Get Skin Confident With Dermalex: Helping To Relieve Your Dry Skin Problems


Having smooth, radiant, sun kissed skin makes me feel my most confident. There’s something about peeling back the layers and revealing limbs that are at their best which puts a spring in my step and allows me to wear what I like without a second thought; it doesn’t matter if my legs are slightly stubbly or my bingo wings are slightly wobbly, because having great skin totally puts the focus firmly back on that. Dry, dull and dehydrated skin, however, leaves me feeling the complete opposite: self-conscious and generally a bit rubbish. The relationship we have with our skin is complex and ever-evolving, but it has the power to totally change our mood and the way we project ourselves to the world. As the biggest organ in our body, skin plays a vital role but it’s also the first thing that we see – it’s easy to make judgements based on appearance, even if that comes from a lack of understanding.

Get Skin Confident With Dermalex: Helping To Relieve Your Dry Skin Problems

Recently I sat down with a group of blogger friends and Dermalex, the makers of one of my favourite skin treatments, to talk all things dry skin. From our relationship with our bodies and the impact dry skin has on confidence, to how we’ve tried to tackle dry skin conditions in the past, the conversations were all underpinned by the same idea: great skin means the confidence to go about your day without having to think twice. I’ve suffered with dry skin on my upper arms since I was a teenager and it stopped me wearing sleeveless tops and dresses for a long time; in the winter my legs can look almost scaly because they get so dry, meaning I’m never without a thick pair of opaques to cover them up; my hands are prone to dryness from washing them excessively and constantly using them to do my job, leaving me often not wanting to shake hands or put them in sight of someone I’m greeting.

The little things can make a big difference to us, even if they’d never be noticed by anyone else; you just need the right products to help you feel your best, and that’s where Dermalex comes in. Dermalex treatments have been developed as a result of in-depth analysis and a thorough understanding of the many detailed factors that lead to skin conditions including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and acne. With their newest launch, Dermalex Repair+Restore, the brand is moving into new territory and providing a great every-day product that can be relied upon to help relieve the symptoms of dry skin – as well as helping to reduce the flare-ups of skin conditions including eczema.

Get Skin Confident With Dermalex: Helping To Relieve Your Dry Skin Problems

Repair+Restore, an ultra hydrating daily moisturiser, is supported by over 20 years of research and 19 scientific publications; it’s proven to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce the flare-ups of eczema by up to 50%*, making it so much more than just another body lotion. The unique formula utilises a dual mode of action that treats the dry skin symptoms whilst fortifying the skin barrier; the result is long term control over your dry skin without having to compromise – and a product you can rely on every single day.

Myself and my husband (who suffers with eczema) have been putting this to the test over the last few months and it was love at first squeeze. The cream is easily absorbed, working into the skin beautifully without any greasiness – leaving the surface of skin feeling incredibly supple and soft. Repair+Restore leaves my limbs looking and feeling fabulous without the worry of sticking to my clothes. Within a few days I’d noticed my skin looking much smoother, and after a few weeks my limbs had never been softer; even that annoying ‘chicken skin’ at the tops of my arms has been significantly reduced. Josh has also noticed that it’s been soothing his dry skin and helped to keep his eczema under control. It’s a winner for both of us!

Sometimes it’s the under celebrated and reliable daily products that make the biggest difference to the way we feel, and Repair+Restore has been unanimously hailed a skin hero and confidence booster by my fellow bloggers as well as my loved ones. You can’t argue with that… (Have a watch of the video for more of our thoughts!)

If you want to discover more about Dermalex and the new Repair+Restore formula, check out and follow Dermalex across social media: @dermalexuk

Dermalex Repair + Restore RRP £9.99 for 100g / £14.99 for 200g

This is a promotional feature in partnership with Dermalex; all opinions are my own

*vs reference cream


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