Ultrasun: The Ultimate Year-Round Suncare Hero (Suitable For Even Sensitive, Irritated Or Kids Skin)

I’m a self-confessed suncare addict, but admittedly there are worse things to be obsessed over. Having just returned from a couple of breaks in the burning sun, I’ve been layering myself (and everyone else around me) up with all manner of protective creams not only to stop my skin from burning – but to prevent the onset of those fine lines just a little longer. The summer may be verging on over, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack away the suncreams and SPF lotions for yet another year. Although we’ve been programmed to associate exotic locations
and cocktails with the need to layer up with sun protection, up to 80%
of the sun’s UV rays can actually penetrate through clouds and fog; that
means that stepping outside on a dreary winter’s morning can
potentially be just as harmful as a sunny spring day. It’s important to be mindful of looking after our skin (regardless of
the season) not only because of the associated skin cancer risks, but
because UV exposure is the number one reason for accelerated ageing. I’ve long been careful to apply a sunscreen to my face on a daily basis, but increasingly I’m aware of the importance of applying it to the rest of my body too – especially on an unexpected warm Autumn weekend or during a lengthy stint in the open air. But where can you turn for help that’s suitable for the whole family, 365 days of the year?

Although I dabble in various different formulas and brands for the purpose of this very here blog, Ultrasun is the one brand I seem to turn back to time and time again. Their lightweight and easily absorbed formulas are a pleasure to apply, while the lack of irritants means I can even apply them to my partner’s eczema-prone skin with ease. Breaking it down, here are the main reasons you’ll want to get on-board with Ultrasun – no matter the time of year.

Most suncare brands offer up a cocktail of perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives within their formulas that can increase the risk of sun allergies (i.e. prickly heat, which is caused by blocked pores) and irritate sensitive skin. Ultrasun doesn’t use perfume (except within the After Sun and Daily UV Hair Protector), emulsifiers or preservatives thanks to their ‘airless’ packaging; this means the formula remains stable without these added nasties that can play havoc with sensitive, irritated or eczema prone skin.

The creamy and gel-like textures glide over skin and are easily massaged into the surface, leaving behind no white marks or greasy residue; the finish is dry to the touch, while still giving skin a comfortable boost of moisture and protection. Unlike many other sun protection products, Ultrasun doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or covered in sand. 

Who has the budget, time, space or inclination to pack up four different lotions and potions for every member of the family? What I love most about Ultrasun is that their formulas are suitable for everyone – including super sensitive skin types, children, eczema sufferers and those prone to prickly heat. I don’t have to worry about taking away suncare for me and separate products for my partner, because Ultrasun doesn’t irritate or sting his eczema; as someone that suffers from heat rash and incessant insect bites, I can be safe in the knowledge that Ultrasun won’t cause further irritation too. 

Rather than having to re-apply your sun protection multiple times throughout the day, Ultrasun offers ‘once a day’ technology to ensure you’re protected for as long as you need to be. Although I would always recommend re-applying multiple times a day if you’re actively sitting in the sun and basking in the heat, for day-to-day use one application is all you need. (For more info on sun protection times, have a look at Ultrasun’s personalised ‘Sun Account’ which breaks it down brilliantly.) 

Whether you like the traditional feel of a cream, the lightweight and instantly absorbed texture of a gel, or want to add a subtle sheen to skin simultaneously, Ultrasun has you covered. The ‘sport’ varieties are perfect for all year round (as they’re instantly absorbed and leave no detectable residue,) while the Glimmer version offers a very subtle healthy glow to skin that’s perfect for summer. It’s like picking which foundation to wear every day, but in SPF form.

Ultrasun’s ‘airless’ dispensers enable you to use 100% of the product
inside, so there’s absolutely no wastage, and ensures that the formula has an extra long shelf life of 24 months
(after first being opened.) This means you can keep going back to the bottle if you don’t get through it during your holiday, remaining protected throughout the year or even saving it for your next getaway.

Although the prices of Ultrasun are a little more than your usual Nivea or Soltan, they’re built to last and offer hardworking protection every time. I personally find them comfortable to wear, easy to take to the beach, a pleasure to apply and a brand I know provides peace of mind when it comes to remaining protected. There’s no doubt in my mind as to which brand I would recommend every time.

Ultrasun is available from John Lewis, QVC, Superdrug and many online destinations in a multitude of formulas and strengths; prices start from £18.00. (Make sure you check out their super-sizes and QVC exclusive deals for tonnes of value.)

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  1. Pam Scalfi
    September 12, 2016 / 10:01 am

    once a day and dry touch are always qualities I look for in sunscreen lotions! I have sticky products, especially if you have to reapply every time you go in the water! Not tried the brand before but will keep in mind for my holiday next year! Honeymoon here I come! :DPam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

  2. Abigail Alice x
    September 13, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    I absolutely love using suncare because it makes me feel so proud and responsible haha! I love using SunBum as it's oil and paraben free on my face. Would love to try this brand and see how it matches up!Abigail Alice x

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