Channel Your Inner Wonder Woman With Wilkinson Sword This Summer (HotPants Not Essential!)



We’ve all grown up with the iconic image of Wonder Woman, the ultimate representation of female empowerment and feminism. She was created deliberately to counteract the negativity around comics in the 1940’s, to get women on board with this form of media and to embody the ideals of the suffragettes that had filled the pages of newspapers in the decades previous. Designed to be ‘superior to men’ and ‘fight for equality’, she’s a feminist icon that has stood the test of time while looking pretty hot in blue pants. (If you’re interested in more of the back story, this article in the Guardian is fascinating.) This summer she’s getting an outing once again; with a Hollywood blockbuster due to hit cinemas it will no doubt bring her back to the forefront of our minds and provide a whole new generation of girls with a superhero that proves nothing is impossible if you’re wearing hotpants…

To celebrate the release of Wonder Woman this June, Wilkinson Sword has teamed up with the franchise to offer a range of limited edition lipsticks so that every one of us can channel our inner super hero (with or without the hotpants.) The four long-lasting lip colours are super nourishing and vitamin enriched (containing the highest amount of Shea Butter possible within a lipstick formulation,) providing a luxuriously soft and highly moisturising matte finish in super sleek black casing. What’s great, is that the collection includes shades to suit every look and inner super hero: Wonder is a gorgeous pink-beige lipstick, Grace is a stunning soft coral, Power is a classic red that definitely shows the world who’s boss, while Wisdom is a deep merlot that works beautifully with every skin tone.

If you want to get your hands on one then they’re hitting shelves right now, and the limited-edition lipsticks are FREE with any purchase of a Wilkinson Sword system handle (whoop!) Yep, totes 100% free and worth £10.00 each – all you have to do is buy the specially marked packs and claim your chosen lipstick online using the unique code. You can use your Wilkinson Sword Intuition to create super smooth and nourished legs (coz you know, hotpants) and then apply your lipstick shade to turn up the levels of sass to ‘ultimate sexpot.’ If you want to know a bit more about the razors themselves, my personal favourite is the Intuition which features a block of moisturising Shea Butter enriched shaving cream that lathers gently when used with water; choose from Ultra Moisture or Sensitive Care depending upon your skin’s needs (with all-new pro vitamin B5 plus Aloe and Vitamin E) to keep your pins in check and fuzz free all summer… Because when you’ve got shiz to do, we don’t have time to be faffing around with shaving foam and all that.

To celebrate the launch of the film, Wilkinson Sword asked me to create my own Wonder Woman look in my chosen shade… I’ve opted for the coral ‘Grace’ as it’s perfect for when the sun is shining, and a tone that looks good on every skin colour. Combined with a touch of bronzer buffed into the skin, a tonne of highlighter on the tops of cheekbones to get that effortless ‘superhero’ glow, a powerful brow and a feline flick, it’s a look that says: “I’m effortlessly heroic, a bit of a babe and I don’t even need hotpants to be fabulous.” Team it with a tonne of volume in your hair (tiara optional) and a flash of something black, white, red or blue and you can strut down that street knowing you’re looking hawt.

Will you be channeling your inner Wonder Woman this summer? Which shade would you choose?

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  1. Sarah
    June 1, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    I was so happy to read today that the Wonder Woman film is getting rave reviews; it's high time this character stood up for women in a film-universe which is so male oriented! Though she is a fierce character, I'm interested in how these lipsticks tie in. They are softer shades than I expected, and though they have meanings attributed to them, maybe we can just conclude that women being women, wearing what they want, looking like they want to look like, is what really makes us all 'wonder' women.

    • Hayley Carr
      June 1, 2017 / 6:57 pm

      That's absolutely true, but the lipstick link is purely for enjoyment and promotion of a new movie franchise! IMO lipstick can be empowering and allow us to become that touch more sassy, which for me is what WW is all about.

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