A Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves

I may have stepped temporarily away from the aisles of Primark, but that’s not to say they’re not still filled with delights. With the focus very much on sustainability and conscious consumerism, I’ve tried to buy less and buy better over the last twelve months – ensuring I get more wear out of every purchase, and that I truly love every new addition to my closet. And I have to admit, it’s worked. My wardrobe may still be fuller than most, but 99% of its contents either bring me joy or provide practical additions that I need for either a) working from home or b) muddy winter dog walks.

Avoiding dropping fifty quid in Primark every time I walked by was a big part of that, mainly helped by the fact since we moved my nearest store is a thirty minute drive (and £2.50 in parking) away. Now I visit far less often I appreciate what it has to offer so much more, and carefully pick the pieces I’m genuinely going to get lots of wear out of – rather than just buying it because it’s cheap and I need a shopping fix.

This little black dress is the perfect example of a find that I’m going to be wearing to absolute death, getting every single penny’s worth from the £13.00 price tag; in the two weeks I’ve owned it, it’s already been worn three times in three totally different ways. (Boots and leather jacket, trainers and cardi, plus this look you see before you – if you were interested.) During these transitional months when you’re not quite sure what to wear, the weather is more than a little unpredictable and the dress code could go one of two ways, a LBD is your best friend.

Especially if it ticks three trend-led boxes in one: midi length, tiered and statement sleeves.

I’ve seen this style in quite a few stores over the last few weeks, including Zara and H&M, but this Primark one is by far the cheapest and by far the most comfortable; thanks to a stretchy t-shirt material in the body, it’s super cosy and suited to every size of bosom that wants to slip itself between the layers. Incredibly flattering on any shape, height or age, it’s such a great staple that will definitely see me all the way to summer – when I’ll be wearing this with sandals and a basket bag.

A Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves: Modest StyleA Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves: Modest Style

It’s the statement sleeves though that I’m really loving. Right now they’re definitely having a moment, and those of us who usually struggle to find arms to cater for any kind of bingo wing (an inevitability after a certain age) are totally here for it. The style is effortlessly chic, while working beautifully with big hips by creating contrast and drawing the eye to the smallest part: my waist. It’s well known that celebrities carry giant bags to help them look smaller, and poofy sleeves provide the same optical illusion to those of us blessed more than most in the ass department.

What could’ve otherwise been a rather plain and uninteresting black dress is totally revolutionised with the addition of some statement sleeves – and there are so many great dresses and tops that are following suit all over the high street. Style isn’t always about trying to follow trends or dress head-to-toe in high fashion; it’s about picking what works for you and applying it to your daily working wardrobe in a way that feels comfortably you.

With statement sleeves and this LBD I think I’ve nailed that.

A Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves: Modest StyleA Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves: Modest StyleA Little Black Primark Dress & An Ode To Statement Sleeves: Modest Style


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