Three Unexpectedly Delicious New Scents For Spring That Prove You Shouldn’t Just Stick With What You Know

A new season brings with it the opportunity to refresh the products, styles and looks we default to every day. The power of scent is undeniable, so changing your go-to seasonally can help to not only update your chosen style, but help to create memories that last a lifetime. We process scent in a completely different way to other information, associating it with knowledge and memories that helps us makes sense of the world; so if you want to create a powerful long-lasting memory that resurfaces as soon as you breathe in a scent, it’s always a good idea to regularly pick out a new one.

I always have a number of scents on rotation, with some working all year round and others becoming a go-to during specific seasons, but springtime is always the best time to evaluate what I’m reaching for every morning. What was a comforting and rich during those cold winter nights soon feels out of place when the sun is shining and we’re de-layering, while a refreshing clean floral can help get you in the mood for lighter fabrics and warmer evenings.

If you’re considering picking out a new scent for spring but don’t know what should be top of your list, I’ve got three that I adore that are sure to be universal in their appeal (and suit every budget) – but each offers something unexpected, proving you shouldn’t always stick with what you know when it comes to fragrance.

Jo Malone London Wisteria & Lavender* (£50.00 for 30ml)
If you’d have told me that one of my favourite scents for the season includes notes of lavender, I wouldn’t have believed you. Although I do love a spritz on my pillow or a sprinkle in a night cream, lavender isn’t the usual scent I turn to for fear of smelling about thirty years more senior than I am. It’s got a reputation for being an overly floral and heavy scent, but in this new fragrance Jo Malone have given it a refreshingly new position. The top notes of Lavender are refreshingly green, taking away the heaviness you may anticipate; the elegant floral composition of Wisteria at the heart is light and airy, while the base note of White Musk adds a touch of clean softness to balance out what could’ve become quite dated and overwhelming for the wearer. This is so beautiful and definitely my favourite pick of their new Lavenderland collection; you can’t not thoroughly enjoy it.

Angel Eau Croisiere* (£48.00 for 50ml)
I’m not usually a fan of the Angel fragrances as they have a tendency to be heavy on the praline and vanilla, but this is a much fruity and more oriental interpretation of the classic that’s much better suited to those of us who like something unexpected. The combination of Magnolia, Fig Milk and Patchouli create something addictive and uplifting, without completely losing touch with what the classic Angel fragrance is all about; there’s still a base note of praline present to nod to the iconic composition, but this is a much lighter and brighter alternative that reminds me of sunny days and exotic locations. And if you needed another reason to adore this scent, the bottle is simply stunning: a rainbow effect design means this is simply covetable. I’ll be wearing it all summer long.

Avon Artistique Magnolia en Fleurs* (£18.00 for 50ml)
A certain reputation may surround fragrances found in the Avon catalogue, but I’m here to tell you it’s time we gave them a second chance. Part of their more premium ‘Artistique’ collection that includes three different scents, this is the lightest and more wearable of the trio that’s perfect for the springtime months. Designed to capture ‘the splendour of blossoming magnolias at sunrise’, it’s incredibly fresh thanks to the inclusion of ‘dewy’ notes – but grounded in earthy musks to keep it lingering for longer. It reminds me of the ‘Lily of the Valley’ scent my grandmother used to adore, but packaged in a much more modern and unexpected way; an absolute steal at £18.00, this is a great daily go-to.

Who would’ve thought a Lavender scent, Angel fragrance and Avon interpretation would be top of my list for springtime.

Proof that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn’t always stick with what you know!

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