Turn Your Skin Back On: Elemis’ Biotec Energising Skincare Gives An Energy Boost

A staggering 80% of women admit to feeling like they continually lack energy, which is only exacerbated by the ever growing number of tasks we face on a daily basis. If you’ve ever taken the time to notice how feeling tired impacts your skin, then you’ll know that the first place we start to see lethargy is on our face. Dullness, dehydration, texture change and lack of plumpness are usually the result, it taking a turbo boost of goodness and a ten hour sleep to get ourselves back on track. Skin is a living organ and inevitably responds to lifestyle factors and environmental pressures; free radical exposure impacts cell energy as it essentially damages the performance of cells and ‘slows’ them down. The ‘energy cells’ we have in the skin have far few energy pockets than those in other areas of the body, so we see the impact of these stresses sooner; that’s why a bad night’s sleep will appear on our face, rather than on our hands or legs, and it’s also why it takes lot longer to heal spots or rectify dehydration when we’re tired. 

year ago Elemis launched the very first Biotec professional treatment
in their spas nationwide, investing in the next generation of facials
that aimed to meet the needs of modern women – rather than just offering the same portfolio regardless of changing desires. The response was so positive that this spring they’re
expanding that offering with the first ever consumer facing product; this groundbreaking innovation provides a powerful
cocktail of antioxidants that aim to keep energy up and cells performing
effectively, helping to repair and protect skin when it needs the
support most. Including a day cream, night cream and gel cleanser, the
simple three piece Biotec collection together works as either along-term
solution to tired skin or an opportunity ‘to re-set’ once or twice a year – importantly, it’s about integrating it into your routine as and when you need it, rather than completely changing up your skincare repertoire.

Both the day and night creams
include two individual tubes of product which only mix when it’s
dispensed into your hand, keeping the ‘actives’ seperate until the very last minute; this ensures maximum effectiveness and positive impact on the skin. The phase one cream includes ingredients to ensure
the optimum condition of skin to ensure it’s receptive to receive the
actives, while the phase two gel includes a encapsulated zinc and copper ‘bio energy complex’ which bursts upon impact with the
skin. These ‘anti-inflammatory’ ingredients help to keep the skin performing effectively, particularly because inflammation can speed up the ageing process as out ability to respond becomes challenged; the result is theoretically luminosity, smoothness and an increased ability to repair, as well as the clinically proven claims that the creams maintain hydration over a twelve hour period. Furthermore, the day cream has been proven to offer a 27% increase in cell energy within 24 hours of using the product, meaning you can start to see a positive impact almost immediately. Adding a cleanser into the mix may seem like a strange choice, but according to Elemis the gel texture is enriched with ingredients that help to balance out pH levels and counteract the alkaline elements in water that can dry out skin. Essentially it’s prepping the surface for the day or night cream to come, further boosting the potential impact of the regime.

The concept of re-energising our skin cells is a new one on me, but it does make complete sense when you delve deeper into the impact ‘tired cells’ have on our overall appearance. I like the simplicity of the concept, how it’s easy to integrate into a regime and the fact that Elemis are actively encouraging customers to use these as and when they need it (rather than switching from products they already love altogether.) The textures of the products are lightweight, pleasurable and quick to get to work: the cleanser lifts dirt and residue from the face to leave it radiantly clean without dryness, the day cream adds hydration instantly without overloading skin, while the night cream leaves my skin feeling refreshed the following day. Although I do quite like this range and the concept behind it, it hasn’t wowed me or left me particularly wanting more – the instant effects aren’t that noticeable unless you’re really looking, and the lack of any real focus on targeting fine lines or other traditional ‘anti-ageing’ claims makes me feel it’s not quite what I’m after at this stage in my life.

It may help to improve the overall wellbeing of our skin, but I feel like I need something a bit more targeted as I start to hit the age when I’m increasingly concerned about those wrinkles around my eyes! Unfortunately it’s also really rather pricey at £39.50, £75.00 and £85.00 for the cleanser, day and night cream respectively; for that investment I could pick up some Sunday Riley that I know provides me with both immediate and long-term results that I love. I think it would be perfect for women in their 20’s who just want a boost when they’re burning the candles at both ends, or mums who struggle to establish and maintain any kind of skincare routine when they’re juggling small children – but the price point could be somewhat prohibitive for that audience. My gut feeling is that the women who could afford this would probably want a bit more from their skincare regime, instead turning to the classic (and more affordable) Elemis products that they know and love. I’m undecided. It’s like that new sushi dish you try but aren’t sure if you’d order it again; tasty, but not mind-blowing.

Does the idea of boosting your skin’s energy sound appealing? What do you think of this new concept from Elemis?

The Biotec Skin Energising collection is available this April, priced £39.50 for the cleanser, £75.00 for the day cream and £85.00 for the night cream.

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    April 4, 2016 / 2:55 am

    Well, this is something worth checking out. Great products with amazing formulation.

  3. Pam Scalfi
    April 4, 2016 / 9:23 am

    I'm in my 20s and I agree, this sounds great but unfortunately the price tag is out of my reach..Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Jennifer Mason
    April 15, 2016 / 8:12 pm

    Great post Hayley! I love your name! :)Did you notice your spelling mistake? the ageing process as out ability to respond becomes challenged;

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