Keep Calm & Carry On

Trying to find the words to address the current unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in is impossible. How can you verbalise a million different thoughts, worries, concerns and anxieties? I’ve been watching the news unfold for weeks, but never did I anticipate we’d find ourselves in social isolation and unable to find loo roll in the supermarket unless you queued up at 7am. Never did I think I’d be telling my grandparents to stay inside while we delivered food to their front porch, or that my husband would be having his temperature taken at work.

One by one our favourite restaurants have decided to close, the cinema has shutdown for the foreseeable future (somewhere we visited at least once a week,) our theater tickets have been cancelled, friends have had holidays postponed and even weddings that were in the diary for the next month are on hold indefinitely. I’m increasingly worried for the front line staff, for the vulnerable, for the elderly and for those that don’t have a choice but to get up and go to work; I’m worried for all the amazing small and local businesses that may not be able to survive the next few months, and for the future of towns that were already suffering from the downturn of the high street.

In a selfish way I’m also worried about myself. Working freelance brings with it a lot of benefits, but in times like this it can be troubling and insecure. All my in-progress jobs have been postponed or cancelled altogether, leaving me potentially with no work over the coming months; I’m fortunate enough to have savings to tide me over, but who knows when we’ll all be ‘back to normal’ enough to not find myself becoming anxious every time I turn on the TV.

But the positive is we’re all in the same boat, and these challenging times are already bringing us together in a way that’s probably not been seen in peacetime. My local community have set up Facebook groups to connect with those struggling to find what they need, to support the elderly and update everyone on local news; even the local church has put notes through everyone’s door with the vicar’s mobile number on in case anybody needs anything. It really does warm the heart and give us hope that we’ll get through this stronger, more resilient and positive than we were before.

So where does that leave me and my content over the coming weeks?

To be honest, I’m carrying on.

In the face of the unknown, it’s vital that we keep any sense of normality that we can – and for me, that normality is writing about my favourite beauty products and sharing what I’m wearing. The frequency of it may be reduced, my outfits may change from what I’m wearing out to dinner to what I’m wearing to walk the dog, and I may be encouraged to ‘shop my stash’ rather than talking about what’s new, but I’ll still be here.

I’ve had so many amazing and heartwarming messages from you guys across social media, saying that you’ve loved seeing my ‘normal’ content during a time of constant news – and that you want me to carry on. So I shall. I’ve seen so many tweets thanking content creators for providing a moment of relief amidst 24/7 doom and gloom, and it reminds me why we’re all here.

Expect to see blog posts, lots of Insta Stories (as interesting as I can make them only leaving the house every three days to get food!) and occasionally grid posts (if I bother to get properly dressed) on an ongoing basis. They can take away our freedom, but they can’t take away our phones and laptops!

To you all: thank you for your support, wash your hands and stay safe

H x



  1. March 19, 2020 / 7:14 am

    I still cannot believe everything that has been happening in just a few days. What else can we do but carry on and just take care of yourself. I am privilege enough that my company works remotely. Thinking of all those people who doesn’t its rather sad.

  2. Kay
    March 19, 2020 / 7:25 am

    Thank you for your post. I worry so much about all of this for different reasons, I have an underlying health condition which means I have a suppressed immune system, one of my daughters has literally just bought a house with her partner and her job as a freelance make up artist has just die dup while her partner may also be losing his job. We visited my 80 year old mother in law last weekend and don’t know when we will see her again. I do look forward each morning though to opening my email from Bloglovin’ and catching up with posts from around the world, it is a little bit of normality and happiness. So thank you once again for making my day. x

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