A Great Mani Can Change Your World: Meet These Easy, Mess-Free & Long Lasting Nail Strips

Maniko Nail Polish Strips: A Fuss Free Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 Days


I spend a lot of time looking at my hands; when your job involves being attached to any number of screens, it’s hard not to. During those hours spent typing, clicking, swiping and scrolling, I don’t want to be looking down to digits that have seen better days – I want to be greeted by perfectly manicured hands and a colour that pops against my skin tone.

Ever since I was old enough to paint my nails I’ve had an expansive collection of coloured polish and tools that help me create a salon-worthy look from the comfort of my own home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy the salon experience. Having a professional prep and polish your fingers had got to be up there with my ultimate ‘fix everything’ remedies, but often it’s not realistic to be visiting the salon every fortnight; whether it’s time, money, location or a pandemic preventing you from getting your nail hit, there are some great alternatives that make creating a fabulous manicure from home a doddle.

Including Maniko nail polish strips – a quick and fuss free way to create the flawless look you’ve always dreamed of, even if you’re useless at doing your own nails. This is a nail solution you need to know about!

Maniko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 DaysManiko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 Days

Now if you’ve tried the nail decals, stickers or strips of past, please park all your preconceptions at the door. Because this is a far superior offering in every sense, and one I know I’ve been waiting on since crackle polish was still a thing. They’re so easy to use, allowing you to just place the pop of colour directly onto the nail and set it in place with a slick of top coat; no smudges, no streaks, no drying time, no chipping. The polish stays fully glossy, vibrant and opaque while providing a great look for up to ten days. Revolutionary!

Made from nail polish, rather than just being a sticker, the Maniko nail strips are also vegan, cruelty free, pregnancy safe, sustainable and free from 14 commonly used ingredients that are known to cause irritation or harm. They also have a 100% happiness guarantee, allowing you to return your strips if you’re not completely satisfied, but having been putting these to the test myself I know you absolutely will be.

Here’s how you create the perfect at-home mani using the Maniko nail polish strips in five easy steps…

STEP 1: Prep the nails by filing, shaping and pushing back cuticles. (You don’t want the nail strips to stick to skin!) Apply a little of the Maniko Nail Polish Remover to get rid of any residue too, ensuring a clean surface and beautiful nails before you begin.

STEP 2: Apply a little Base Coat to each nail to create an even surface and a little added grip. Enriched with high-quality ingredients including Biotin, Keratin, Vitamin E and Calcium for strong nails, this nurtures to ensure healthy growth too.

STEP 3: Pick out the best nail polish strip for each nail, peel them off and apply from the base upwards. Take care to smooth out the surface as you go, taking care around the edges and ensuring there are no crinkles or bubbles. (Maniko also suggest you get more use out of each pack by cutting each strip in half – genius!)

STEP 4: Trim the edge of the nail polish strips so it’s easier to file, leaving enough to tuck the excess over the end of each nail; using the Maniko Glass Nail File, gently buff underneath the nail to remove any excess without removing the strip from the edges. The idea here is to ensure the nail strip hangs over the edge a little to prevent peeling or catching, keeping your manicure looking fresh for longer!

STEP 5: Apply a little Top Coat to seal your nails, provide a glossy finish and keep your hands looking fabulous.

Maniko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 DaysManiko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 DaysManiko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 Days

Unlike other nail decals and stickers that can look obviously stuck-on and start to peel almost immediately, these look and feel just like a salon manicure. They also last pretty well too (like a traditional mani though, it depends on how you treat them,) giving me about a week’s worth of wear – but a top-up of top coat can give them a new lease of life and keep them looking fresh for longer. To remove them you just use nail polish remover (don’t peel them or you’ll damage the nail’s surface,) so there’s no faff on the other side either.

There’s so much to love about Maniko nail polish strips, but here are my top five reasons why you need to give them a go:

  1. There’s no dry time, meaning there’s no smudging or chipping from touching something too soon.
  2. You can achieve consistent, salon-esque colour – no streaky bits or messy edges.
  3. Each application is a fraction of the cost of a salon mani; you can get up to 4 uses from each pack.
  4. Removal is super easy and quick, leaving no stain on the nail from darker shades (the bane of my life.)
  5. They’re amazing for travel, allowing you to save on space and weight if you want to change your look.

For a closer look at the application process, make sure you give my video a watch below!

Maniko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 DaysManiko Nail Polish Strips: A Salon Alternative That Lasts Up To 10 Days

Discover more about Maniko Nails via their website, and discover your new favourite shade:

The Maniko Starter Kit is available online priced £75.00; it includes everything you need to get started (top coat, glass nail file, nail varnish remover and two colours) plus a £17.00 saving.



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    November 22, 2020 / 10:55 pm

    Hey! What shade are you wearing on these pictures?

    • hayleyhalluk
      November 23, 2020 / 10:22 am

      Powder – a pale pink

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