Letters To Santa: Why Christmas Wish Lists Are Always A Great Idea, No Matter Your Age.

One of my fondest and strongest memories of childhood Christmases is sitting with the Argos catalogue and highlighting all of the toys I wished were under the tree on the 25th December. Whether I got them or not, it was about dreaming and wishing for that special something – and hoping I’d been good enough for Santa to find the budget. Writing a Christmas list was actively encouraged in my household, not only from a logistical point of view, but because it offered a moment of festive joy where we could all sit around the table with the music on wishing for more goodies than could physically fit through the front door. When you’re a kid there’s not much room for error (as long as it involved Barbie or dinosaurs I was a happy chappy,) but as we get older and have more disposable income to buy the things we want when we want them, the gift giving process is somewhat trickier. Those inevitable questions start from mid-November when everyone wants to know if there’s something you particularly fancy; but do you deflect back with a simple suggestion, shrug your shoulders and say ‘I don’t really need anything’ or do you get all ‘Rachel from Friends’ and offer up a list of appropriate gifts listed in order of price bracket? 

Although you may think Christmas lists are only for those aged 12 and under, there’s definite positives for embracing the task no mater your age. Push aside those feelings of greed if you dare to ask for something you’d genuinely get use out of, or those ideas that the best gifts are bought by those that should know you best (my mum bought me pink things for years until I finally told her I hated the colour,) because at the end of the day everyone wants to give a gift that will be cherished. Not everyone has infinite amounts of time to traipse through around the shops hoping that inspiration will strike, nor the inclination; any little bit of help you can provide will undoubtedly be most welcome. 


I love receiving a teapot or candle as much as the next person, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones that nobody would ever expect you to ask for. Whether that’s a new pair of boots, money towards home repairs, a shiny toaster or seat covers for your car, they may not be glamorous but they’re the presents you will genuinely appreciate. One of the best things I ever got my mum was a gate; it’s not something I would have chosen in a million years, but she wanted a new gate for the front garden and that’s what she got! 


Unless your a kid, your list shouldn’t go on for pages and pages. (Now that *is* greedy!) Keep it short, sweet and include gifts from across a spectrum of prices so as to not offend anyone who was only thinking of spending a small amount. Whether there are books you’ve been dying to read, stationary you’d love to get your hands on or a course that’ll have you ticking off New Year’s resolutions in no time, pop it all down there. 


Subtle hints don’t always work for everyone. If there’s a new lipstick you’ve had your eye on or a perfume you’re crazy for (Michael Bublé ‘By Invitation’ maybe?!) then lists are your new best friend. Your other half has slim-to-no chance of picking you up that new eyeshadow palette unless you outright ask him. And give him the link. And ask for his credit card. 


you’re worried about asking for something in particular, or it’s a
friend who may be on a limited budget, asking if you can book an
experience together is a great way to halve the worry and ensure you
both get an enjoyable moment. Rather than trying to find a gift at the
last minute, suggesting tickets to see a show or afternoon tea at that
hotel you’ve been dying to visit is a great treat you can both look
forward to – while taking the pressure off. 


So many sites now have ‘wishlist’ functions that allow you to curate the things you’re lusting over in one place. As you’re browsing, why not add them to a list and then share the link across your social media platforms – so anyone who’s socially savvy will be able to pick you something they know you’ll enjoy. My sister is a massive bookworm, so in the lead-up to Christmas she spends hours making an Amazon wishlist so I can just click, buy and get them delivered in plenty of time. 

Christmas is more than the giving and receiving, but a little token of gratitude or love can make the biggest difference to someone’s festive season. Make it a good one. 

Do you still write Christmas lists, or do you prefer to unwrap surprises on Christmas Day?

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  1. Chichi
    November 23, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    I agree! You're never too old to create a letter to Santa requesting all the things you want for Christmas.Chichichichi-writes.blogspot.co.uk

    • Hayley Carr
      November 24, 2016 / 9:53 am

      And circling stuff in the Argos catalogue 😉

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