible and easy to use device that claims to leave skin looking smoother, plumper and more radiant – but is it worth it’s whopping price tag? I’ve been putting it to the test to find out…

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy MaskCurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

What Is Red Light Therapy & How Does It Help The Skin?

Discovered by NASA to aid the growth of healthy skin cells by up to 200%, without any side effects, red light therapy has been proven to be beneficial in so many ways. Although initially used as a way to heal astronauts scrapes and bruises that would otherwise have taken months longer than on Earth, red light therapy has been adopted within the beauty industry to specifically help target fine lines and increase the overall health and suppleness of skin.

When the mitochondria, sometimes called the ‘power generators’ of your cells, within skin are exposed to red light they soak it up and use it to produce more energy; with more energy cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate and repair damage. The light emitted by red light therapy penetrates around five millimeters below the skin’s surface, allowing it to get to work deeper than more topical treatments or devices, while also bypassing the damage often required by lasers to stimulate healing.

There are many studies that have investigated the benefits of red light therapy on skin, and the results are promising – if not completely conclusive. However, the CurrentBody device has been ‘clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just four weeks’.

How Does The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask Work?

To get maximum results it’s recommended you use the mask 3-5 times a week, for the full ten minute cycle. You just pop it onto a clean and dry face (so it’s best after cleansing,) turn it on using the button, and wait for it to shut off automatically when the ten minute treatment has finished. It’s so easy to use and really not a faff at all – which is what usually stops me from integrating devices or at-home treatments into my skincare regime long-term. Within four weeks CurrentBody claim you’ll see visible results, but with continual use it will help to keep your complexion looking its best. There’s no downtime at all and, other than a mild redness on the skin after each use, there are no side effects either.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy MaskCurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

Why Is The LED Light Therapy Mask Different?

Unlike many other light-based masks, the CurrentBody mask is fully flexible and made from patented silicone; it’s far more comfortable to wear than the often heavy and static plastic masks you may experience in salons, ensuring it can slip into your routine with ease. I tend to wear mine in bed after cleansing, or pop it on in the morning while I’m tidying up – because it has a handy powerbank I don’t need to be attached to a plug socket, and the lightweight material ensures I can move around as normal without feeling like I’m wearing a helmet! The flexibility of the material also ensures the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin, delivering both instant and long term results.

So What Results Have I Seen From The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask?

I’ve been using this for around two months now, and have been trying to stick to a minimum of three ten minute sessions a week. Sometimes I manage more, sometimes I manage less, but the importance is that I’ve been using it consistently for a significant period of time. Although it takes a good few weeks to really see a tangible benefit, after around a month I definitely noticed my skin was looking clearer, smoother, plumper and more radiant; I was happy with my makeup free face, I needed less concealer when I did wear makeup, and generally felt like I looked well slept even when I wasn’t. My skin texture and tone just feels more even and less patchy, with a reduction in redness and areas of discoloration in particular.

Two months in and I continue to see the benefits, more so when I use the mask every other day than I do sporadically, even if the impact on my fine lines has been less than I anticipated. I’ve definitely still got creases around my eyes and forehead which need more love and attention, but with extended use you never know if they could also be airbrushed – I have high hopes! It’s tricky to target the fine lines that are deep enough to need a top-up of Botox, but when the rest of my skin looks pretty fab the focus is less on my wrinkles and more on the overall health of my complexion.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

It’s so easy to integrate this into my routine, it works so quickly it’s never on long enough to be an inconvenience, and I’ve definitely noticed the more I wear it the more benefits I see in the mirror. Although it’s pricey, when compared to the cost of a monthly facial the price seems somewhat reasonable – within three or four months you’ll have saved the price of more professional experiences, while benefiting from the mask for as long as you want to.

It’s not for everybody but if you’re as obsessed with skincare as much as me, love beauty technology, are prepared to invest in your complexion and want at-home over in-salon treatments, then this will undoubtedly tick all your boxes.

Red light therapy for the win!

The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask is £349.00, but right now you can grab it for £275.00.

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