Fed Up Of Frizzy, Dry, Damaged Morning Hair? You Need A Silk Hair Wrap To Transform Your ‘Do

A morning hair wash was always an uncompromising part of my daily regime, but not necessarily because my ‘do was in any way dirty or in need of refreshing; the friction caused by my tossing and turning against a cotton pillowcase often left my hair looking frizzy, dull and not unlike an end of season bird’s nest – and the only way to re-set it to its former glory was by starting from scratch. For too many years I sacrificed an extra thirty minutes in bed in favour of washing, drying and styling my hair, when the answer to my dilemma was a simple piece silk hair wrap.

If you too awake from your slumber with knotted, tangled, frizzy and dry hair, then it’s likely that your sheets are the guilty culprit. The rough texture of the surface (on a microscopic level at least, even if it feels pretty smooth to the touch!) can cause friction as you move, weakening hair follicles and absorbing moisture to result in the familiar dryness and breakage that greets us in the bathroom mirror.

4 Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Hair Wrap To Bed: Smoother & Stronger Hair4 Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Hair Wrap To Bed: Smoother & Stronger Hair

Once I discovered silk pillowcases I never looked back, knowing that swapping such a small thing made such a big difference, but now I’m taking that one step further by reaching for a silk hair wrap every evening before bed. A secret held close by those with textured and curly ‘dos for generations, this simple addition to your evening regime could completely transform your look and the overall condition of your hair – having a much more positive long-term impact than you may realise.

Inspired by the tradition of wrapping hair, silk hair wraps have exploded in popularity in recent years because of their simplicity, elegance and effectiveness. The super soft silk helps to ‘cocoon’ each strand and prevent friction from occurring as we move about during sleep; as hair glides against the soft material, it’s not subjected to the harsh environment of a simple cotton pillowcase – and so all of the issues that correspond are reduced, if not completely eliminated.

I’ve been using silk pillowcases for years, but over the last few months a silk hair wrap has been a welcome upgrade. It may take some getting used to (and some fiddling about until you find a way of wearing that feels comfortable,) but the benefits are absolutely tangible; I can always tell the difference between the nights I bother to pop on my cap and when I don’t. If I’m in a super fidgety move it does have a tendency to come off in the middle of the night, but a soft hair clip or two is all you need to ensure it stays in place all the way until morning.

4 Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Hair Wrap To Bed: Smoother & Stronger Hair4 Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Hair Wrap To Bed: Smoother & Stronger Hair

If you’re tempted to get in on the action too, here are four amazing benefits of wearing a silk hair wrap…

If you’ve spent an hour at your dressing table perfecting those waves or straightening those usually curly tresses, then you want it to last as long as possible. Slipping a silk hair wrap on and carefully tucking under the lengths of hair will help eliminate the friction that can cause styles to fall out after a single snooze, reducing the amount of daily faff required to reinvigorate it. Just slip off the wrap, run your fingers through and touch up with a little product!

Is dry shampoo your go-to? With a silk hair wrap your scalp’s natural oils are effortlessly distributed throughout the lengths of hair, reducing greasy roots while helping to hydrate parched ends. When used for a significant period of time, the need for dry shampoo is all but eliminated – and you don’t have to tackle dry lengths either. Harnessing the power of your body’s natural processes in the best way.

Knots won’t even have a chance to form when strands are protected with a delicate slither of silk, preventing the fidgety sleeper from waking up to hair that’s all tangled and twisted. I can often find the hair at the nape of my neck in a tangle in the morning, especially if I’ve curled my hair the previous day, but a silk hair wrap removes that issue completely.

Dry, frizzy and tangled hair can become brittle and more prone to breakage. If you struggle to grow your lengths longer, or have a halo of baby hair around the top of your head, protecting your hair seems like the obvious solution; the silk will stop the cuticles of hair from becoming even more rough, over time preventing breakage and helping hair to thrive.

Who knew dressing like a 1950’s Hollywood film star before bed would offer so many hair related benefits!

4 Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Hair Wrap To Bed: Smoother & Stronger Hair

The ‘This Is Silk’ Hair Wrap* is priced £35.99 from their website, and also available in a multitude of colours and patterns.


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  1. March 31, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    The idea of having no more greasy roots sounds life changing. I definitely need to invest in a silk hair wrap!

    Jodie | jodieloue.com

    • hayleyhalluk
      April 2, 2020 / 10:21 am

      It makes such a difference!

  2. April 19, 2020 / 3:24 pm

    I need to take the plunge and get one. My hair is nearly in dreadlocks by the morning. So many people have recommended silk hair wraps to me! Yours looks lush too.

    Abi xo | http://www.wanderlustdaydreaming.co.uk

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