Layering A Floral Midi To Make It Perfect For Winter

I may spend the majority of my week from November through to March dressed in jeans and a multitude of jumpers (that’s what working from home will do to you,) but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get all fancy every so often when the opportunity arises. I’ve got a tendency for falling in love with dresses that are a little out of wack with the season (or finding a bargain that would’ve been great as we transitioned out of summer, just as the temperatures drop!) and then attempting to make it weather appropriate; whether that’s through some great layering, a strategically positioned belt or lighter accessories to stop the whole thing feeling heavy, it’s easy to take a summer dress and make it suited to winter.

During the warmth of late summer I spotted this dress on a lady in town (who styled it with a denim jacket and a pair of brown sandals in case you were wondering,) and instantly adored it: the lightweight fabric, the effortless pattern, the chic khaki base and the subtle layering were all ticking my boxes. As I wandered into Marks & Spencer immediately after I spotted said dress on the shelf and *almost* picked it up myself… Until a little voice in my head told me summer was nearly over and that I didn’t need yet another floral dress. Weeks later I was still thinking about said dress, so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across it in an M&S sale shop near my mum’s house for only £20.00!

Because I’m too impatient to wait months to be able to wear it in the way it was intended (denim jacket and sandals for sure!) I’ve taken to adding some layers and lighter accessories so I can style it up all the way ’til spring. Rather than let the floaty layers take over, I’ve pulled in the waist with a little belt to keep it feeling structured; adding a black slip and opaques keeps me warm without adding too much bulk, and a pair of lighter suede cowboy boots ensures the whole look feels fresh but seasonal. An on-trend mustard chunky headband adds a touch of elegance and matches the other hues perfectly, while my iconic YSL handbag pulls it all together effortlessly.

All you need do to keep those key pieces in your wardrobe working harder for you, is change how you style them. It’s all about accessorising with the right colours and textures, changing the overall shape and feel of an outfit so that nobody would ever know you originally bought that key piece to wear in July!


Marks & Spencer Floral Dress | £20.00 | SIMILAR HERE
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YSL Bag | £1495.00| SIMILAR HERE
Primark Mustard Plaited Hairband | £3.00 | SIMILAR HERE
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