Six Hair Products I Use Every Day On My Frizz-Prone Fine Hair

It may be cliched to admit, but the outcome of my day can often depend on how well my hair is looking when I step out the door. Having a ‘do that does as it’s told, stays in place all day and isn’t swept away with frizz by lunchtime fills me with the confidence I need to walk tall and command a room when I need to; when it fails me I often feel like I hide behind it and become far more apologetic, so is the power our hair has to sway our mood. My passion for hair care may have started when GHDs were still a pipedream and Frizz Ease was the only product that didn’t leave hair crispy, but a couple of decades on and there are some real winning formulas helping me to achieve the look I always wanted. Discovering some genuine saviours that find themselves an integral part of my daily regime is a pure joy, and right now there are six hair heroes I couldn’t be without to help tackle my frizz prone fine hair…

Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day

John Frida Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.99 each)
I’ve always struggled finding shampoos and conditioners that help to hydrate and smooth my hair without weighing it down; many products are either too light to tackle my coarse and frizz-prone hair, or too heavy for my fine mane that needs taming without being overloaded. The majority of high street combos aren’t for me, but the John Frida Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder is without a doubt the best range I’ve tried (premium or otherwise) over the past year – so much so that I’ve re-bought it many times. It leaves my hair feeling thoroughly cleansed and hydrated without any weight or excessive frizz, helping to speed up my drying and styling time too. I really can’t fault this and would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has fine but frizz-prone hair like me.

Ouai Haircare Hair Oil* (£24.00)
Like some kind of magic in a bottle, this hair oil helps to transform my ‘do with only a single pump. Unlike other hair oils which can be heavy, greasy or weigh hair down, this smoothes my strands and minimises that annoying ‘frizz halo’ that often appears on the crown of your head. Featuring an incredibly lightweight and almost ‘dry oil’ texture, this has become a go-to because I noticed a difference from the first use. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s also fab for touching up or applying to the ends of hair when your look is fully styled without adding any weight – a worthy investment for any hair aficionado.

Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo* (£9.00)
Fed up of heavy, chalky and visible dry shampoo residue? You need to get some of this. When I first discovered it I had no idea it was already hailed an industry secret, but as soon as I spritzed a little on my crown I understood why; the lightweight spray is far kinder to your scalp and helps to absorb excess oil without weighing down hair or leaving behind telltale residue. It instantly livens up my day two or day three hair without it looking dull or dry, and I don’t feel dirty if I catch myself scratching my scalp and coming away with a finger of white powder! Other dry shampoos just don’t compare, so this is worthy of the few quid extra. (Top tip: apply before bed to wake up with bouncier, fresh locks.)

Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Finishing Mist* (£38.00)
Definitely on the pricey side and more of a hair splurge, this lightweight finishing oil smells insanely good thanks to the inclusion of organic oils (sweet orange peel, clove, patchouli, manketti nut and tangerine.) Designed specifically for curly or Afro hair, but still suitable for use on coarse or frizz-prone ‘dos, you definitely need only a few spritzes to help tame flyaways and impart a delicious shine on the surface. I’ve started to spritz this into the air and walk into it to ensure an even and lightweight coating, which just helps to finish my look and leave an incredible scent behind. Although it’s not for everyone, I’m obsessed.

Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist* (From £10.00)
Undoubtedly lighter and easier to work with than many other texture sprays, this brings effortless ‘undone’ looks to every dressing table. Easy to layer with other products, spray on for a refresh or just add as an alternative to hairspray, this leaves hair feeling effortlessly tousled rather than ‘set’. It’s perfect for when you want to take the edge off freshly washed hair, or just as great on day two hair that you want to give a little extra grit; the dry formula is much easier to build up than a salt spray, as well as being much easier to brush out than a hairspray – it’s the product you never knew you needed.

L’Oreal Elnett Flexible Hold Hairspray (£5.50)
Sometimes the most iconic are the best for a reason, and Elnett is right up there as a beauty icon. The original version is a bit heavy for my fine hair, but Flexible Hold sprays on an ultra-fine mist that provides great staying power without the stiffness. It’s great for keeping waves, curls and structured styles in place without any detectable crunch – plus it’s easy enough to brush through it to re-style come the evening or next day. A bargain that’s worth stocking up on.

Together these six products form the basis of my daily regime and help me tackle my frizz prone fine hair every single day; I know I can rely on them to create the looks I want, and often that’s the majority of the battle.

Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day


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Six Products For Frizz Prone Fine Hair I Use Every Day


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