I’ve Started To Hoard Hand Sanitisers (The Unexpected Twist Of 2020)

Five Of The Best Non-Drying Hand Sanitiser Gels, Creams & Sprays
That Make Staying Safe A Little Better

It could’ve been a new cleanser or a molton metal eyeshadow palette, but instead the most in-demand beauty product of 2020 has surprised us all; hand sanitiser has sold like it’s a 2015 Kylie Jenner lip kit, with nothing but empty shelves wherever you attempt to seek it out. During those first scary few weeks it felt like you’d scored a golden ticket to the chocolate factory if you managed to find a small bottle lingering in the wrong place. I felt like I may has well have bathed in it, the amount I was applying on a daily basis, as it formed one of the few things I could do to retain some form of control during a spiraling and uncertain situation – and four months on I seem to have become a little obsessed with having little bottles of hand sanitiser in every bag, every pocket and every surface ‘just in case’.

Although a big bargain bottle from B&M serves its purpose, now supply has settled down and brands have identified there’s a huge opportunity to capitalise on our sudden hygienic preferences, there are all number of interesting products delivering anti-bac benefits.

During the height of the pandemic I placed an order with one of the few brands still holding stock; even though it took a good few weeks to arrive, I was chuffed with my collection of Merci Handy Hand Sanitizer Gels (£3.00) and they got me through many a trip to the supermarket. I love the fact they come in different scents, colours and textures (yes you can get glitter gel!) to make applying something so functional a little more interesting, while the tiny bottles are super handy for ensuring you’ve always got space to carry one with you. I don’t find they dry my hands out too much either, which is an added bonus.

If you’re after a formula that takes care of hands in more ways than one, then the Be Clean Co 2-in-1 Hand Hygiene Gel* (£1.65) is definitely worth a purchase. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil to help soothe hands while they’re protected, this actually leaves skin feeling nourished without any unsightly residue – you don’t even need a squirt of hand cream to help replenish lost moisture from the alcohol content. It’s super affordable (a giant 500ml bottle is only £8.25) and one of the best formulas I’ve tried to date.

With residue being a stumbling point for many, there are also a number of alternatives that keep application light and hands free from heavy textures. Mallows ‘Everything Will Be Ok’ Hand Sanitiser* (£3.99) is a pure liquid format, acting like an old school alcohol rub that’s more of a splash than the hand sanitisers you may be used to. It’s hard to get the right quantity of this if you’re applying direct to hands, but it is helpful for applying to surfaces (or disinfecting your trolley!) or splashing around when you’re in a rush. The design injects a bit of fun, it’s made to the exact same approved recipe that the World Health Organisation promotes, plus they give 5% of all profits go directly to mental health charities.

In another unexpected texture twist, the Sanctuary Spa Anti Bacterial Hand Spray* (£5.00) works as an aerosol spritz for when you want to keep it hands-free. Featuring their iconic scent, this is super lightweight and enriched with nourishing components so your skin won’t feel parched – even if it’s easy to over apply and use the bottle quicker than you would a traditional gel. It’s certainly an interesting way a beauty brand is trying to enter a market previously saturated with dull and functional bottles of clear gel.

Also worth a special mention is the newly re-launched Vaseline Hand Cream & Anti-Bac* (£3.99), which apparently my mum was super happy to see return to shelves over the last few months. Not only does it replenish lost moisture from all that hand washing, but its anti-bac ingredients also help to prevent infection if your skin is cracking or sore – tackling germs, but not acting as a replacement for hand sanitisers or good old soap n water. Hand cream has never been more top of mind than it is now, so this is a great little COVID-19 buy if you want to look after your skin in every way you can.

If we’ve got to keep safe for the foreseeable future, we may as well do it with a portfolio of tools at our disposal – and these are well worthy of their position in your pocket.

2020 has been a strange old year, but writing a post dedicated to my fave hand hygiene solutions is definitely not something I could’ve predicted. But here it is, and I hope it’s helpful!

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  1. Kay
    July 15, 2020 / 7:48 am

    This is one of most useful posts that I have seen in the whole of the year!! Thank you. I hadn’t even considered comparing brands and just used whatever I was lucky enough to get but now I want to try some kinder ones. x

    • hayleyhalluk
      July 15, 2020 / 1:40 pm

      Glad to be of help! I think we were all so focused on getting any sanitiser for so long that it’s now such a joy to have actual choice…!

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