The Importance Of Investing In A Great Haircut

And answering the question “how do you find a decent hairdresser?”

I’d put money on the fact the majority of us have opted for a cheap and cheerful haircut and lived to regret it; I’d bet my Busted CDs on the fact that the savings you make on that one day have lead to more than a little anxiety over the coming weeks while that dodgy cut grows out. Our hair has the power to turn a day into a great one or a naff one, so is the link between those dead strands and the way we view ourselves – especially as women. My ‘do has always been a bone of contention for me, forever leaving me wanting someone else’s locks or wondering whether this one trip to the hairdresser / one product praised by the professionals will give me the look I’ve always wanted. I’ve spent more time dissatisfied with my style than I have satisfied, but one thing is clear for me: the importance of investing in a great hair cut.

If you were walking around wearing one outfit every day for the next eight weeks, you’d make sure it was the best you had on offer right? You’d make sure it enhanced your features, showcased your style and felt somewhat effortless every single morning – and the same applies to your hair. If you’d spend fifty or a hundred quid on a new outfit for the weekend, why would you not pay the same amount for a great haircut that you’ll get the most of every day? Your hair is a constant companion, so investing in a great cut and colour will fill you with more confidence and style than any new outfit can offer.

Although I was spoiled for choice living in London, living in the ‘Shires for the last six years has been troublesome for me when it came to finding a decent hairdresser I could trust completely with my ‘do. I’ve chopped and changed, sometimes feeling super positive with the results and other times feeling like I couldn’t wait for it to grow out, until I finally gave up and felt disheartened at the fact that I just wasn’t achieving the look I had in mind. So when the guys over at Michael Van Clarke got in touch to invite me down to their Marylebone salon*, I was very excited to see if they could deliver me the style to make all the difference.

What’s unique and refreshing about the Michael Van Clarke approach to hair is their signature Diamond Dry Cut: cutting the hair clean and dry allows the stylist to work with the hair’s natural movement and texture, as well as ensuring they can achieve a finished look that’s bespoke to you and your needs. It’s far easier to blend layers, get the length you want, ensure hair looks healthier, achieve a cut that will be easier to manage at home and walk out with a result that lasts far longer. I went in with a ‘do that was overly layered, looked tired and thin, needed a good few inches cut off the end to level it out and needed a decent treatment to help it grow; what I walked out with exceeded my expectations.

I’ve now been to Michael Van Clarke’s salon twice and I can’t believe the transformation in my hair; I may have lost a little length, but my new style makes it look far fuller and much healthier while being way more easy to style and manage at home. My stylists have actually listened to my concerns, my long-term goals and talked me through the entire process to ensure I’m happy with what they’re doing (and I know what to do when I get home.) For the first time in a long time I’ve actually been given complements on my cut, and I feel super confident that it looks just as great straight or styled. And that’s the benefit of a great cut: investing in a style that works for you not only on the day that you walk out of the salon, but one that you love right up until your very next appointment.

I’ve gone from feeling despondent with my hair, to full of confidence every time I style it; and that’s an investment that pays dividends. Here’s hoping I’ll never have to ask ‘how do you find a decent hairdresser?’ ever again.

You may have also noticed I’ve gone back to the red that was such a fundamental part of my identity for so long; I’ve dabbled in the last few years, but now my ‘do is back to looking and feeling healthy it seemed like a great opportunity to take the plunge again and warm up my complexion in the process. Fudge’s Head Paint* colours are infused with some great ingredients to ensure a vibrant and long-lasting colour; the red range is infused with antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Oil to neutralise protein-destroying free radicals, reducing hair porosity and keep colour locked in for up to thirty washes. And so far so good! I’m also continuing to use my Michael Van Clarke LifeSaver Pre-Wash Treatment* (read my full review here) about three times a week to help strengthen and encourage growth, which really has been such a help to both the condition and colour of my locks.

So if you’re not happy with your hair, are looking to make a bold change or simply want someone you can talk to about your options, it’s worth investing in a great haircut and finding the perfect hairdresser for your needs. But how? How do you find a decent hairdresser?

1. Search for local recommendations – both online and from friends / family. More often than not word of mouth is the most powerful tool when it comes to hairdressing, as are online reviews and features.

2. Check social media. You can get a great idea of the standard of cut from a salon’s Instagram page, as well as the kind of clientele they service. If you want anything more than a trim it’s probably not the best idea to visit a granny salon that hasn’t invested in training since 1996.

3. Book a consultation and blowdry first. This ensures you have an opportunity to get to know the salon and stylist before they take scissors to your hair; they can answer your questions, make recommendations and style your hair before you take the plunge.

4. Start small and build your way up. Don’t ever go in with a magazine and ask for a total transformation on your first visit, instead building up over a longer period of time to ensure you’re getting a quality cut and your stylist is really listening to your needs.

You’ll have the perfect cut and colour for you in no time at all!
How do you find a decent hairdresser? Let me know if you’ve any other top tips!

My cut was provided free of charge by Michael Van Clarke:
My colour was provided free of charge by Fudge Professional:



  1. kirsty
    June 12, 2019 / 9:37 am

    your hair look stunning!! great dress too!

    • hayleyhalluk
      June 12, 2019 / 10:22 am

      thanks lovely!

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