Bridal Beauty Prep #1: Getting The Most Out Of Your Hair Trial

I can’t quite believe our Big Day is a little over three months away. They say time flies when you’re having fun and this year has flown by quicker than any other I’ve experienced in my three decades on this planet; it feels like only yesterday Josh was kneeling on the floor of our bedroom and asking me to be his wife, but here we are on a serious countdown and trying not to panic about all the tiny details that I’m sure we won’t even remember on the day. As we hit the three month mark I’m going to be documenting all the beauty prep I’m doing in the run-up to ensure I look and feel as fabulous as possible, bringing you little nuggets of advice if you’re about to embark on the same thing. And what better place to start than with my bridal hair trial?

This took place a few weeks ago and I was quite anxious about it, knowing what suits me and what really doesn’t – and knowing that I didn’t want anything too traditionally ‘bridal’. (I have a fear of excessive amounts of hairspray that dates back to my days on the stage as a kid; even the smell transports me back to feeling nervous!) I needn’t have been so worried though, as my stylist immediately put me at ease and created something that was exactly what I was after (even if I didn’t know it.) If you’re looking at booking a hair trial or don’t know where to start when it comes to sorting out your bridal ‘do, then here are my top tips to ensure the result is as perfect as you anticipate – and how to ensure you get the most our of your appointment.


There are certain areas worth scrimping on, but your beauty treatments and expertise isn’t one of them. Rather than opting for a mate, doing it yourself or finding the cheapest way to create a bridal bun, if you can afford it then take the time to find a stylist you’ll be able to trust completely – because your lifelong photographic memories are in their hands! It’s always worth having conversations with multiple salons or arranging a couple of different initial trials, to see if they really understand your vision or concerns; from my experience, chain salons that have the benefit of constant training and are always up-to-date with looks and trends are a safe bet. On the day Headmasters in Windsor will be styling my hair, alongside my bridesmaids and mum/mother-in-law, and I know they’ll do a cracking job.


me, the most important part of my hair trial was to show my stylist my
dress and accessories; it was also about describing the kind of day we
were having and showing the venue in all its glory. Your hair may seem
like one of the smallest decisions, but if you don’t feel your best or
end up with a style that just isn’t ‘you’, then you’ll be looking back
at pictures that will always capture that. I made a concerted effort
before we began to show my dress, my hair accessories and the venue as
it helped my stylist to visualise the atmosphere of the day. Nothing
works in silo, so don’t be afriad to show and tell while you sip your


Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration if you don’t really know what you’re after. Whether it’s an up do, a down do or something in-between, there will be a thousand images you can save to convey the kind of look you’re after. Taking along some inspiration (or even pictures of what you hate) will help your stylist to get an idea of the kind of thing that will work for you: images are an invaluable way of conveying what you mean. I made a Pinterest board of all the styles I loved and the relaxed ‘dos that I thought would work best with the rest of my outfit, and it made the whole process so much easier. I was even able to describe what I really didn’t want and why, so there were no false starts.


This is your day, so you should get exactly what you want. It should be perfect, no compromises, so if your stylist creates something that’s not quite right do tell them. Whether it’s too clean, too undone, too ‘bridal’ or just not comfortable, don’t be afraid of speaking up and asking them to try something else. It’s very rare that they nail it on the first attempt, so pinpoint areas you like and are unsure of, getting them to amend or start from scratch until you’re absolutely happy. Their job is to work collaboratively with you, so don’t let them get carried away in the artistry! My stylist created something I really liked, but it still felt a bit too stiff for my personal style – once she’d ‘undone’ it a little and created a more relaxed style, it was perfect.


Even though my bridesmaids haven’t even seen my wedding dress in the flesh yet, it was important that I took at least one of them to my hair trial. They can offer up advice and insight, as well as helping to take pictures that you can refer back to. (It’s so important to take pictures of your chosen style, so there’s no doubt come the Big Day as to the look they’re creating!) If they’ll be getting their hair styled too, it’s also worth discussing the different ways they can wear their hair to complement your own; it’s easy to leave those kind of decisions until the morning of your wedding, but that can leave you all in a panic and the stylist pulling her own hair out under the stress. Instead, take them along and discuss styles that can work for all of your bridesmaids – regardless of hair length, style and colour. We had enough time to create a few different plaited looks and discuss hair accessories that would work for all three of my bridesmaids, so I’m now incredibly comfortable knowing that it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

Your hair trial should be fun, collaborative and constructive; it’s an opportunity for you to discuss the look you’re after and create a style that you’re completely happy with ahead of the day. Don’t be a diva, but also don’t be afraid of speaking up and being totally honest; you’ll be thankful of it come the morning of your wedding!

I can’t wait to show you my full look come October…

Do you have any other top tips about how to get the most from your bridal hair trial?

Thanks to Kerastase and Headmasters in Windsor for my hair trial – and for taking care of us all on the Big Day!

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