Escape To Nowhere: 24hrs In The Country To Discover Fishmore Hall’s New Rural ‘Shell Spa’

My feet have barely touched the ground in the last few months, having had so many trips and work related projects to keep me busy alongside family commitments and personal issues; collectively that’s left my head in a bit of a spin. When I struggle to know what month (let alone what day) it is, then it’s time for time out and a little escape out of the city and into the countryside. I’m lucky enough to live in leafy Buckinghamshire so it’s easier for me than most to see some greenery and relax along by the river on a Sunday afternoon, but even so a good road trip is often what’s required to refresh the body and mind. Last weekend we took an afternoon off to drive through country lanes into the middle of nowhere to discover Fishmore Hall and their brand new ‘rural spa’ that’s located deep in the Shropshire hills and overlooks some of the most stunning scenery; if you need a day or two away from anything and anywhere, then this is certainly the destination for you.

A beautifully restored Georgian house, Fishmore Hall boasts fifteen spacious bedrooms and a restaurant that serves up some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted. We enjoyed a delicious five course meal that included scallops, duck and
the most delicious salted caramel desert (I’m still dreaming of it,)
which are all created using local produce and expertise. The house is spacious, quiet, charming and relaxing, while offering plenty of space to take time out with a book and a cup of tea. Because there are only a few bedrooms, it doesn’t ever feel busy or bustling – continuing the relaxing and almost remote feeling you get from the surroundings. At night the location comes alive and looks even more beautiful, particularly the brand new spa which sits in the grounds and welcomes guests into the evening to enjoy their outdoor facilities.

If you want a weekend that’s bustling with things to do and places to see, then Fishmore Hall and Ludlow as a town really won’t be for you. When the highlight of the area is a fish and chip shop and old abandoned castle, you know you’re in for a low key couple of days that will help you put down your phone and breathe in the fresh air. What I really loved about our trip was the amount of time we actually spent outside – something that rarely happens beyond September. Fishmore Hall has plenty of little nooks, crannies and places to sit and take in the surroundings that look even more appealing with the backdrop of the Autumn landscape.

The ‘Shell Spa’ itself has only just opened, so it feels very fresh and new. It features four treatment rooms, all with beautiful decor and state-of-the-art equipment, alongside a sauna and steamroom for you to enjoy after. With relaxation areas both inside and outside, you can enjoy afternoon tea or lunch without having to change out of your robe too. The highlight for me though was definitely the hot tub and hammock, both of which provided far too much enjoyment than they probably should have done! Sitting in a giant bath tub and overlooking absolutely nothing is incredibly relaxing and really did help to wash away the cobwebs from my mind; I’ve not felt so at ease for a long time, nor have I not felt the need to pick up my phone and document every detail – I just wanted to breathe it in.

While in the spa I also enjoyed a full body massage and treatment to help relax me even further. The ‘Shell Spa’ offers a range of Elemis treatments and uses their products exclusively, ensuring you will have an fabulous experience every time; the hour long treatment left me almost asleep, so it was back in the hammock to rock away my worries – followed by another dip in the hot tub. Although the spa is still in the very early stages (there were plants waiting to be painted, fences waiting to be put up, no hairdryers or body wash in the shower!) it’s a truly unique experience and definitely a destination that I can see being incredibly popular in the years to come. How many spas can say they boast views of the Shropshire countryside from the comfort of a hot tub? Exactly. 

We were a guest of Fishmore Hall and the ‘Shell Spa’ for our trip. Find out more about trips, mini breaks and spa treatments via their website:

Special thanks to BMW for lending us a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer for the road trip. 

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  1. Pam Scalfi
    November 10, 2016 / 1:10 pm

    Im looking for a spa for a weekend near my wedding date but this sounds a bit too quiet for my own taste. Pam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

    • Hayley Carr
      November 11, 2016 / 11:52 am

      It was *very* quiet!

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