How Technology Is Revolutionising The Beauty Industry (Plus Wow How’s Bespoke Makeup Tutorials)

When I got my first job in the beauty industry (back in 2005) it was almost unrecognizable from what it is today. Brands were few and far between, at the beholden of a handful of retailers and reliant on big budgets to get their messages out there; they relied on magazines, television and radio because there was no other option; the idea of a branded website was almost a second language, and buying your beauty products online was a completely foreign concept. How times have changed! Technology and beauty are almost synonymous with one another, largely due to the explosion of beauty bloggers sharing their experiences and creating a community of likeminded people through the power of social media, and boundaries are continually being pushed in order to deliver personalised and engaging experiences that leave consumers wanting more.

Over the years I’ve been exposed to all number of innovations that have attempted to provide a new, exciting and helpful way to speak to consumers. YSL tried out the Google Glasses (remember them?) during on-counter makeovers so the video could be emailed to you and used as a guide at home; My Beauty Matches asked you a million questions in order to generate bespoke and impartial recommendations, so you no longer had to waste your hard earned paycheck on cosmetics that didn’t work for you; No7 introduced their ‘Match Made’ service that took a reading of your skin tone and provided your perfect cosmetics, so you never have to walk around with an orange face again; all number of apps launched to help you find beauty deals, appointments available near you, ratings on stylists and even inspiration on new looks to help you look and feel your best at all times; even Tesco Beauty launched one-to-one consultations with experts for their customers, helping to tackle all manner of beauty dilemmas.

It’s now said that over 60% of consumers are consulting blogs, vlogs and social media before they make a purchase (sometimes even as they stand in the Boots aisle with mascara in their hand,) so there’s no denying how much impact technology has had on the way we discover information and even shop. The beauty world has embraced technology like no other, even though its predominately female audience and ‘frivolous’ nature prevents it from being taken as seriously as many others. But the interesting conversation is undoubtedly about what’s to come? What are the possibilities and how further can technology integrate into our lives to make our beauty journeys more bespoke and more exciting?

One such company really making headway and proving that we’re only scraping the surface of what’s possible is Wow How. Created by experts, the app has been designed to empower beauty enthusiasts (whether novice or expert) to move away from those looks and shades you’ve been relying on for years; it allows you to try new colours and techniques in the comfort and privacy of your own home, via a personal experience that’s based on specific skin tone and facial features. You set up an avatar to match everything from your eye colour to jaw line and age, so every one of the hundreds of tutorials is bespoke to you – everything you learn is applicable and relevant, because the tones and techniques have been perfectly matched and recommended.

With 16 day, 28 evening and 18 special occasion looks to choose from (as well as endless combinations of colouring and facial features,) there’s something to suit your every need and mood. But what’s most exciting is the patent-pending split-screen technology that’s available nowhere else, allowing you to follow along without having to look away from the screen. Unlike YouTube tutorials which show you what’s possible, but don’t actually make a lot of the information transferable, Wow How gives you the tools you need to learn new skills and practice them time and time again; you can save your favourite looks to your lookbook and follow step-by-step every time you want to try something a little different.

There’s so much potential within beauty to embrace technology and allow us to make informed choices, connect with brands, learn new skills, share information and so much more. Whether it’s virtual access to makeup artists or hairdressers, technology that helps you understand the best products for you, or drones that deliver must-haves to your door within the hour, I’m totally here for all of it. I’m super excited to see what’s next and how innovations can help revolutionise the landscape even more… And these handy little tools are just the first step on that journey.

How has technology helped, supported or revolutionised your relationship with beauty?

Want to find out more about Wow How? Watch the little video (featuring yours truly) below!

You can download Wow How in the iTunes or Google Play app store for £2.99.
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This isn’t a sponsored post, nor have I been asked to write about Wow How – but in the interests of transparency, I do work with them on a consultancy basis (which is why I feature in the video above!) It’s a brand I really believe in and wanted to share the app with you because I love what they’re doing.



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      October 28, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      It’s such a good app – I hope you love it!

    • hayleyhalluk
      October 28, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      Let me know what you think!

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