Six Hair Products To Help Transform Frizzy Unmanageable Hair Into Smooth, Hydrated & Perfectly Styled Locks

When it comes to finding the perfect hair products for my needs, I’m often a little stubborn and not hugely open to change; having coarse, wavy, frizz-prone hair that’s also relatively thin can be a challenge, so if something works for me I tend to stick to it. But that’s not very conductive to a blogger who’s trying to share new things, top tips and product recommendations! Over the last couple of months I’ve pushed myself to step out of my usual routine, embrace new things and put different products to the test in the search for some refreshing must-haves; the result of this search is a list of six gems that I’m happy to integrate into my regime on the regular, for they all add a little something extra and help me to transform frizzy unmanageable hair into smooth, hydrated and perfectly styled locks…

Six Hair Products To Help Transform Frizzy Unmanageable Hair Into Smooth, Hydrated & Perfectly Styled Locks

Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask With Aloe Vera* (£14.00)
A concentrated mask that replaces your usual conditioner, this is enriched with a blend of fatty acids and oils to help boost hair’s resilience and elasticity for a healthier looking ‘do. Aloe Vera is known for its hydrating properties, and this leaves every strand feeling more hydrated and swishy thanks to the inclusion of this key ingredient; hair isn’t left unmanageably soft, but instead just hydrated and healthy looking. Christophe Robin is a brand that have some really beautiful, luxury and hard working products – but it’s often overlooked. This is a fab hydrating twice weekly boost if your hair needs a little more attention as we step into the colder months, but without the weight that hydrating conditioners also leave behind.

Tropic Hair Smooth Radiance Oil* (£24.00)
Who knew Tropic had expanded into hair care! I’m super fussy about the hair oils I use, as most are too heavy and weigh down my hair with excessive greasiness, but this is almost a dry-oil like formula that’s so easy to use. It smells pretty amazing, is great for applying to either wet hair pre-styling or dry hair as a finishing touch, plus you can use it as an overnight treatment if your hair is feeling super parched. Abyssinian, Maracuja and Tamanu Oils also improve manageability, deeply nourish, help repair and promote shine – so this is an oil that packs a punch. Great for helping to smooth away flyaways, temporarily tackle dry ends and generally add some much needed goodness to parched and damaged hair.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Creme* (£6.99)
I’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner version of this range and really loved them (I used them too quickly and too enthusiastically to remember to actually take photos or review them!) but this is also a great little product perfect if your hair is dry, frizzy, unruly or just in need of some smoothing action. It’s super lightweight and absorbs into hair in an instant to leave it smooth, soft and practically frizz free; just apply a pump or two to either damp or dry hair when styling, but it’s also light enough to be used on day two or three if your hair is looking a little lifeless. An affordable addition if you want to transform your hair from frizzy to sleek one blow dry at a time.

Six Hair Products To Help Transform Frizzy Unmanageable Hair Into Smooth, Hydrated & Perfectly Styled LocksSix Hair Products To Help Transform Frizzy Unmanageable Hair Into Smooth, Hydrated & Perfectly Styled Locks

Soap & Glory Control Sleek Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream* (£9.00)
A heat-activated treatment formulated with Marula and Moringa Seed oils, this claims to transform unruly hair into frizz-free tresses for 8 washes – but I’ve found it’s good for a week (or three washes) before you need to properly re-use. You simply apply to towel dry hair, blitz with your dryer and then straighten as normal: admittedly I was pretty wowed the first time I used this, and continue to use it regularly to help turn my frizzy and relatively unmanageable hair into silky smooth, straight and healthy looking. It’s a great weekly or fortnightly boost (depending on how often you wash your hair) and well worth the price point. (Read my review of the entire Soap & Glory hair care line here.)

Lee Stafford Keep It Clean Pink Clay Dry Shampoo* (£5.49)
A blast of dry shampoo may be nothing new, but the majority of products out there can be chalky or leave white telltale residue at the roots; this lightweight spray leaves no heaviness, white mess or crunchy texture, only refreshed hair with a beautiful scent. Often a blast of dry shampoo is all you need to boost the look and feel of hair, transforming it from a frizzy mess into a manageable ‘do – and, enriched with pink clay to help gently absorb excess oil, this is a budget friendly and fool-proof dry shampoo I really love.

Living Proof Flex Hairspray* (£23.00)
Tonging my hair every day helps me to create the illusion of more volume, but it can often leave my hair looking lifeless if the curls don’t stay put. This spray helps to loosely keep my style in place, with no crunchiness or obvious texture that’s so associated with hairspray, without preventing natural movement or the style from dropping out into effortless waves. I love the fact you can use it when styling hair in layers, but even more because it’s easy to brush out and re-style on day two – I’m down to the very last drop because this has been far easier and more pleasurable to use than my classic Elnett. Even better is that it helps protect hair from heat and humidity, tackles frizz and generally keeps my look far more manageable. Pricey, but a repurchase I’m happy to make!

Have you tried any of these hair products? Which are you most tempted by? Do you have any other must-have products that help transform frizzy unmanageable hair?

Six Hair Products To Help Transform Frizzy Unmanageable Hair Into Smooth, Hydrated & Perfectly Styled Locks

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