How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days

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Fewer things can have such a negative impact on our confidence than that of a bad hair day. A thick, flowing and shiny hair style is associated with youth and vitality, so it’s no surprise we spend millions of pounds trying to achieve the perfect ‘do every single year. I’ve always had a funny old relationship with my hair. In its natural state it’s dull, lacking any volume, prone to breakage and a pain to style in any which way – so it’s no surprise that for the past twenty years I’ve been investing in any new treatment, tool, styling product or hairdresser recommendation that came my way in an effort to create the locks I crave. The issues I’ve faced have only been exacerbated as I’ve gotten older, and it’s a problem for many: sparse, limp or lifeless locks can have a significant negative impact on our confidence and self-worth. Sometimes though, you have to start at the (metaphorical and literal) root cause if you want to get the best hair of your life: and here’s how you can achieve stronger, longer, healthier looking hair and nails in only thirty days.

How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days new nordic hair volume and nail strong


I’ve been putting New Nordic Hair Volume & Nail Strong supplements to the test over the last month or two, in an effort to put the oomph back into my ‘do. You can spend all the money in the world treating the dead and frazzled end bits, but where you really need to be focusing your effort for long-term benefit is at the root – the lifeforce of your hair. If we target issues from the inside out, it unlocks the full potential of each hair strand and will (with patience) theoretically improve the appearance and overall health of hair and nails.

The unique nutrient combination contained in each Hair Volume & Nail Strong tablet nourishes and activates the life processes of hair follicle cells and nail matrix cells, contributing to the maintenance of ‘normal’ hair and nail growth. Often the reason behind any serious issue is a lack of essential nutrients in your diet, so topping up with a targeted supplement can really make all the difference. Each tablet contacts high quality apple extract (naturally rich in procyanidin-B2),  millet (a gluten free super strong corn), propolis (a wax used by bees to protect their eggs), biotin, copper and zinc. The unique combination of these ingredients helps hair and nails to grow normally, and after six weeks of trying it for myself the difference really was tangible…

How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days new nordic hair volume and nail strong


When you’re taking supplements (of which I’m a big fan) it’s often tricky to keep track of your progress and see the difference in the mirror; hair and nails can grow at such a slow rate it’s almost like you suddenly notice a change when you least expect it, which is exactly what I experienced. After around a month or so the first thing I noticed was how much better my nails were looking and how they’d stopped flaking – not a mean feat for hands that often look like they’ve been doing the washing up for three months straight. I tend to get Shellac polish applied to my nails every 2-3 weeks, but a month into my trial I noticed my nails were growing at such a speedy rate that I needed to make my appointments closer together. Even with Shellac applied to my talons they’re prone to splitting and flaking, but since I’ve been taking New Nordic Hair Volume & Nail Strong there’s barely been a flake or split in sight. Hallelujah!

When it came to my hair, it wasn’t as immediately easy to see the impact – but that’s where my baby hairs actually come in quite handy. I have this really annoying bit of hair on the right side of my head that’s never grown to full length; the hair is super fragile and prone to breaking, so often it’s no longer than an inch or two no matter what I do. However, a month or so into using Hair Volume & Nail Strong this little patch of rubbish hair isn’t quite as rubbish anymore: it’s actually growing out into something that can be styled! The little bit of length seems to make all the difference, and now I can actually tuck it almost behind my ear – something I’ve not been able to do for as long as I can remember.

I’m a regular supplement taker and really believe in the benefits they can bring, both in the short and long term. You absolutely have to have patience in order to reap the benefits, but if you do then it will undoubtedly pay off. You just need to take two New Nordic Hair Volume & Nail Strong tablets a day (with your breakfast or morning coffee is a great way to get into the habit); they should slip long-term into your regime, and for best results you should take them for a minimum of three months. These are on the larger size, but they’re easy to swallow and actually taste slightly fruity – far better than some of the giant cardboard-eque pills I’ve tried in the past!

How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days new nordic hair volume and nail strong

I’ve also given out a three month supply to a handful of my readers,
and here’s what a couple had to say for themselves:

“I absolutely love them; genuinely they’re great. My hair is constantly getting bleached and dyed, but you cant tell because the supplements are that good – I’ve noticed my hair is so much shinier and feels amazing. I’ve always had trouble with my hair because I felt like it never grew, but it’s been growing so fast. I would definitely recommend these to anyone, they’re amazing!” Emma

“I’d noticed that my nails were becoming more rigged, brittle, flaking and generally very slow to grow; my hair has too been suffering, thinner and breaking off especially around the hairline.
Unfortunately I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in my nails but my hair is definitely looking much better, less breakage, fuller and generally healthier.” Jodi


If you’re wanting to start your journey to better hair right now, then there are also some other simple things you can do in addition to taking supplements, that will make a big difference. If you want to help your hair to look great and grow healthy, try my four steps to hair perfection…

1. Change your hair towel.
Rather surprisingly, the majority of damage to the hair shaft is caused by the friction when towel drying; hair is most delicate when wet because the cuticle is open, making it stretchy and prone to snapping and tangling. Microfibre hair towels not only help to absorb so much more water from the hair, but the soft texture doesn’t cause friction or leave hair broken from too much rubbing.

2. Use a heat protection spray.
These super clever sprays, creams and oils form a protective layer around the hair shaft, essentially forming a barrier that prevents it from being exposed to extreme temperatures. This means the heat is absorbed by the product and not the actual strand of hair, helping you to style effectively without completely knackering your look.

3. Experiment with new looks.
If you can cut the amount of washing and styling sessions by 50% a week you’ll be on to a good thing. Start experimenting with up-dos and embracing the dry shampoo, because the less you’re faffing the less your hair will be exposed to potential damage.

4. Book in regular trims.
Although there’s absolutely no truth in the fact that getting a regular trim will help your hair to grow, it will help to keep your ‘do looking much healthier and rid you of those damaged ends quicker. A trip to your hairdresser every eight weeks for a professional hydrating and strengthening treatment will help leave your hair looking far healthier – while a quick trim will give the illusion of a fuller and stronger overall look.

How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days new nordic hair volume and nail strong

If you put my tips into action, invest in a supply of Hair Volume & Nail Strong and have a little patience, your ‘do will look far healthier and feel stronger before you know it. What are you waiting for?

New Nordic Hair Volume & Nail Strong supplements are available online, priced £29.95 for a thirty day supply.


How To Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair & Nails In 30 Days new nordic hair volume and nail strong

This is a sponsored feature in partnership with New Nordic Supplements; all opinions and insights my own.



    • hayleyhalluk
      March 28, 2019 / 8:51 am

      It’s super common – they’re the first things to go when we’re not looking after ourselves!

  1. Meg An
    March 27, 2019 / 7:24 pm

    Interesting. I take several supplements so would be worried about overdoing it. Would be interesting to know what you can take with what and how much of this, that and the other you can take eg can you take iron and vitamin D? I wish there were a reliable and affordable service that measures your vitamin and mineral levels but so many appear mired in quackery, ineffectiveness or turn out to be plain wrong about your levels. Lovely dress.

    • hayleyhalluk
      March 28, 2019 / 8:55 am

      You just have to look at the RDAs on the backs of supplement packs to ensure you’re not doubling up. My personal advice would be to take only one combo vitamin and keep the rest simple so you won’t overlap (a lot of the combo ones contain the same base ingredients.) For reference, I also take iron / vit D / folic acid / fish oil.

    • hayleyhalluk
      April 1, 2019 / 9:33 am

      These have worked SO well for me – I’ve given my mother in law a stash because her nails are always bad too!

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