Don’t Forget Your Decollatage: Lift & Firm Your Jawline With The NEW Crystal Clear Rewind 10 System


Over the last twelve months I’ve definitely seen the inevitable onset of ageing, despite my expansive skincare routine and dedication to keeping my complexion looking fresh. Although my baby face keeps me looking younger than my years (and a great gene inheritance which is serving me well,) there are certain areas that I’ve forgotten about until a visible change becomes apparent; one of those key areas is the neck and décolletage. Even though my under-eye area is holding up well, I’ve definitely seen my jawline blur somewhat into my neck and leave me with the onset of a double-chin if I don’t make a concerted effort to stand correctly. Although I can deal with fine lines and a change in texture, this is an area I’m increasingly concerned about and have more than a vested interest in maintaining. Collectively we have a tendency to focus so much on our complexions that we forget about an area of the body that’s notoriously difficult to manage once left untreated; prevention is so much better than cure, but even if you’ve neglected this area completely over the years – help is at hand.

I’ve been introduced to the Crystal Clear Rewind 10 Super Sonic Neck Firm and Lift Duo, which is a clinically proven breakthrough anti-ageing neck moisturiser and corresponding sonic applicator designed specifically to lift, firm and restore the neck and décolletage area. The lightweight and delicately scented moisturiser is a powerful formulation in disguise, thanks to the high-performance and ‘clinical level active ingredients’ that target the sagging effects ageing can have on your neck area. Once applied to the face and neck area, the Sonic Neck Wand can be used to aid penetration and gently lift the skin via sonic energy; the super fast vibrations help to tone the skin and leave it looking rejuvenated practically instantly, helping to provide both short and long-term results. If you’re interested in the ingredients that make this effective, then here are the four key ones that work together to make a real difference.

Pheohydrane is derived from brown algae and combined with acids from microalgae (as well as sea water minerals,) to lock moisture into the skin for several days and acts as a protective second skin.

Unisteron Y-50 (Phytosteroid Complex) works to increase elasticity and smoothes out lines and wrinkles, and is particularly suitable in products when paired with skin-firming and wrinkle smoothing properties.

Phycojuvenine (Algae Extract) energises cells, resulting in restoring collagen production for plumper and rejuvenated skin.

Aroleat Samphira is taken from sea fennel and imitates the beneficial properties of retinoids (Vitamin A), without causing skin irritation of photosensitivity.

Although I’ve only tried this a couple of times myself just yet (although it’s definitely going to become a daily pleasure from hereon in,) a four week clinical study has proven results independently. Thirty healthy female volunteers with ageing ‘non-firm’ skin used the system over a month and their results were compared to untreated skin; the findings illustrated that the Crystal Clear Rewind 10 System firmed the neck by 29% and décolletage by 42% in four weeks. I’m a big advocate of facial massage and blood stimulation, having seen great results with eye massagers and jade stones, so this just takes it a step further – and a step lower. If you’re not sure how to use this innovation, here’s a step-by-step breakdown to prove it’s super simple.

STEP 1: Apply a few pumps of Crystal Clear Rewind 10 moisturiser to thoroughly cleansed and dry skin (after your usual eye cream and serum,) taking the product down to the neck and décolletage.

STEP 2: Using the Sonic Neck Wand, gently stroke the neck upwards (applying a small amount of pressure) in small sections from one side to the next. Take the head of the wand to the jawline and pause before repeating. (Always massage upwards to lift – not downwards to drag.)

STEP 3: For an extra boost, look up to the ceiling and hold the position for five seconds; repeat ten times. By this stage the product will have absorbed and you can get on with the rest of your beauty regime. 

What I really like about this duo is that you can use the wand with other products and it to stimulate other areas of the face, while the moisturiser doubles up as a face treat too; it’s an investment that you will continue to see benefits from in the months and years to come, which makes the £79.99 price tag more manageable to digest. If you want to treat yourself ahead of Christmas or know someone who would love to find this under the tree, then it’s just launched exclusively via Ideal World TV for a special price. Don’t forget the décolletage – it could be the one area you live to regret neglecting in the years to come.

You can buy the Crystal Clear Rewind 10 System exclusively via Ideal World TV for the special price of £79.99 (will be £89.99.) The last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 22nd December.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 20, 2016 / 9:12 am

    I'm really self conscious about my neck now so this looks really interesting and something that may help me. I wish I did something sooner.

    • Hayley Carr
      December 20, 2016 / 9:13 am

      I feel you! We spend so much time talking about the skin on our face that the neck is often forgotten about – but the part that shows most ageing. I'm really enjoying this atm.

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