Five Clever Things In My Shower To Make The Most Of Every Morning

For the years I lived in London I longed for the days when I could kick back and relax in the bathtub; a shower really didn’t provide the relaxing and pampering experience I craved, and London flats are rarely big enough for a double bed let alone a bath. Back then the bath bomb boom was just gathering speed and the focus was very much on taking an hour out for yourself, so as soon as I moved back to my home town and had the pleasure of a tub I was in there pampering myself as often as I could get away with. Now I can’t imagine life without a good soak, a glass of wine and a book to accompany me, but often weeks go by without me finding the time to draw a bath – so a long shower just has to do.

Unlike a decade ago, when a shower was very much a functional experience, those morning moments spent under running water have become all the more indulgent and an opportunity to look after both the body and mind; brands are wising up to the opportunities that a busy lifestyle requires and how they can make their in-shower products all the more hardworking. Right now there are five great ones in my shower that offer either a super-speedy boost, a pampering few minutes out from my day or just a cleanse that means your routine is all the more effective… Want to get to know the clever things in my shower that are helping me get the most out of every morning?

Five Clever Things In My Shower To Make The Most Of Every Morning

Pixi In Shower Steam Facial* (£18.00)
I’m such a huge fan of Pixi skincare, so when I saw this pop up I was intrigued to say the least. The very thick gel like texture is applied to the skin and left to get to work while you lather up, gently warming using your own body heat and the steam in the shower for an uplifting experience; the heat also provides added benefits by opening pores and aiding cleansing.

The inclusion of Acacia Collagen and Peptides help retain moisture and provide plumping effect, so when it’s gently rinsed away you can step out of the shower feeling cleansed and with hydrated and radiant skin; although I don’t notice a visible difference after using this for a few minutes, it definitely leaves my skin much smoother and softer. My only tip is not to use this when you’re washing your hair – the gel transforms into an oil when mixed with water, so it doesn’t have enough hold to stay put through a hair cleanse! Use it on those days when you’re planning to make the most of day two or three hair instead.

L’Occitane Shower Shake* (£19.99)
Yes this is somewhat of a gimmick, but this has brought so much joy to my shower these last couple of weeks! Enriched with almond oil and almond milk, this bi-phase shower oil consists of two different textures that transform into a milky formula when shaken together. It’s super light and very runny (definitely like milk) but it gently cleanses and moisturises skin with a subtle lather, leaving the surface feeling hydrated with a delicate almond fragrance.

Inside every bottle is a little metal ball that apparently ‘aids the mixing’ but from my point of view purely creates a bit of theatre – but when were we too old for a bit of theatre eh? You can still put a little of this in your loofah, or apply a small amount direct to limbs; yes, completely overpriced shower wash, but fun nonetheless.

L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore Rapid Reviver Damaged Hair Power Conditioner (£5.50)
You know when you dye your hair at home and those little bottles or pouches of conditioner that come with it leave your hair feeling amazing? This is basically that, but in a giant bottle you can use every time you wash. Infused with an Amino Acids and Vitamin E, this powerful cream contains twice more conditioning ingredients than compared to a classic conditioner; it’s so hydrating that you don’t even have to leave it in if you don’t want to, simply massaging it into lengths and ends before rinsing straight out.

I use it when my hair is feeling a bit ‘meh’ or when it’s been shoved up in a bun for the past three days and needs some love; every time my hair feels practically transformed in only a couple of minutes… The best fiver I’ve spent in a long time to be honest.

Dove Sensitive Skin Micellar Body Wash* (£3.99)
You may have been using your micellar water to death over the past few years, but now that same technology is entering whole new areas of beauty – including hair, cleansing and body products. I’ve always been a big Dove fan and always fall back on their body washes, especially as my husband has eczema and can get easily irritated; their new Micellar Body Wash contains 0% soap, dyes and sulfates, which takes their delicate nature to a new level.

Tiny micelles suspended in the formula surround and softly lift away impurities, gently cleansing sensitive skin alongside Dove’s iconic moisturisers. A really lovely cleansing experience that doesn’t leave skin feeling dry, meaning you can probably skip the body lotion too.

Foamie Shampoo Bar (£6.99)
In the interests of sustainability, I decided to give this new brand a go after seeing it in Boots. Lush shampoo bars used to be a firm favourite of mine, and these seemed like somewhat of an upgrade for the more millenial customer… Free from colouring, sulphates, parabens, silicones and microplastics, plus more environmentally friendly than traditional bottles of shampoo, Foamie is cruelty-free and vegan alongside offering formulas that have been perfectly matched to the pH of your hair.

The solid bar is housed in a little mesh pocket for ease of use and storage, which you can hang in the shower so it effectively dries out after every use; you simply rub it between your hands to create a lather, then using the delicate foam throughout your hair to cleanse. Although it is more effort and definitely takes longer than a simple squirt of shampoo, the results are fab – my hair is left soft and fresh, with no weight or residue at all. I was a bit dubious whether this would deliver as an effective cleanse as my regular shampoo, but after a few washes to get used to it it’s definitely a winner – especially for travel when you don’t want to worry about split bottles or liquid allowances!

Sometimes a little gem of a product can make the world of difference to your mornings…

Which of these would you love to try?

Five Clever Things In My Shower To Make The Most Of Every Morning

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  1. Danish Pastry
    April 15, 2019 / 7:13 pm

    When I lived at home, we had a bath and a shower, I rarely used the bath, but did enjoy the odd soak. I then lived in hospital and rental accommodation where there was only a bath, so I enjoyed a long soak regularly. I now live in Denmark and haven’t had a bathtub for nearly 25 years! I used to make a point of soaking in the bath when staying in hotels, or visiting my parents, but in the last ten years, I’ve only done this once, in a hotel bathroom with a Jacuzzi!
    Do I miss a bath? No. I do feel pampered if I take a long shower, and love good products, so thanks for new ones to try!

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