The Petroleum Jelly Alternative We’ve Been Waiting For: Beauty Kitchen’s NEW Natruline Is Game Changing

During my school days the hottest accessory wasn’t a record bag, an Adidas jumper or even a pair of platform loafers: it was a big pot of Vaseline that could be passed around class like a statement of our popularity. The late 90’s were a funny old time, but those memories of carrying around a rather inappropriate ‘beauty’ product will stick with me forever. As one of the only things we were allowed at my strict all-girls school, petroleum jelly provided a way to lubricate and add shine to lips – as well as being used as an eyeshadow, lash definer, hair grease and so much more. (When you’re sent to matron to remove any trace of makeup, or worse to the chemistry lab if you’d left your polish on after the weekend, you have to get creative!) For years I willingly applied Vaseline without realising it was causing more issues than it was solving, actually making those delicate parts of my body drier rather than hydrating them like I thought.

Vegan Petroleum Jelly Alternative: Beauty Kitchen's Natruline

In case you’re interested in a bit of history, petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 as a bi-product of the oil extraction process; workers started to use it on cuts and burns because they believed it hastened healing, and as a result Vaseline was originally promoted as an ointment for scrapes, burns and cuts. Not only was it included in World War II survival kits, but it was also used as a sunscreen as it was believed it provided protection against the sun’s rays. Over the years it’s been recommended as everything from a moisturiser to face cleanser (this makes me feel ill!) but it’s now most commonly known and used as a lip balm.

However, studies have shown that Vaseline offers no medicinal benefit, isn’t absorbed by the skin and can actually prevent the body’s natural healing process from taking place. Petroleum jelly’s effectiveness in accelerating wound healing stems from its ‘sealing effect’ on cuts and burns, which inhibits germs from getting into the wound; it also keeps the area supple by preventing the skin’s moisture from evaporating, but importantly it doesn’t actually hydrate.

Vegan Petroleum Jelly Alternative: Beauty Kitchen's Natruline

When used excessively it actually prevents the skin from absorbing moisture from the environment, which (over a longer period of time) causes skin to become dull and dehydrated; it can also disrupt the bodies process of elimination of toxins through the pores, potentially trapping them under the skin, and slow down cellular regeneration (which can damage collagen, elastin and connective tissue, contributing to the appearance of aging.) I’ve been very vocal about my dislike of petroleum jelly as a ‘beauty product’ over the years, so when I found about a revolutionary new natural alternative I almost jumped for joy!

Created by Beauty Kitchen, Natruline is a 100% natural and 0% petroleum jelly quick fix for dry lips and bits. It features a combination of Castor Seed Oil, Carnuba Wax and Beeswax to provide hydration and moisture for up to eight hours, clinically proven to do good while allowing the skin to ‘breathe’. Suitable for even the most dry and sensitive of skins, Beauty Kitchen’s Natruline can be used to protect, hydrate and lubricate skin without many of the adverse effects associated with petroleum jelly.

Vegan Petroleum Jelly Alternative: Beauty Kitchen's Natruline

If you’re a lover of Vaseline then the texture and handy pot format will feel very familiar, offering lightweight hydration and shine in the swipe of a finger. I’m so excited about this, not only because it’s made by a sustainable and natural company I have a lot of time for, but because there’s also a 100% vegan version available to please those who are increasingly concerned about what goes into their beauty products. On a basic level Beauty Kitchen’s Natruline is a lot more pleasurable to use than the greasy and heavy Vaseline we’re used to, and it got me through a dehydrating plane journey with ease; over the last week it’s been with me practically 24/7, helping to keep my lips feeling soft and my cuticles looking half decent.

Although this a relatively small fry brand launching a relatively small fry product, the impact is far reaching and proof that there are alternatives out there if we know where to look for them. Often we just reach for the products we know and can rely on, but often making small changes can have a big impact – both on your overall skin health and the environment too. Beauty Kitchen’s Natruline ticks all the boxes for me, and at £2.99 for a pot you really have no excuse to make better choices.

Will you be making the switch to Beauty Kitchen’s Natruline?

Both Natruline Natural and Natruline Vegan launch on 14th November, priced £2.99; they’ll be available via and Holland & Barrett (with further stockists to come.)




    • hayleyhalluk
      October 19, 2018 / 11:35 am

      Let me know what you think!

  1. Fatima
    October 18, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    I am a big fan of Vaseline and recently I’ve been trying to make more natural beauty choices and this is perfect. Honestly, I never thought to switch out my Vaseline but it makes sense to… all the benefits! Will definitely pop by a Holland and Barrett when they launch next month 🙂

    Fatima x

    • hayleyhalluk
      October 19, 2018 / 11:36 am

      I think we’re all starting to make better choices, and this is such a simple but powerful switch to make!

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