The Power Of Your Lash Line: Create A Youthful Result & Healthier Lashes In 3-5 Weeks

How To Grow Your Lashes Longer & Create The Perfect Flutter
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Known as the windows to our soul, our eyes are the first thing people see and have the ability to capture attention like no other feature. Making great eye contact can tell someone that you’re paying attention, want to be taken seriously, have frustration festering beneath the surface, or are even attracted to them – all without the need for words being spoken. There’s a reason why a multi-billion pound global industry has erupted around our desire to create impact with our eyes, even if we don’t necessarily link that impulse eyeshadow palette to subconscious communication with others!

On a scientific and biological level, bright and wide eyes are deemed attractive because they’re a subconscious sign of fertility and youth. As we age our limbal rings (which separates the colour from the white of the eye) often get smaller and lighter, while lashes can become thinner and shorter; but lining, enhancing and colouring your lashes can convey the idea of youthful attractiveness, while keeping the focus on this dominant area of the face. Similarly, our lashes tend to be thickest and healthiest during our younger years, so enhancing them with a slick or two of mascara helps to brighten the face and keep us looking fresh… And I’m all about looking as youthful and fresh faced as possible!

Mascara has always been a must for me, ever since I was a teen: my lashes have always been somewhat stumpy, lacking volume and their fair colour means I lose about half their length if they’re not coated in a jet black substance. Searching for the holy grail of mascaras is a never ending task, but starting at the root (excuse the pun) of the issue can help to create a more effortless fulness – especially as we get older. I’ve used a handful of lash enhancing serums before and seen great results, so when Xlash Cosmetics got in touch to let me know they’d just launched in the UK and asked if I’d like to put their own best selling eyelash serum to the test, it’s safe to say I jumped at the chance.

How Does Xlash’s Eyelash Serum Work?

Our eyelashes have a natural growth cycle which is in constant motion: as some lashes grow, some others will naturally fall out. Although we have around 200 lashes on our upper eyelids at any one time, the growth cycle can often be slower than we’d like, leaving your flutter looking patchy and lacking volume. Eyelash serums can help speed up and reinforce that process, encouraging lashes to grow stronger and faster to ensure a naturally fuller set of lashes in only a few weeks. It’s the same idea as looking after your hair, skin or body and encouraging a healthy turnover process for the best results possible.

What Makes Xlash’s Eyelash Serum Different? 

Applying Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum directly to the roots of your lashes will both stimulate the cell renewal process and promote growth. Scientifically formulated with growth nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the formula is enriched with natural extracts and active ingredients for maximum results. Myristoyl pentapeptide-1 is clinically proven to stimulate keratin production (which contributes to make lashes thicker, fuller and longer,) while Biotin is a powerful vitamin that strengthens, improves the condition of dry lashes, and promotes healthy hair growth. Additionally hyaluronic acid helps to boost regeneration and ensures lashes are healthy and strong, reducing breakage or fall out for a heathier and more voluminous lash line.

They claim to help provide up to 70% longer lashes in 3-5 weeks, helping to create a healthy looking and strong lash line that’s more sustainable in the long term. Also cruelty-free, paraben free, oil free, fragrance free and suitable for use on extensions and for contact lens wearers, unlike others I’ve tried that can leave eyes stinging or a nasty taste at the back of your throat, Xlash was entirely comfortable to use. Their gentler ingredients ensure a more pleasant experience, without compromising on effectiveness.

How Do You Use Xlash Eyelash Serum?

Super easy to integrate into your regime, you simply apply a thin line of the serum along your upper lashes using the precise brush every evening. I personally find it easier to do after cleansing and before bed, allowing enough time for the serum to absorb fully and get to work as I sleep.

Does Xlash Eyelash Serum Really Work?

I’ve been trying this out for almost two months (admittedly my use was a bit sporadic while moving house, as I’d packed it away ‘somewhere safe’… And I forgot to take ‘before’ photos in the madness – rubbish blogger!) and I’m really pleased with the overall results. Although I noticed a change perhaps a little later than with other eyelash serums I’ve used, the overall experience was way more pleasant and has left my lash line looking and feeling super healthy and strong.

I’ve definitely noticed far fewer lashes coming loose (I used to be picking them out of my mascara wand every few days,) and my overall lash line appears far more even than it has done; mascara applies consistently too, allowing me to create a powerful result when I want it or leaving my lashes more natural with a single coat of my fave product.

Although the result wouldn’t necessarily be that detectable to others, I know that the results are tangible because I look in the mirror every single morning and have noticed the difference creep up on me when applying my makeup. The testimonials and photos on the Xlash website really speak for themselves too (check them out here,) so it’s no surprise it’s known as the best eyelash serum out there by many.

The downside of an eyelash serum is that the results wane when you stop using the product, but Xlash provides up to three months continual use in each tube – making longer and fuller lashes achievable and sustainable without spending a fortune.

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your lashline, improve the performance of your mascara or just help to create the look you want, Xlash definitely gets my stamp of approval.

Get Xlash Eyelash Serum for £24.99 (usually £37.99) via their website; as a little added bonus, use code Hayley20 to get 20% off on everything at


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