How Jo Malone London Are Nailing Fragrance Right Now (Plus The NEW ‘Queen Of Pop’ Collection)

Some brands are just effortlessly chic; they know how to tap into our inner desires and demand a high price point simply for the privilege of having their bottles on your bathroom shelf. Pretty much everything they touch turns to gold and they generate more buzz online with the launch of a new addition than other brands could only but dream of. Whether you own a piece or not, the fundamental desire is there to have it all and feel like an absolute queen while using it; Jo Malone London (JML) are undoubtedly one of those names. I was probably introduced to the brand about a decade ago and immediately adored the iconic black and cream packaging, so much that over the years I’ve been lucky enough to continuously add to my collection of perfumes, bath oils and candles so my flat almost pays homage to their creations. They offer the perfect combination of scent and style.

On my wedding day there was only one choice of scent to consider, and
that was a bespoke combination from JML that I’d adore in the years to
come (read my full post here😉
the notes of English Pear & Freesia matched with Blackberry &
Bay effortlessly and created an emotive result that I occasionally
spritz on to transport me back to that day. They seem to be able to
capture raw notes and emotions like no other brand, and because of that
they’re one of the most desired and celebrated names of our time. But
how can you take that and make it relevant for the modern consumer, who
demands something fresh and exciting to treat themselves to pretty much
every payday?

Right now JML are absolutely nailing fragrance, taking it out of a previously one-dimensional box and attempting to reignite through not only exciting combinations and innovative packaging, but by tapping into trends like every other area of the beauty industry. They’re known for their limited edition collections (I still lust over the Tudor Rose) but in the last twelve months they seem to have taken that model and make it all the more exciting. We’ve had the flouro notes of the Blossom Girls collection (see here) and the multi-coloured smile-inducing bottles of the body spritz range (see here), alongside the absolutely stunning burgundy ombré bottle of the Rose & White Musk Absolu (which at £200 a pop needed to be extra special,) and now the launch of the ‘Queen of Pop‘ collection injects some 1960’s inspired spots and stripes for good measure.

Curated by London ‘it girl’  Poppy Delevingne, the collection includes a selection of re-imagined colognes and candles alongside bubble baths to inject a little fun into any bathroom. What JML have done so brilliantly is take a seemingly aspirational and luxe brand and made it feel fun; they’ve made it relevant to the modern woman, who wants to feel pampered but always effortlessly chic. The packaging may be bold, but it’s still stylish and desirable – something that endless new floral-musky scents packaged in the same classic bottle failed to actualise. Even the box it comes in is something to be savoured and enjoyed, making this collection so much more than just another re-package.

If you love your beauty products classically designed and on the monochrome colour spectrum then JML will never fail to deliver, but with their latest launches they’ve been able to inject some much needed fun into such a loved brand – and given people like me stories to tell. For that, I’m totally here for. And you know what else I’m here for?
That candle… Come to mumma!

What have you thought of the new Jo Malone London collections? Do you adore the classics or prefer to have a little more colour on your dressing table?

The ‘Queen Of Pop’ Collection is available now via the Jo Malone London website; prices start at £47.00.


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  1. Anonymous
    June 21, 2018 / 7:58 am

    This collection looks so pretty I love it

    • Hayley Hall
      June 21, 2018 / 7:58 am

      Isn't it gorgeous! So unique.

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