Facial Massage Can Revolutionise Your Skin (A Step-By-Step Guide To A Lifted & Glowing Complexion)

That feeling of release when you’re on the receiving end of a great back massage is a powerful thing; it’s amazing how manipulating a few muscles can leave such a positive result for days on end, leaving you almost walking on air. If it can do that amount of good to your neck and shoulders, can you imagine the power and benefit a facial massage can offer to your complexion too? With over 300 pressure points on the face, a massage helps to stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system to lift, tone and drain away puffiness, leaving your skin feeling fresher, plumper, brighter and altogether less tired. You can use all the serums, creams, oils and treatments under the sun, but in my experience you just can’t beat a great facial massage – and it’s something you can easily do at home in five minutes.

As someone who has had their fair share of facials, the best ones are always those that focus on massage and manipulating the face; cleansing, toning and adding a face mask is all very lovely, but what’s worth the price is having a professional spending time massaging away any tension, lifting tired and ageing skin, and generally leaving your complexion looking far fresher than it’s been in months. Inspired by the way my face felt after a great facial, I started to become interested in facial massage a few years ago as a way of keeping those lines at bay and helping to relieve puffy eyes after a bad nights sleep. The difference only five minutes in front of the mirror makes is incredible, and all you need to do it yourself is a step-by-step guide and a lightweight oil or cream to use as a lubricant.

How Facial Massage Can Revolutionise Your Skin (A Step-By-Step Guide To A Lifted & Glowing Complexion)

Although you can invest in jade rollers, massage tools and all kinds of electronic devices, all you really need is your own hands and some know-how. One brand trying to spread the word about the benefit daily facial massage can bring, breaking down prohibitive barriers in the process is Skinirvana. I’ve raved about their oils before (read my post here) but their latest innovation is actually a portfolio of videos designed to help you tackle all your skin problems and ensure you know the best techniques for plumping and tightening your complexion. Not only can massage help to provide a ‘natural’ face lift, increase circulation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and relieve skin irritation, but it can also help remove impurities and toxins, curb congestion, relief tension and boost your mood. What’s not to love?

You can sign up to be a member of their exclusive facial massage technique hub for only £4.99 a month, or for a one off payment of £60.00 get lifetime access alongside a personalised skin consultation. Right now there are lots of videos with short and snappy programmes, but it’ll be continually updated so there’s always something new to try. Although there are probably loads of videos you can access for free on YouTube, I do think it’s absolutely worth supporting a small and independent British brand if you can afford to do so. I’m a big fan of their oils and have been having a go at the techniques founder Mary-Rose demonstrates; each one provides an instant change in the appearance of skin, as well as awakening the senses simultaneously.

Because that’s the multi-faceted greatness of facial massage – the benefits run deeper than the surface, helping to ease tension and either wake you up or help relax you before bed. If you want to get a little taster, then she’s kindly let me share two of her routines below… So why not give them a go before bed and see what difference it can make?

Find out more about Skinirvana’s products and facial massage memberships here.





    • hayleyhalluk
      January 30, 2019 / 3:59 pm

      I hop they’re useful!

  1. Kate
    January 29, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    I’ve been a fan of facial exercises for years and definitely think they’ve helped keep my complexion looking more youthful. I’ll be checking out these routines later as it never hurts to up one’s game! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • hayleyhalluk
      January 30, 2019 / 3:56 pm

      I really see a difference when I’m feeling tired – a few mins can make all the difference!

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