Your MicroBiome Is The Secret To Great Skin: NEW ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Skincare


Staying abreast of the newest skincare fad, scientific research or product development can be a heavy task; we’re bombarded with so much noise, so many claims and so many ‘miracle’ ingredients that will supposedly revolutionise our regimes, that often we don’t know what to actually believe or buy. One word that’s been rightfully causing quite the stir and gaining momentum in the beauty press, is that of the skin microbiome – and this really could be the secret to unlocking your best skin. Known as pioneers in the world of holistic skincare therapy, ESPA’s new Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome range harnesses the power of radical new formulations that nurture and support the skin microbiome. Understanding the skin’s microbiome holds the key to stronger, healthier-looking skin that’s resilient to the challenges of modern life, and this range has been developed to work in harmony with your skin – not against it. Ready to find out more?

Your MicroBiome Is The Secret To Great Skin: NEW ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Skincare

First things first, what is a microbiome and why is this important for great skin?

Unbeknownst to us there are an array of microorganisms living within and on the surface of our bodies that help keep it at its optimum health; we each have our own distinctive combination of these organisms, which is known as our microbiome. A healthy skin microbiome protects against infection, irritation and degeneration in much the same way a good gut microbiome does, by crowding out overgrowth of bad organisms; however, it’s constantly exposed to aggresors (such as UV or blue light, hormones, cortisol, diet, lack of sleep and so much more) which can bring it to a point of imbalance.

An imbalanced microbiome is now associated with many skin conditions (including psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, acne and rosacea,) as well as accelerated skin aging; a balanced microbiome aids in wound healing, limits exposure to UV radiation, minimizes oxidative and environmental damage as well as keeping the skin plump and hydrated. It’s essential to look after it if you’re seeking a healthy looking, fresh and glowing complexion – which is where ESPA’s Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome skincare comes in.

This new range includes pre and probiotic technology to support your microbiome and enhance the skin’s protection from aggressors; ESPA’s cutting edge technology includes Peony Extract, Microalgae and a prebiotic blend (alongside plant extracts, marine extracts and essential oils. Like a healthy and balanced diet for your complexion, it responds to skin’s dynamic needs by nurturing and supporting the diversity of bacteria living on the surface in three holistic ways: 1. it nurtures the skin’s first line of defence, supporting biodiversity of the microbiome; 2. it targets the visible effects of skin stress associated with lifestyle ageing; and 3. it supports the natural ability for skin to re-energise, leading to increased radiance.


Three years in the making, the range includes a serum, eye cream and moisturiser that I’ve been putting to the test for the past six weeks – and I’m seriously impressed with the results.

Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Serum (£100.00)
This super light and luxurious serum smells incredible (thanks to Neroli essential oil) and massages beautifully into skin as the first step in my regime. Chinese Butterfly Bush filters blue light (which we know is a huge cause of premature ageing,) extract of Peony helps to energise and purify dull and tired skin, while a powerful Microalgae helps to protect skin from lifestyle stressors. The addition of nourishing Seaweed and Black Oat help to smooth, soften and plump skin with moisture, leaving skin feeling fabulous in an instant. It’s also clinically proven to enhance the firmness of skin by 16% and improve elasticity by 9%.

Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Moisturiser (£85.00)
Super light in texture, this delicate moisturiser is suitable for all skin types (although the essential oils may not agree with super sensitive or broken skin) and glides over the surface effortlessly. The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil help to nourish and hydrate, without any heaviness or residue; the formula is clinically proven to increase hydration levels by 43%, enhance firmness by 14% and improve elasticity by 10%, as well as helping to support biodiversity of the skin’s microbiome within 24 hours.

Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Eye Cream (£65.00)
Clinically proven to increase hydration levels by 48% and reduce wrinkles by an average of 14%, you need such a small amount of this beautifully light and soothing eye cream – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. A natural Bio-Retinol helps to improve texture and tone, whilst a powerful Microalgae complex plumps with moisture and smoothes; a plant cell complex from Tuberose helps to revitalise tired eyes, whilst Hyaluronic Acid hydrates for naturally beautiful and youthful looking skin.

When I started using this trio (which I’ve been applying every morning for the past six weeks) my skin was somewhat lacklustre and troublesome. Having just come out of the festive season and battling the constant change in temperature that comes with the pre-springtime months, my complexion was rather blotchy, dry in patches and rather unusually prone to small breakouts; I never normally get spots or pimples, but testing a few cheaper face creams had really pulled me out of wack. I wasn’t sleeping properly, I’d been ill and generally not feeling myself – and unsurprisingly my skin was the first place that was visible.

Within a week or two of using ESPA’s Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome skincare my complexion was visibly different. Within a month my complexion had vastly improved overall, the blotches and patches of dryness (as well as those irritating pimples) banished completely; even when I was struck down with a horrendous cold my skin was still looking fresh and clear (even if the bags under my eyes showed a different story.) Six weeks on, and honestly my skin is looking the best it has in a good while.

Your MicroBiome Is The Secret To Great Skin: NEW ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome SkincareYour MicroBiome Is The Secret To Great Skin: NEW ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Skincare

There’s no denying that this is an expensive range of skincare, but boy have I seen the results it delivers. Day-to-day it’s hard to pick up on the subtle changes, but upon reflection of where I was before I started, there’s no denying that this one constant in my routine has re-balanced my troublesome skin and delivered a uniform tone that glows through my makeup. I’ve been using more targeted treatments (including Retinol and AHAs) overnight, but I’m super pleased with what the Tri-Active trio has delivered in a relatively short space of time. The formulas are also incredibly lightweight, meaning you need a little amount to go a long way, providing a pleasurable result and value for money when cut down to the nitty gritty of price per use.

I’m a total convert to skincare designed to re-balance and support our unique microbiome, and this ESPA range is the first line of defense anyone seeking overall skin health in 2019.

Definitely one ‘fad’ or skincare craze that’s here to stay…

The ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome skincare is available to buy online, priced £65.00 – £100.00. Find out more via their website:

You can try the range via a more affordable Deluxe Set, which includes minis of all three produced; priced £60.00.

Your MicroBiome Is The Secret To Great Skin: NEW ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Skincare

This is a sponsored feature in partnership with ESPA; all opinions are my own.



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      If you’ve got any skin issues I’m sure this would help – my skin is glowing now!

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