What Really Happens During An Exfoliating Foot Sock Treatment

Is A Foot Sock Treatment The Best Way To Get Rid Of Dry, Scaly, Cracked Feet?

I could’ve inherited the thin hips or age-defying non-grey hair, but instead I inherited my mother’s propensity for dry, cracked heels that require the constant attention of a pedicurist. Maybe it’s being constantly on our small feet, maybe it’s the fact we drink more coffee than we should, but our feet have always been a number eight on the manky scale; some of my earliest memories involve my mum taking a grater-like device to her heels and buffing away until there was a fine dust in the bathroom (TMI?), and in later life I’ve been cajoled into looking after her toes as her dodgy hip prevents her from bending down to them herself. One of my most enjoyable pastimes is visiting the local nail salon and coming out with freshly buffed feet and perfectly polished toes – but right now that’s not possible. So in the interests of me keeping my tootsies looking half decent, I decided to take the time for a little home pampering in the form of an exfoliating foot sock treatment.

I’ve used these kind of treatments many times before, and they’re always a great way to get rid of dry, scaly skin and cracked heels – with very little effort. Although it’s not a speedy process (as most take 5-10 days until you see the finished result,) it is manual labour free and, from my experience, leaves feet far smoother than buffing with a pummice stone alone. You simply pop on the plastic socks, which are enriched with an exfoliating solution, secure them in place and leave them to work for usually around an hour; some recommend soaking the skin in water to aid absorption, others just suggest being lotion free, but all you have to do is put your feet up and let them get to work.

The exfoliating socks can usually be a bit stinky, as they contain a potent liquid that penetrates the skin, but other than that they’re faff free. I like to put on a pair of socks (fluffy or not is your choice) over the top too, to ensure they stay in place and stop you sliding over the floor when you need a wee.

What Really Happens During An Exfoliating Foot Sock Treatment

So, how do exfoliating socks work? The solution contains ingredients that loosen the ‘glue’ that holds cells together, harnessing the body’s own natural exfoliation process and speeding up the overall process of shedding dry, dead skin; it’s not an immediate result, with results taking up to ten days, but it is a great way to reveal your best feet when you can’t get to the nail salon. You may wonder if exfoliating socks hurt or tingle, but the truth is that you don’t feel a thing during the process – to the point where you almost forget what you’re wearing and can find yourself questioning if you’ve actually put them on right.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens during an exfoliating foot sock treatment, whether the socks actually work or what you should expect over the (roughly) ten days, then here’s a little diary I kept during my most recent outing with a pair of Footner exfoliating socks

DAY 1: My feet don’t look any different, but they have absorbed the solution well and feel a little softer. To be honest, I’ve just enjoyed putting my feet up for an hour and catching up on the latest episode of Liar.

DAY 5: I’ve started to see little flakes of skin appear, mainly around my toes and on the base of my foot. It’s not immediately obvious to anyone else, but I’m now aware of my flaky feet so it’s best to keep them under wraps for the next few days!

DAY 7: Big flakes have started to appear all over my feet, almost like a shedding of the entire top layer of skin, and my heels are looking so much better than before. Much of the dry skin is coming away easily in the shower, and it’s super tempting to peel away the flakes that remain – even though it’s recommended to leave them to fall away naturally. This is when I’ve noticed the biggest difference, which is why in the past I’ve panicked about my feet falling off having forgotten using the socks a week prior!

DAY 10: My feet look and feel 90% better, with all the dry skin having fallen off to reveal much softer and smoother looking skin beneath. I definitely look like I’ve had a pedicure, or at least have been undertaking some at-home foot pampering, which is great considering I haven’t lifted a finger. Both heels are free from cracks and hard skin, and I feel so much more confident getting my feet out in public. Sandals here I come!

So, do exfoliating foot socks actually work? Yep, 100%!

They’re an easy way to get rid of dry, cracked, scaly feet without having to spend hours buffing dead skin.


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PS: don’t judge my terrible foot tattoo that I’ve been meaning to get fixed for about ten years!
The error of youth.


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