My Downstairs Bathroom Makeover: Style On A Budget

Rather unexpectedly, the room I was most excited to decorate when we first got to see inside our new home was undoubtedly the downstairs loo. The thing with buying a new build off plan is that you’re working with a drawing, with no real details or concept of space – especially because there wasn’t actually a show home of the house we chose. We didn’t get to see inside until two weeks before completion, when we got a singular hour to look around and take measurements so we could start planning and buying furniture, and my instant reaction to the downstairs loo was one of pure wonderment. It was surprisingly spacious, but the stair detail really made the room feel a little unique and something I could work with (as well as being a break from the pure white boxes that greeted us in every other room.)

Although I love scrolling through endless grey rooms on Instagram, in reality they’re not really our style; we prefer colour, texture and something a little bit more vivacious. I knew I wanted to bring a really dark and statement colour into our home, but Josh wasn’t too keen on having it in the living or bedrooms for fear of it not being homely enough – so the downstairs bathroom seemed like the perfect solution and an opportunity to try something different. It was affectionately known as ‘Hayley’s Pinterest-able Toilet’ for the first few weeks, and remains a talking point amongst anyone who’s seen it pop up on my Insta Stories!

So, how did I create this little space? The paint on the back wall is X by Valspar, a deep green tropical colour that makes a real statement; although I adored it, I kept the other two walls lighter and brighter so as not to make the room appear smaller – painting everything the same deep green may have been too much. We chose Silver Bullet by Valspar to complement it, a beautiful warm grey colour that we’re also planning to use in the hallway; keeping the colour the same ensures it flows effortlessly, but the boldness of the tropical green keeps it very much its own character.

It took me an absolute age to paint and get those lines just right. My best advice when wanting to paint two colours in one room is to use the yellow (and less sticky) Frog Tape to separate the shades, leaving at least 24hrs between coat jobs and peeling off the tape about an hour after your last coat (so it doesn’t rip away too much of the paint. We made the mistake of leaving tape for a few days and it pulled off so much!) Be prepared to touch up with precise brushes too, and possibly even tape up and paint again… I think I did about four layers in the end before I was totally happy with the joins, and I’d probably go over them again if I could be bothered.

Once the paint job was finished, I started accessorising with rose gold (or brass) touches to keep it feeling fresh and modern; I found a fab towel rail and toilet roll holder in the Dunelm sale (£8.00 and £2.50 respectively) which feel far more expensive than they are. I also picked up a round mirror at the same time for £10.00, which was originally grey and quite scuffed; a couple of coats of metallic spray paint gave it a new lease of life and saved me a small fortune in the process – so never underestimate the power of a little DIY project! It took about an hour but really made all the difference.

Before we had even exchanged I’d spotted this little shelving unit in Sainsbury’s (a cave of wonders and much overlooked homeware mecca) for only £32.00, knowing it would fit perfectly with what I had in mind. It fits beautifully next to the sink, giving me added space for those bathroom essentials and an extra space to pop in a faux plant (no windows = nothing will stay alive!) I found in IKEA. As we decided not to have a bathroom cabinet it also stops the room feeling empty and cold, ticking all my boxes in one great find.

My finishing touches include a basket I *think* I found in either IKEA or Dunelm (possibly TK Maxx – I did a lot of homeware shopping in a short space of time!) a light reflecting lampshade (it’s actually rose gold on top but you can’t really see when the light is on) and a couple of brass plant pots from HomeSense. I did plan on hanging some art or putting up an extra shelf on the wall, but for the time being I like keeping it simple. Adding in some essential Aldi fragrance and hand wash, this little room has fast become one of my faves in the house… And the perfect excuse to take my time when having a wee.

I hope you like my downstairs bathroom makeover and it’s given you a touch of inspo!


Paint | Valspar in Santorini Seascape & Silver Bonnet | From £25.00 a tin | LINK
Mirror | Dunelm | £20.00 | LINK
Toilet Roll Holder | Dunelm | £2.50 | SIMILAR HERE
Towel Rail | Dunelm | £8.00 | SIMILAR HERE
Shelving Unit | TU @ Sainsbury’s | £32.00 | LINK
Toilet Brush Holder | TK Maxx | £8.00 | LINK
Bin| Wilko | £7.00 | LINK
Plant Pots | TK Maxx | From £3.99 | LINK
Faux Plants | IKEA | From £1.90 | LINK




  1. August 22, 2019 / 3:18 pm

    Oh wow this looks absolutely stunning! love the bold colour

    Candice ||

  2. hayleyhalluk
    August 23, 2019 / 12:02 pm

    Thank you!

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