Getting #SmoothForSummer With HoMedics Duo Salon IPL (Quicker & More Comfortable Than Ever Before)


During the colder months I wholeheartedly embrace being a little bit fuzzy; when my legs are constantly hidden beneath a combination of tights, jeans and pyjama bottoms my hair removal routine is at a bare minimum – even more so because dry, irritated and dehydrated legs are an absolute nightmare to try and shave or epilate. However, as soon as the sun starts to peek through the clouds I’m all about revealing those legs and shunning my tights for as long as possible. (In fact I’m currently sitting here writing sans tights because I can’t bare to put them on until the last minute. How much longer until I can walk around bare-legged without feeling like it was a major outfit mistake?!) With the need to reveal my skin comes the inevitable rekindling of my hair removal routine, which is possibly the most laborious and unglam things that us women have to do. Imagine all that time we’d have free to do what we really wanted if we didn’t have to constantly shave, epilate or wax our legs, underarms or bikini lines? Imagine all the extra cash we’d have if we didn’t have to fork out for salon appointments or at-home solution to our fuzzy woes?

IPL (or Intense Pulse Light) therapy has long been increasing in popularity as women seek to park those concerns, worries and issues and step out hair-free and fabulous. Although an expensive initial investment, it’s the most cost effective and long-term hair removal solution that I’m wholeheartedly getting on board with this summer. I’ve dabbled in IPL hair removal before, but the trick is that you need to invest in it over a longer period of time. You can’t just zap your legs a few times and ta-da, you’re fuzz free forever; because of the nature of our bodies hair cycles, you need to undertake the treatment regularly for an initial period to see results. Because so many are clunky, heavy or not necessarily that effective, I’ve yet to stick to one and reap the benefits in the long term – but HoMedics have challenged me to put their new Duo Salon IPL machine to the test in the run-up to summer (and my wedding, where I definitely want to be fuzz/worry free) to see if they can change my mind.

HoMedics Duo Salon is the world’s fastest IPL device and salon grade appliance for at-home use, providing a super simple and effective experience that helps reveal smooth and radiant skin. It’s more than just another IPL machine though: it features unique Active Cooling Technology to ensure the skin is cooled and the experience is comfortable (the heat generated by the light pulses travels down to the hair root,) alongside two flashes of light per second that means you can treat your whole body in around twenty minutes. The combination of Intense Pulse Light and Advanced Fluorescence Technology in a single device means you can tackle the different types of hair found on your body too – so the end result is more effective, much quicker and super comfortable. Furthermore, the HoMedics Duo Salon IPL features five light settings to deliver gentle and effective treatments for a variety of skin tones and hair colours (although it’s still not effective on natural light-blonde, red, grey or white hair or very dark skin tones,) as well as being able unwanted hair all over the body: treat your legs, arms, bikini area, underarms and face, all via one device.

Inspired by salon grade IPL devices used in beauty salons around the
world, the Duo Salon is HoMedic’s fastest and most powerful home IPL device
yet. It’s clinically proven to permanently prevent re-growth of hair in just four treatments (spaced two weeks apart,) which is a big claim and something I’m totally on board with. Imagine if within a couple of months you could be hair free forever? If you’re interested in how the device works, then it emits high energy pulses of light to the treatment area and is absorbed by pigments in the hair shaft; this is directed down to the root, where the light causes the hair follicle to become unproductive. As a result, the hair naturally sheds over the next few weeks and no re-growth occurs in the future – just like magic!  

My main concerns with other IPL devices have been around the pain (ouch) and the arm-ache I get while using them, alongside the constant need for up-keep; however, if the HoMedics Duo Salon can eliminate those worries or issues (it’s cooling, compact and quick) then it’s a no-brainer. So far I’m really impressed with the layout of the device and how flexible it is, and I can’t wait to see what results it provides in the coming weeks. I don’t normally get excited about something as unglamorous as hair removal, but this may just be what I need to get me in a tizz. Join me in the coming weeks to see how I get #SmoothForSummer and whether or not this is the answer to my fuzz-free prayers.

The HoMedics Duo Salon IPL device is available online, priced £499.00.

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  1. Vivian Yuen
    March 24, 2017 / 2:55 am

    20 minutes is SO fast!Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE~

    • Hayley Carr
      March 24, 2017 / 9:12 am

      I know right! Some of the other ones I've used would take a blooming hour or more to actually do both legs.

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