Comfortable Colourful Lips: 4 Steps To Help Your Lipstick Last Longer

Plus The Amazing Lip Primer Treatment That Helps Plump & Hydrate

My hair is tied up in a top-knot, hiding the unwashed mess that’s been created over a few days, and statement sunglasses are covering my eyes – but the one thing that keeps me feeling ready to face the day is a slick of popping lipstick. It may traditionally be seen as more of an Autumn-Winter makeup staple, but for me it’s a year-round must-have that keeps me feeling my best; I just switch up the colours and textures I’m using to fit my mood, look and occasion.

During the warmer months it’s a coral-red, bright pink or orangey tone that graces my lips, but with socially-distanced Summer BBQs and the joy of pubs re-opening comes the challenge of ensuring the colour stays in place as long as possible. Having to re-apply after every bite on a burger or sip on my G&T is a waste of time and product, so anything I can do to help my lipstick last longer is welcome.

Want to know how to make your lipstick last longer, and how to stop matte lipstick from feeling uncomfortable? Here are my five tips for keeping your pout in place all day…

ARK Skincare’s Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream keep lipstick last longer ARK Skincare’s Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream keep lipstick last longer

1. PRIME: Don’t go straight in with the bullet. Take the time to prime and prepare your lips for colour, especially if you’re using a matte texture that has a tendency to sit in lines and cause dryness. ARK Skincare’s Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream* (£32.00) is an unexpected saviour for lipstick lovers, thanks to its lightweight texture and super hydrating formula. It offers a subtle plumping effect and works incredibly well as a primer – helping to prevent bleeding, transfer and product sitting in fine lines. It’s also known to help prevent cold sores, is a great overnight treatment, restores definition to the outer rim of lips and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, all while beautifully hydrating the delicate skin.

Whether you use it every day as part of your skincare regime or reach for it only when you’re applying lipstick, this really does help to leave lips feeling delicately hydrated and comfortable enough even for the most matte of shades. The pump is quite generous and you only need a really small amount, but it definitely helps my lips to look and feel their best.

2. LINE: Drawing around the edges of your lips with either a matching or nude shade will help to prevent bleeding and smudging, while ensuring longevity of colour. I often coat my entire lips in liner so that if the shade does wear off I don’t get that ombre look as the colour fades from the centre of each lip, instead just a slightly faded result that’s easy to layer my lipstick onto again.

3. LAYER & BLOT: One of those things my mum taught me as a child, layering and blotting never goes out of style – it’s the ultimate ‘handed down from generation to generation’ beauty tip. Applying thinner layers and blotting away excess will help the colour to sit in place for longer and the end result to be richer; it’s also far easier to re-apply if you don’t have to start from scratch.

4. HYDRATE: Adding a little layer of balm over the surface will help to keep lips from feeling parched; the lubricant will also take the hit from your coffee cup / wine glass, so transference will be at a minimum and you won’t have to keep re-applying every time you take a sip of your chosen beverage. You can also add a little of the Plumping Lip Cream as a finishing touch if you have any excess from the pump – waste not want not!

And there you have it… A look that will last as long as you need it to.

Do you have any other secrets to helping your lipstick last longer?

ARK Skincare’s Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream keep lipstick last longer

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  1. August 3, 2020 / 1:49 pm

    I’ve heard so many great things about the ARK brand.

  2. October 15, 2020 / 11:44 am

    Hey Hayley! Amazing blog. Lipstick is the main product that every woman uses in makeup. Yes, said so true that “Having to re-apply lipstick after every bite on a burger or sip on my G&T is a waste of time and product.” So, tips to know for making lipstick last longer is necessary. Thank you for sharing the secrets about it. Keep posting!!

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