A Seasonal Dilemma: How To Layer Clothes But Still Feel Chic

I face the same conundrum every single year: do I need a coat or can I get away with a lighter jacket? After months of wrapping up in endless layers and causing my feet to become basically one solid block of dry skin, I’m ready to emerge from my cocoon like a butterfly seeing its first spring – but the weather is rarely there to support my decision. At the dawn of Autumn I’m so incredibly excited for jumpers, boots and my multitude of cosy coats, but come mid February the shops are filling up with lighter fashions and my body needs access to fresh air. With every slice of sunshine cutting through the clouds I ditch the opaque tights and live to regret it an hour or two later – but that’s where layering can be a saving grace and stop me stomping about feeling miserable because my boobs are cold and the wind is blowing up my skirt.

Although most of the time I’m moving from house to car to coffee shop and back again, my weekends out or my day trips to London provide more of a dressing dilemma: I don’t want to feel freezing waiting on the train platform, I don’t want to be too hot on the tube, I don’t want to overheat power walking from one meeting to the next, but I don’t want to shiver if they’re stingy on the central heating.

Step in Hayley’s pre-spring default outfit: a floaty dress, thick tights, comfortable ankle boots, a leather jacket (warmer than you may think) and a chunky scarf (to give me something to bury my face into if necessary.) It’s easy to de-layer if I get a bit too warm, easy to wrap in on myself if it’s a bit nippy, and effortlessly chic in terms of style.

Don’t be afraid to layer up chunkier textures, darker colours and more masculine pieces with feminine dresses or looks; sometimes it’s the biker boots or leather jacket that take it from ‘just another dress’ to ‘cracking outfit’. I’ve been obsessed with leather jackets over dresses for years, but recently I’ve come to love wearing these tie-up ankle boots with every dress in my wardrobe – because it keeps my toes comfortable and my look pretty on-trend.

How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing

If you need a little extra warmth my secret ingredient is a Marks & Spencer slip worn beneath my dress; it gives that little extra layer to keep in the heat and prevent a gust of wind from exposing your knickers, but you’d never know it was there. I have them in a multitude of colours and lengths and wear them pretty much all year round, especially as you can get cooling ones to keep you feeling fresh in the summer months.

It really does make all the difference, so much so that I wear them underneath midi skirts and tucked in sweaters too – so there’s no skin exposed to the cold air! What’s even better is that they help to prevent that annoying static that can leave these chiffon style dresses sticking to your legs in an unflattering and unbecoming way; they really are a wardrobe staple.

How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing How to layer clothes but still feel chic: transitional seasonal dressing

Ta-da! Effortless layering, perfect for these ‘what do I wear?’ transitional months.

Do you like how I’ve layered my look? What’s your fave way to layer clothes?


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  1. Gill
    February 28, 2020 / 10:56 am

    That is such a great look on you Hayley, love it 🙂

    • hayleyhalluk
      March 2, 2020 / 11:03 am

      Thanks so much Gill!

  2. February 28, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    For me, this A/W has been less about warmth and more about keeping dry! I have a two year old Lab who requires two walks a day, regardless of the jet stream. I’ve spent the past four months in boots, a big sweater, a Gant hat and a Marmot jacket to keep out the cold and rain. Minor consideration I know when entire communities are losing homes and businesses. But boy I’m so looking forward to not having to get into at least two layers to stick my head out the door.

    • hayleyhalluk
      March 2, 2020 / 11:04 am

      I have a 7mth old cocker spaniel so I feel your pain! Most of my days I’m in jeans, wellies and a parka jacket so I’m SO looking forward to not having to wear mud-resistant clothes every time we go out!

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