Five Top Tips To Effortlessly Style A Statement Picture Shelf (And A Little Look At Our Living Room)

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Surrounding myself with pictures is as metaphorically comforting as wrapping up in giant cosy blanket; having memories, inspiration, art and things I love around my home has always made it feel all the more ‘me’. As a teenager my frames may have been filled with cut-outs from Smash Hits magazine and photos of Ronan Keating, but now I’ve marginally progressed to keepsakes, wedding photos and statement pieces of art of things that make us smile.

Although hanging up your favourite pictures in creative ways can look amazing, it can also be intimidating; the permanence of holes in the wall, the fear of getting it wrong, the struggle with changing it up to create a fresh look… All genuine worries that accompany a hammer and nail. But one super easy, slick and stylish way of displaying pictures is gaining popularity – and the humble picture shelf can create a real statement in any home, in any room. So if you fancy trying it out for yourself, here are my top tips on how to style a picture shelf that suits your room perfectly.

How To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture LedgeHow To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture LedgeHow To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture Ledge

The easiest way to create a cohesive look is to pick a colour scheme that runs throughout the shelf; whether it’s monochrome, hints of blue, natural textures or anything inbetween, ensuring all your prints nod to this will create a shelf that looks connected and purposeful.

One of the easiest ways to go wrong is by attempting to style a shelf with pictures of the same size. This can look a bit clunky, too regimented and the anthesis of what the shelf is trying to do: showcase your creativity. Opting for a variety of big and small prints, both portrait and landscape in design, will keep your picture shelf looking effortlessly chic.

Try not to make a statement with every print, especially if you’re positioning them in front of eachother or layering bits and pieces for a more textured result. Having some ‘blendable’ designs (nature works wonders for this) will help to keep the focus on your stand-out pieces and ensure you’re not trying to fit too much into a small space.

Why not add in some foliage, little trinkets, vases or momentos to bring extra personality to your picture shelf? Some of my favourite Pinterest inspirations were only about 50% artwork, using the remaining space to display bits and bobs in a really chic and modern way. I definitely intend to add some bit and bobs to my shelf when I find the perfect things!

The beauty of styling a picture shelf is that it’s a job that never ends; it provides the flexibility to constantly be moving, adding, changing or re-styling whenever you fancy a change or find a print you just need to display. It’s a super easy way to update the look and feel of any room, without having to faff around with nails or those awful hanging strips that always fall off!

These five top tips on how to style a picture shelf will hopefully form the basis of your own interior experimentation – but let me know if you have any further advice to share too!

How To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture LedgeHow To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture LedgeHow To Style A Picture Shelf: 5 Top Tips To Create A Great Picture Ledge

We chose to opt for some NYC-themed prints as it’s somewhere we’ve visited together a couple of times and adore; we’ve made a lot of memories there and I’m sure we’ll make many more in the years to come. I loved the monochrome design and simplicity these prints offered, which we balanced with some more feminine shapes and a photo of our wedding day; the personalised print (which also mentions NYC!) was a Valentines Day gift from Josh a couple of years ago, so I wanted to include that within our picture shelf to ensure it felt authentically us. The result is a collection of pictures and artwork that just fits with our room effortlessly, without feeling too forced.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own picture shelf then I adore Desenio for discovering amazing prints at super affordable prices; I filled my office with them in our old flat, and already they’re making an appearance in not only our living room, but kitchen, bathrooms, office and bedroom in the new house. (Expect to see a lot more of them as we make progress and I share our styling!) With prices starting from £3.95, you can afford to be creative and change up your picture shelf every few months too.

In terms of the rest of our living room, we still need some finishing touches but we’re very much heading in the right direction. I adore the colour, our sofas are the comfiest thing ever and I’ve loved pulling together little bits and bobs to create a relaxing environment. We still need to finish the coffee table and TV unit (cleverly designed and made by my husband’s own fair hands,) will re-style our unit and add some more touches (that will probably get destroyed as soon as the puppy arrives,) but right now I’m really content with the room that really has helped our new house feel like home.

Brooklyn Bridge | From £7.95 | LINK
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Paint | Valspar in ‘Blue Tea’ | From £25.00
Sofas | DFS ‘Wetherby’ | £1599 and £999
Coffee Table | Bespoke from Josh Hall Furniture
TV Unit | Bespoke from Josh Hall Furniture
Silver Lanterns | The Range | From £7.99
Silver Tray | F&F at Tesco | £12.00
Silver Clock | Marks & Spencer | £25.00
Grey Lampshades | Dunelm | £29.00
Lamp | IKEA | £85.00

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