Look & Feel Your Best Every Day: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A ColdSore

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A healthy looking, smiling and radiant reflection is what we can all aspire to achieve on the daily; I know I feel my best when I know I look my best, walking a little bit taller and having the confidence to be the top notch version of myself in every scenario. But by comparison, the impact a giant pimple, eye irritation or worse – a cold sore – can have is immense. We’ve all felt like we want to hide away, not make eye contact and conceal the imperfection by wrapping a scarf tight around our face; superficial it may be, but that doesn’t mean the emotional impact isn’t very real and potentially very damaging. If given the chance, I’m sure every single one of us would choose to target the first signs of an imperfection to reduce the possibility of it ever appearing at all – and now, thanks to HERPOtherm, when it comes to cold sores that’s a reality.

Their revolutionary device makes tackling a cold sore a breeze, without the need for messy and expensive creams, helping to alieviate anxieties and ensure you feel your best every single day. Want to know more? Here’s the lowdown on how to treat and reduce the appearance of a coldsore and why you need to try HERPOtherm yourself…

HERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold SoreHERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold Sore

Otherwise known as the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1, approximately 90% of Europe’s population carry the virus – but only 30% of carriers actually suffer with visible symptoms. Cold sores appear as broken skin, blisters, swelling or scabs particularly around the mouth area (but they can also be present elsewhere in the face) and normally hang around for up to ten days; they’re highly contagious and can be incredibly uncomfortable. Sufferers can experience regular flare ups if they’re tired, stressed, their immune system is compromised, or even after being exposed to the sun for too long; the virus can take hold and present in a nasty looking blister, which means there’s even more reason to look after yourself.

Often the earliest signs present as a tingling, itching or mild burning sensation – something to look out for if you want to prevent the blister from forming. In my experience the tingling sensation of a pre-visible cold sore is like nothing else.

There are many topical creams and ointments that aim to shorten the duration of symptoms, inhibit the virus replication and accelerate the healing process. However, they’re not exactly subtle: they can be incredibly messy, greasy, leave visible white residue and sometimes don’t work at all. But now there’s a proven effective alternative that can help reduce the symptoms, inhibit the virus and even stop cold sores appearing at all: you need to know about HERPOtherm.

HERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold SoreHERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold Sore

A compact and sleek device that’s perfect for popping in your handbag for use on the go, HERPOtherm works by concentrating heat on the affected area to kill the virus beneath the skin – preventing it emerging as a blister. This heat application method has been shown in tests to influence the secretion of histamine and support the degradation of enzymes, reducing the inflammatory reaction that we see on the surface as a blister; so if you catch the cold sore in time once you feel that tingle, the HERPOtherm can stop it appearing at all.

However, even if you don’t catch it quite in time the HERPOtherm can help to relieve the symptoms associated with cold sores (tingling, itching, burning, tightness) and even help speed up the healing process by up to 50%.

The results are proven too: HERPOtherm has been compared with a common ingredient typically found in cold sore treatments (acyclovir) and found to provide significantly faster improvement in symptoms after only one day of application. It was also found the severity and duration of cold sores were both lower and shorter in those using the HERPOtherm device; if you’re wondering how to treat and reduce the appearance of a coldsore, this is your secret weapon.

Unlike creams that can be expensive and need to be thrown away quickly, HERPOtherm can be used hundreds of times and is far more cost effective in the long-term; it’s clean (no messy white cream,) discrete (pops in your bag without looking in any way medicinal,) easy to use (just apply to the chosen area and press the button,) and has proven efficacy (unlike a lot of creams that simply don’t work for many people.) If it works for you, you’ll never have to buy a messy, smelly, residue-heavy cream again!

As it’s heat, there is a mild sensation on the skin – but it’s so quick that it’s not anything to worry about at all. It only lasts a few seconds before automatically turning off, and is comparable to the short sharp burst of laser hair removal. I’ve seen a few reports that it’s burned the skin or was incredibly uncomfortable, but if used correctly (maximum five times in an hour) then it won’t leave any discomfort or mark behind other than some mild and quick fading redness.

HERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold SoreHERPOtherm: How To Treat & Reduce The Appearance Of A Cold Sore

I’ve had some cracking cold sores in the past and I know the impact it can have on your self confidence and self perception; until they fade away you can feel like everyone is staring at you and that all your features blend into one crusty mouth blister that’s impossible to conceal or cover up (if you want it to go away at least.) Knowing I have the HERPOtherm at hand to put my mind at ease and my cold sore on the back burner is a game changer – for me and anyone else who suffers with regular cold sores.

The times I’ve had a cold sore breakout I’ve hated the messy, smelly and painfully visible white creams that are supposed to help; they’ve rarely done anything for me, to the point when I’ve mostly sacked them off entirely. With the HERPOtherm I feel like there’s a genuinely helpful, effective and discrete solution that will make tackling cold sores a doddle.

So next time you wonder how to treat and reduce the appearance of a coldsore, just reach for HERPOtherm!

HERPOtherm is available to buy via Amazon, priced £36.00. Until 20th March, get £5.00 via Amazon – making it only £31.00! (Simply select ‘Apply £5 voucher’ on the product page to get the discount.)

Discover more about HERPOtherm via: www.myherpotherm.co.uk 


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