Three Milk Makeup Sticks Worthy Of The Hype That You Should Definitely Try

The first time I stumbled across Milk Makeup I was in New York City, taking in every Sephora store I spotted during our four night stay. It was that time when British consumers were still lusting after American brands that were so hard to get hold of they were practically the holy grail, and we stocked up at every given opportunity; those cosmetic stores made me feel like a kid in a candy store, exposing me to all manner of shiny new things I’d never had the pleasure of playing with before. A few years later and we’re positively spoiled, readily having access to brands including Glossier, Kat Von D and Makeup Forever – and Milk is the very latest to join that line-up.

It arrived on our shores with huge fanfare and much hype, but my question was really whether it was worthy of it. Their unique stick format is already being copied (which is a sign of popularity in itself,) so do these travel-friendly and millenial-esque beauty treats really offer something fresh? I’ve been putting them to the test and these are the three Milk Makeup sticks I think are definitely worth trying if you’re in the market for one, or are just intrigued to try something new…

Three Milk Makeup Sticks Worthy Of The Hype That You Should Definitely TryThree Milk Makeup Sticks Worthy Of The Hype That You Should Definitely Try

Milk Makeup Blur Stick (£30.50)
As I get older the need for a decent primer or blurring base gets ever more real, and this Blur Stick is just the ticket. Use it underneath makeup as a blurring primer that helps your base to stay in place, or apply over the top to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. With an innovative non-comedogenic, silicone and oil-free formula, the Milk microsphere technology has been proven to minimize the appearance of pores up to 68% while it allows skin to ‘breathe’. I really love the lightweight and velvety smooth texture, and how easy it is to apply to skin; it really does make all the difference, leaving my complexion looking far fresher and feeling smoother. Although it’s undoubtedly pricey, this definitely does the job and the stick will last such a long time; often it’s about long-term value and this delivers in bucket-loads.

Milk Makeup Cooling Stick (£20.50)
A uniquely cooling formula that you just know is going to be a godsend in the warmer months, this Cooling Stick is also infused with caffeine to support micro-circulation in order to give skin an energized glow. With the addition of natural seawater to calm and hydrate irritated skin, this blue non-oily non-sticky formula is great to apply under or over makeup – or just across the body when it gets a bit sweaty. I’m going to be taking it with me on my many flights in the coming weeks as it instantly helps to soothe the tired under-eye area and refresh dehydrated skin, and I know it’ll be a handbag essential all summer long. My top pick of the entire range, if you were asking!

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick (£23.75)
If you love your highlighter bold and your radiance galactic, this is the stick for you. Containing real meteorite powder for an out-of-this-world sheen, this subtly shimmering solid highlight also contains mango butter, coconut and avocado oil to nourish skin and leave a dewy finish on skin. I’m a big fan of products that offer skincare benefits alongside makeup results, and this would travel far better than powder highlighters that are prone to breaking in your luggage. Personally I find it drags a little if you apply direct to skin, so dabbing a little on with your fingers provides a result that doesn’t spoil or cake your base; it catches the light really well, but can also be layered up if you want a more shiny finish. It won’t be for everyone, but if you can’t live without a highlight then this definitely packs some punch.

Three Milk Makeup Sticks Worthy Of The Hype That You Should Definitely TryThree Milk Makeup Sticks Worthy Of The Hype That You Should Definitely Try

Although there are so many other sticks available, these are the three Milk Makeup sticks I think are worth trying – and those that are worthy of their pretty expensive price point. Together they’re a great intro into the brand: you won’t find yourself wasting cash on innovative formulas and great ideas that never see past your dressing table drawer, instead reaching for effective and useful additions to your makeup bag.

Have you tried Milk Makeup? Which of their sticks do you think are worth trying?




  1. April 30, 2019 / 9:35 pm

    The blur and cooling stick sounds right up my street!

    • hayleyhalluk
      May 1, 2019 / 3:27 pm

      I think you’d love them both!

  2. April 30, 2019 / 10:09 pm

    These all seem to make life so much easier I neeeed to get my hands on them! I love the idea of the cooling stick – haven’t come across that one before.

    Lucy |

    • hayleyhalluk
      May 1, 2019 / 3:27 pm

      It’s a really great one for travel or the warmer months, when you’re sweaty but don’t want to ruin your makeup!

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