No Botox, No Problem: Image Skincare The MAX Wrinkle Smoother

A Great Skincare Alternative To Botox Treatments?

Whether you choose to embrace your fine lines, wrinkles and creases or take every step possible to minimise them, it’s your choice. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be one of those people to start tinkering with their face, having seen family members undertake every procedure, lift and injectable known to mankind, but looking in the mirror every day to see those telltale signs of ageing slowly taking hold lead me down a path that ended in Botox.

I’m all for embracing the joy of ageing as a privilege and not feeling the pressure to ‘turn back the clock’, but I’m also struggling with the changes I see and the fact the inevitability of time is taking hold. I’ve always been fresh-faced, looked a lot younger than my years and had compliments on my skin (even Michael Buble told me I had ‘skin like a Disney princess’ – true story!) so seeing those lines start to form has not been a welcome change.

Back in December I embarked on my first Botox treatment and I was honestly thrilled with the results. (You can read about my experience and view the before / after shots here.) Not only did it fade away the deep lines between my brows that were increasingly visible even when I wasn’t frowning, but it helped to lift my brows and gave me a ‘fresh faced’ look I loved; I 100% would’ve gone back for more had it not been for lockdown closing the clinics, but time lead to the effects wearing off and no way of topping them up.

But then, right at the perfect time, a new product landed on my desk from one of the brands that’s starting to make real waves in the skincare industry: Image Skincare’s The MAX Wrinkle Smoother*.

No Botox, No Problem: Image Skincare The MAX Wrinkle Smoother

Designed to be a targeted treatment for areas around the eyes and forehead (where Botox is usually injected,) this claims to offer a ‘similar’ effect by targeting wrinkle formation pathways and interrupting the signals that can cause lines to develop. It contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-1 (a peptide that aims to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles,) Sweet Iris (that helps firm and boost the appearance of lax skin,) as well as Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit and Red Algae extract (a naturally derived polymer that creates an invisible mesh-like network that visibly reinforces and lifts the skin,) and has been many years in the making.

After a minimum of eight weeks use Image Skincare claim that The MAX Wrinkle Smoother minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in areas of repeated muscle movement, smoothes and softens facial expression lines, plus provides a visible tightening effect. I attended an online ‘launch’ and saw some seriously impressive before-after shots, so I was intrigued enough to start putting this to the test.

And the results have been impressive.

After four weeks I’d noticed that the most prominent line between my brows started to look a little smoother. After six weeks I’d noticed that the skin around my eye area had started to look ‘airbrushed’ and much fresher. After eight weeks I’d noticed that although the lines hadn’t disappeared entirely, they were about 80% less visible than they had been – a result I’d only previously achieved by opting for invasive and expensive treatments.

No Botox, No Problem: Image Skincare The MAX Wrinkle SmootherNo Botox, No Problem: Image Skincare The MAX Wrinkle Smoother

I’ve spoken about this on my Insta Stories a few times already, but a couple of months in and this has become a product I would thoroughly recommend and repurchase. Although the wrinkle between my brows is still there and still just as visible as it’s ever been when I actively frown, when I’m not it’s absolutely nowhere near as noticeable. (You can see in the photos below, with very minimal makeup, how the fine lines now look.) This was my biggest concern, mainly because it became even more visible when wearing makeup as my base seemed to sit within the crease, so The MAX Wrinkle Smoother has certainly delivered what I wanted exactly where I wanted it to – as well as delivering where I didn’t know I needed it to. (Fresher eyes, smoother skin, hello!)

I may not be hanging up my Botox entirely (you bet I’ll be getting an appointment as soon as it’s safe to do so,) but this has been such a welcome addition to my skincare regime and a product that’s exceeded my expectations. So many skincare products claim to deliver on things that are hard to quantify or understand, but with The MAX Wrinkle Smoother the results are clearly visible. It’s a great alternative to Botox if you’re not ready or willing to resort to needles.

Image Skincare The MAX Wrinkle Smoother is priced £80.00.
It’s expensive, but I’ve only used about half the tube in two months and it’s way more affordable than Botox.

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  1. Kelly Tadlock
    June 18, 2020 / 12:05 am

    Beautiful! I’m going to look for this wrinkle smoother! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Rachel
    June 18, 2020 / 12:46 pm

    This looks interesting! Can I ask where in your routine do you use it? Can you use it at the same time as glycolic acid or retinol?

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