You Don’t Have To Be Scared Of Oils: How To Use A Facial Oil In Your Skincare Routine

5 Easy Ways To Integrate A Facial Oil Into Your Day

Over the past decade I’ve become a skin care aficionado, which has come as a bit of a surprise considering my routine consisted of little more than a bottle of Simple eye makeup remover for many years. Discovering the impact great products and an established regime can have has honestly changed my world, and skin care has become a real passion point of mine – from daily applications of SPF and a double cleanse, to embracing Retinol and knowing to listen to my complexion, it’s something I spend a lot of time (and money) on. And it really does make all the difference.

Considering I’m hurling towards 40 at a worrying rate (jeez, writing that down is scary!) my face isn’t in bad nick at all; I may have fine lines and the onset of collagen loss, but overall I don’t think I’ve ever looked fresher or my complexion as clear as it is now. Although a proportion is down to genetics, a hellova lot of it is down to a good skincare regime (particularly potent formulas that support what my face needs every single day) and one of the elements that I constantly fall back on is a great facial oil.

Undoubtedly the most misunderstood, misused and intimidating elements of skincare, a great facial oil really does have the power to transform and boost your skin in the best ways.

5 Ways To Use A Facial Oil In Your Skincare Routine


What it says on the tin really, a concentrated oil formula designed to be used on the face. They’re not moisturisers in themselves, as the oil actually acts as a barrier on the skin, but they can offer a huge number of benefits – including leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Facial oils are usually potent and contain plant based ingredients that can help nourish, protect, soothe, boost and even out skin, so they can provide a useful addition to any routine. Often it’s just a texture choice, as serums offer pretty much the same benefits but tend to be lighter and easier to work with, but facial oils can offer some great results if used correctly.


What I do really love about facial oils is their ability to be super multi-functional. It’s always a great idea to experiment and integrate them into your regime in different ways until you find what works for you; the joy is in the discovery. Personally I prefer to use them in the evening as layering them up underneath makeup is too much for my skin, using them for a rich and evocative treatment experience that I know my complexion is grateful for.


Intrigued but still not really sure where you should use a facial oil in your skincare regime? Try these five easy suggestions and see which you fall in love with…

AS A BOOSTER: Add a few drops into your favourite day or night cream to boost its performance, without the heavy or greasy feeling you can sometimes get from using it alone. Mixing different products together also ensures you get the most out of them!

AS A HYDRATOR: Apply as a replacement to your usual serum if your skin is feeling dry. It’s important to layer the oil OVER your usual moisturiser, rather than underneath, as the oil will work as a barrier and prevent any much needed moisture from being absorbed (something I only learned recently!)

AS A MASSAGE AID: Massage a generous amount into skin after cleansing, making sure to lift the skin and move hands from the centre of face outward, to give your complexion an instant nourishing boost. The oil will act as a lubricant, while the massaging motions will aid absorption.

AS A TREATMENT: Instead of reaching for your usual face mask when going for a soak in the tub, apply your chosen oil liberally and let it get to work as you relax.

AS A DEWY BASE: If you love a radiant dewy glow, then adding a drop or two of your facial oil into your primer or foundation will help to create a healthy-looking base. This won’t be for everyone, and less is definitely more, but it’s worth giving a go!

5 Ways To Use A Facial Oil In Your Skincare Routine


I’m currently loving the new Annabelle Minerals multifunctional oils* as they can be used in so many different ways: as a cleanser, as a treatment, as a skincare boost, and even as a cuticle oil or hair finishing product. They smell amazing, are completely non-greasy and surprisingly lightweight, contain a potent mix of beautiful ingredients proven to support the skin’s needs and are so concentrated you only need a really small amount.

Stay Essential has been developed for the first signs of ageing, as well as dull skin that needs deep nourishment; it features Argan, Grape Seed, Jojoba, Macadamia, Abyssinian, Raspberry Seed, Lemon Peel and Sunflower Seed oils, as well as Vitamin E.

Stay Pure is specifically for problematic or oily skin, including a combination of Argan, Coconut, Castor, Abyssinian, Blackcurrant Seed, Thyme, Golteria and Sunflower Seed oils to help soothe and regenerate.

Stay Calm is ideal if you have dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin, with a combination of Grape Seed, Coconut, Castor, Hemp Seed, Avocado, Geranium and Lemon Peel oils to restore radiance, hydration and suppleness to skin.

I’ve found myself reaching for them more and more, switching each up depending upon what my skin needs, and I can’t rate them highly enough. Quickly replacing other cleansers sitting on my bathroom shelf and becoming a firm fave to use as a little skin pick-me-up, they’re incredibly affordable too: at £17.90 each they’re a great starting point on your facial oil journey.

Three other oils I’ve been reaching for a lot recently include:

Soothe Skin Healing Facial Oil (£42.00) which is a lovely rich, but not greasy, texture that smells just like the spa. It includes Jojoba, Calendula and Rosehip Oil (rich in antioxidants and vitamins) to brighten and unify the skin – as well as fighting against photo ageing and helping to prevent skin damage caused by UV rays. It also offers antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it great and helping to speed up the healing process of any pimples or breakouts. It’s fab for mixing in with moisturisers, leaving on as a treatment or applying direct to dry patches or blemishes, which is why it’s become a bit of a go-to.

Wildsmith Skin Active Global Super Oil (£90.00) is eye-wateringly expensive, but it does feel like a real treat for the skin. A blend of anti-inflammatory omega-rich oils help to soothe, hydrate, repair and maintain the moisturisation barrier, while vitamins A, C and E offer powerful antioxidant protection from cell damage. The addition of Prickly Pear also helps to brighten the skin, leaving my complexion looking and feeling pretty fab. You by no means need to spend this much to get a decent oil (this is firmly in the luxury category) but it’s the least ‘oil like’ and provides a great way to dip in without overloading skin.

True Skincare Rejuvenating Cacay & Frankincense Facial Oil (£17.00) on the other hand is super affordable, and is packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin A to help soften and smooth. It also contains Retinol-rich organic Cacay Seed Oil (sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest, in case you were wondering!) Frankincense, Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Vitamin E to help neutralise free radicals and protect skin from environmental damage. It’s a recent addition to my shelf, but I’m amazed this isn’t twice the price; I’ve been using it post face mask in the evening, giving it an hour or two to absorb before bed.

There are so many facial oils that offer so many benefits, but the key is to find a price point you can work with and ingredients that deliver benefits that suit your skin type.

5 Ways To Use A Facial Oil In Your Skincare Routine

Facial oils don’t have to be scary; they can really add a benefit into your regime, but you also shouldn’t feel forced into using one and adding yet another layer if you don’t feel you need it. It’s ok to swap things in and out, to mix products together, to change up your regime according to season, and to try new things – but skincare is about what works for you.

Are you a facial oil convert, or is it a step you avoid for fear of feeling too greasy?

Read my post about facial massage and watch some how-to videos here.

5 wasy to use a facial oil in your routine


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