I Tried Primark Makeup & It Was Surprisingly Good: Five Great Things To Try Under £4.00


As a teen the only budget makeup you could find was Collection 2000, more often than not from the local chemist where it had probably been lingering for the best part of a decade. If it was your birthday or Christmas, you might have been lucky enough to have opened an Argos special: a palette of all number of brightly coloured eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushers that you’d probably never wear outside of the house. Suffice to say the teenagers of today don’t know how lucky they are, spoilt for choice by any number of affordable beauty brands that surpass our expectations when it comes to quality, design and style.

Primark Beauty is one of those brands I’ve dabbled in for a while, picking up the odd piece or two while browsing, but until recently it’s not a name I had huge expectations of when it came to makeup – I was sorely mistaken. There are some real gems in their collection, and I feel like I’ve only just scraped the surface with these top five picks I think you should definitely be giving a whirl…

I Tried Primark Makeup & It Was Surprisingly Good: Five Great Things To Try Under £4.00I Tried Primark Makeup & It Was Surprisingly Good: Five Great Things To Try Under £4.00

Fake It False Lash Effect Mascara* £2.50
Being incredibly fussy about mascara, I wasn’t expecting a huge amount from Primark’s offerings – but once I looked at their testers I picked the one I thought had the best brush for my needs. (Top tip there: make sure you find an open one so you can see the brush!) This double-curved brush really helps to capture lashes, separate them and ensure the mascara is applied to every lash; the result is a wide-eyed full lash look that I really love, so much that I’ve been switching it up from my usual Maybelline fave for this pretty much every day. I’m going to have to stock up!

Liquid Lipstick* £4.00 (for pack of four)
A baffling £1.00 each, these mini liquid lipsticks compete with the best of them: even and rich colour, a creamy texture, long-lasting result and handy micro size too. These come in three different colour ways so you can pick the set that works best for your skin tone, but I’d quite happily pick up every one. The only downside is the scent, which smells a bit sweet and tweeny, but I can get over it for the sake of a quid.

Tulip Tip Eyeliner* £2.50
Designed to help make creating either thin or thicker flicks all the easier, this liner is really rich in pigment and delivers a great result every time. I often find that liquid liners can be too dry, have a brush that’s too wide or a formula that smudges or cakes really easily – but I can’t fault this at all. Comparable to my IT Cosmetics one, which is an eye watering £20.00.

Liquid Glow Liquid Illuminator* £3.50
This pigment packs a punch, delivering a beautiful shimmering finish on skin without the added glitter; I’ve taken to either dabbing a little over the top of my makeup with a sponge, or using my fingers to gently blend it in as a finishing touch. It looks and feels a lot more premium than its price point, the glass bottle also making it feel like a product you can make the most of to the very last drop, and there’s not a huge difference between this and other liquid illuminators in my collection that are quadruple the price.

Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Palette* £4.00
Although these aren’t the best of eyeshadows, they’re perfect for every day use or for taking on holiday with you – because nobody wants to open their case to find their Naked palette hasn’t made it to Spain in one piece. I picked up a couple for my summer holidays for that reason and they did the job, even if the pigment isn’t incredible; for buffing a little colour onto lids, experimenting with new shades or transitioning into a new season, these are absolutely adequate. And sometimes that’s all you need! These khaki tones are perfect for Autumn and the perfect introduction into their expansive eyeshadow offering.

I Tried Primark Makeup & It Was Surprisingly Good: Five Great Things To Try Under £4.00I Tried Primark Makeup & It Was Surprisingly Good: Five Great Things To Try Under £4.00

So when you’re next browsing Primark for that bargain buy or must-have accessory, why not wander over to the beauty department and pick up a piece or two yourself!

Have you tried any Primark Beauty products? Which are your fave makeup pieces you’ve tried?

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  1. September 19, 2019 / 6:36 pm

    I love this post!!!

    I picked up a nail varnish in a burgundy, just wanting something on my nails for an interview, and I fully expected it to chip after a few hours…. 5 days later and it still looks amazing!!!

    Amy | amyrebeccarobinson.com

    • hayleyhalluk
      September 20, 2019 / 3:16 pm

      Who knew they had so many great pieces?! I’d always shunned them, thinking they’d be cheap and cheerful.

  2. Kate
    September 23, 2019 / 3:20 pm

    I’ve often browsed their makeup but never actually taken the plunge, too worried about the quality I guess, but it looks like there’s quite a few bits worth trying! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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