New & Easy Ways To Add A Touch Fragrance Into Your Beauty Regime

Perfume is an art, not a science, so it’s open to our own experiences and interpretations. When we’re breathing in a fragrance it’s not the top notes or undertones we’re recalling, but way it made us feel. As it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we’re experiencing, we tend to describe a moment or memory as a way of processing that information; that’s why our sense of smell is so closely linked with emotion, and within seconds of breathing in a scent we can be transported back to an event, person or location. I’ve always adored perfume for that reason and have far too many bottles on rotation as a result; I feel naked without a spritz or three before I leave the house, and I’m always looking for new ways to experience my favourite fragrances or take them with me throughout the day.

We’re so fortunate to now be able to enjoy perfume in many different ways, but the majority of us overlook how easy it is to integrate fragrance into our beauty regimes beyond a morning pump onto the pulse points. If you’re looking for inspiration to invigorate your day, create an all-encompassing scent experience, or just want to ensure your aroma lasts as long as possible, why not try these easy ways to inject a splash of your favourite fragrance into every part of your beauty regime…

New & Easy Ways To Add A Touch Fragrance Into Your Beauty RegimeNew & Easy Ways To Add A Touch Fragrance Into Your Beauty Regime

Start your day with a burst of fragrance that invigorates or comforts the senses; although you can’t go wrong with a simple bottle of Radox, investing in a more complexly scented body wash will allow you to experience a treat while helping to keep that fragrance lingering for longer. I love Molton Brown for their body washes that really linger on the skin and create an indulgent experience; their new Suede Orris* scent brings the beauty of mandarin and rose alongside the more seductive notes of sandalwood for a truly invigorating experience. I’m also a big fan of the Aldi hand washes that make cleaning my hands twenty times a day all the more enjoyable – at £3.99 they’re an affordable and easy way to integrate aromas.

If you’re moisturising your limbs daily anyway, why not add a little fragrance to the experience? Whether you prefer to keep your scent low key or you want to layer up complementary notes for the ultimate scent sensation, a fragranced body lotion can be just the ticket. Brands including Jo Malone and Molton Brown offer super luxe body creams that contain a high concentration of scent, but for a more affordable addition to your regime SBC Gels offer great alternatives that smell incredible – plus they’re a great British brand.

It’s often recommended that you spritz a little of your favourite perfume over your hair to make it last all day, but have you ever considered investing in a fragranced hair spritz? I’m currently loving the Acqua di Parma Hair Mist*, which adds a beautiful and elegant floral scent while looking fabulous on your dressing table; it’s a touch pricey, but it really helps to keep me smelling great all day and is often preferable to continually adding scent to my skin. A lot of brands (including Chanel and Dior) also offer more affordable hair fragrances that complement the main perfume perfectly, while being more handbag friendly too – make sure you ask if your favourite scent is available in a hair mist and you could be pleasantly surprised!

New & Easy Ways To Add A Touch Fragrance Into Your Beauty RegimeNew & Easy Ways To Add A Touch Fragrance Into Your Beauty Regime

Taking scent beyond the expected, there are now a plethora of incredible hair styling products that are packaged up with added scent. Whether you want to turn your basic second-day-hair experience into a fragrance masterclass with the Elizabeth & James Rose dry shampoo*, or spritz on a little volumising spray enriched with a delicate rose scent thanks to Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist With Rose Water*, there’s a whole new generation of styling products that bring an added fragrance sensation.

Nothing really compares to taking two minutes to massage a luxurious cream into your hands and melt away the stresses of the day; it’s the ultimate quick pick-me-up that keeps your hands looking great and your mind feeling fresh. With so many beautifully scented hand creams on offer, how do you choose one that meets your needs? Goutal’s new Hand Balm* offers the benefit of their iconic and super premium perfumes in a more purse-friendly and daily format – although at £26.00 they’re still not exactly cheap! Crabtree & Evelyn offer more affordable alternatives to give you a quick boost of scent just when you need it, plus their hand creams are super moisturising and absorb quick enough to get on with your day.

Sometimes going old school is the best way to ensure you feel great all day long. Remember when everyone used to carry cans of Impulse in their school bag, or when it was super cool to lug around a giant bottle of you favourite scent just in case you needed a top up? Those days are firmly behind me, but often I’m likely to be found with a little bottle of something or an atomiser of my current fave – an easy way to perk up your mood, lift your senses or just conceal the fact you’ve eaten fried chicken for lunch. Jo Malone’s 50ml bottles are the perfect size to pop in your handbag, or just try something new.

Although some fragrances can be expensive, there are so many alternative ways to inject a touch of luxury into your daily regime; you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience amazing aromas either, you just have to know where to look and what to shop for.

Do you have a favourite way of adding scent to your daily beauty regime?




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