Yes, Your Hair Could Probably Do With A Fortnightly Detox.


Finding the balance between extending your shampoos and reducing the amount of time you spend styling is a very real conundrum. We’re told frequently to stop over-washing, over-styling, over-brushing – and there’s never been more of a demand for dry shampoos, dry conditioners and stylers that re-vive your hair day after day. I was always a daily washer, believing the best way to showcase my locks was to style from scratch every day, but since I’ve been self employed my washes have lasted longer and longer; I can now easily get to day four without much issue, finding myself reverting to a dry-shampoo-top-knot combo when all else fails. But what is all that styling and re-styling doing to our scalp, and our hair?

The truth is, not a lot of good.

Product build up, alongside pollution and hard water, can leave hair looking and feeling lifeless. And it’s something we need to tackle.

Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head

If you’re reaching for the dry shampoo day after day, it could be causing you more issues than you realise. By design they’re intended to draw out moisture from the hair and scalp, removing the ‘lank’ feeling that can often occur between washes; however, when overused they can actually remove too much moisture and soak up the oil we actually need to lubricate the surface of skin. If the scalp can’t lubricate itself fast enough to combat the effects of frequent use, dandruff could be the result; a build-up of dry shampoo (or other styling products) can also block the pores and cause pimples. Even those silicone-heavy conditioners, hairsprays and beachy-wave spritzes can all leave product build-up on the surface which can weigh down your hair and prevent your shampoo from being able to work effectively.

And the news gets worse if you live in a hard water area… It can strip the hair of its natural lubricating oils and contribute to weathering of the hair cuticle, leaving it feeling rough, dry and more prone to tangling. Soap is less effective in very hard water as it reacts with the excess minerals to form calcium or magnesium salts, which can sit on the surface of hair and stop it feeling smooth. Exacerbating this is exposure to pollution; it’s big news in haircare right now, as your hair can pick up deposits of particles which can damage hair cuticles and even the internal hair shaft, leaving locks drier, duller and more difficult to manage.

So if your hair is looking dull, feeling dry and getting harder to manage, you could be in need of a hair detox. As my hair is super fine, prone to frizz and can get super dry, here are the steps I’m taking regularly to look after my scalp and hair to ensure it looks and feels the best it can be…

Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head

As a first step the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub* (£17.00) is a truly effective exfoliator that utilises the natural qualities of sea salt to remove impurities and restore balance to the scalp. Known in the industry as a bit of a miracle worker, the dissolvable grains help to stimulate microcirculation in the scalp to supply the maximum amount of nutrients to the hair – as well as helping to provide non-abrasive exfoliation that lifts away product build-up and dead skin cells that are preventing optimum hair growth. This iconic scrub lightly foams while providing hydration (thanks to the inclusion of Sweet Almond Oil,) making it perfect for applying direct to the scalp and working through the ends of hair too.

Every few shampoos I’ve been swapping my regular product for the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo* (£24.00), a grey tinted rich cream that gently dissolves excessive build-up caused by pollution, products and hard water. It’s colour-safe and suitable for all hair types, helping to refresh my hair from the roots all the way to the ends without stripping away the hydration I need to ensure a healthy swish. Although it doesn’t lather up as richly as my other shampoos, it cleanses extremely well and helps to purge away build-up while encouraging a stronger looking and smoother finish. I definitely notice a difference when I’ve used this, so it’s become a staple in my routine.

The combination of these two (instead of my usual shampoo and followed by a conditioner) definitely leaves my scalp and hair feeling so much lighter, fresher and healthy; the difference is tangible, so it’s a duo I’ve actually started to look forward to using.

Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head

As an extra level of protection I’ve also been spritzing on a little Revlon Professional Magnet Anti-Pollution Daily Shield* (£12.95.) It helps to create a shield to protect the hair shaft, repelling free radicals and providing a sunscreen filter, while helping to combat frizz and leave my locks feeling much smoother. Great as a last step before I style, this is a great way to look after your ‘do every day – especially if you spend a lot of time in big cities like I do. It doesn’t leave any heaviness or residue, nor does it take the place of my usual styling products, so it’s easy to lip into my regime.

I’ve also just started using the Monpure Nourish & Stimulate Scalp Mask* (£63.00,) a nourishing creamy formula that helps to boost blood flow to the scalp (which in turn stimulates healthy hair growth) while soothing, hydrating and relieving any itchiness that may be apparent because of product build-up or scalp neglect. It contains Aloe Vera (full of polysaccharides with powerful hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties,) vitamin-rich Camellia Tea oil (rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids to nourish, stimilate hair follicles and condition) and Silk Peptides to replenish collagen and elastin in the scalp and hair, while helping to smooth and condition without the need for silicones. It doesn’t launch until April (my pack is a press sample) but after only a couple of uses my scalp feels a lot fresher and my hair a lot bouncier at the root; definitely an investment, but one I’m going to keep on trialing.

Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head

All in all, taking steps to regularly detox your hair and scalp will leave it looking and feeling so much better. You don’t need to be over-doing it (reaching for these once a week or fortnightly is all you need, depending how regularly you wash your hair and how many products you’re using,) but removing build up from styling, hard water and pollution is always a good idea.

It’s the step in your hair care routine you just never knew you needed.

Have you ever thought about detoxing your hair?

Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head

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Why You Need To Detox Your Hair & Scalp For A Healthy Head



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