Anti-Ageing Nail Varnish? Nails Inc NEW ‘Powered By Collagen’ Collection

Most of us are well versed in the importance of collagen within our skin; it’s the one buzz word that imparts fear in women universally, as a lack of collagen often means those inevitable signs of ageing are rearing their heads. This essential part of our body’s structure plays a key role
in providing ‘scaffolding’ for cells, tissues and organs, but it also
gives skin strength and durability; it’s responsible for the smooth,
plump appearance of young, healthy skin. As we age the production of
collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin gradually decreases
(at a rate of around 1.5% a year) which in turn causes dehydration and dullness which only adds to the signs of ageing. The skincare market has made billions around the idea that lotions and potions can help inject collagen into the skin, or help ‘kick start’ our skin into producing more of the cushiony stuff itself, but now the interest in collagen rich products is expanding beyond the traditional. We now don’t think twice about drinking our collagen or applying it to our thighs, but rather unconventionally Nails Inc are launching their very own take on the concept via their ‘Powered By Collagen‘ nail polish. Quite simply the collection aims to target the signs of ageing on our talons, which often gets completely overlooked. Just as our skin changes as we age, nails can also become brittle, discoloured, thinner and full of ridges over time; this five piece ‘anti-ageing’ nail collection aims to bring a new angle to your beauty regime, helping hands look even more fabulous no matter your age.

1. Overnight Detox Mask 
This lightweight nail treatment contains pathenol, gycerine and sweet almond oil to help hydrate and moisturise nails as you sleep. It aims to not only protect the nail from environmental factors, but the inclusion of collagen helps to promote nail strength too. I’m a big fan of anything that I can apply before bed, as the impact is almost ‘turbo-boosted’ while I slumber, and this is no exception; although you won’t awake with perfect nails, you can definitely tell they’ve been treated to a little something overnight.

2. Collagen Ridge Filler Base
Infused with eight different amino acids known for their moisturising qualities, as well as the hydrolysed collagen, this helps to prevent splitting and strengthen the nail over time. The very pale white shade helps to ‘fill in’ any ridges and conceal imperfections, making it a great base product if your nails are prone to splitting and flaking; it dries incredibly quickly too, meaning it won’t slow your at-home manicure down. (Photo 1 below.)

3. Conceal & Reveal 
Enriched with collagen to build upon the benefits of the other products, this polish includes a light tint to conceal imperfections and pearls to reflect the light; the result is a healthy looking nail and a product that’s not too dissimilar to an under eye concealer. You could easily wear this polish alone, or apply a single coat under your chosen polish to enhance the effect, but you definitely don’t want to overload the nail with more than one other layer. (Photo 2 below.) 

4. Colour Powered By Collagen 
Rather unusually, the inclusion of volcanic glass helps to provide natural cushioning and strength to the nail whilst providing a rich colour that glides over the nail in milliseconds. Polyester resin and ‘patented plastizers’ also help improve the flexibility and durability of the nail, therefore theoretically decreasing the likelihood of chipping. Although I absolutely adore this polish (one swipe is all you need for a beautiful finish,) it is quite prone to chipping and only lasts one or two days before needing a touch up. The bonus is that because you only need one coat for a full colour finish, you can fill in the gaps and apply a second rather than starting from scratch! (Photo 3 below.) 

5. 45 Second Top Coat 
Nails Inc’s best selling top coat is now
enriched with collagen and caviar extract to help strengthen and repair
the nail, while providing a high gloss and professional finish. Although
they claim that nails will be touch dry in under a minute, I’ve
definitely found with other layers beneath it’s more like a few minutes – more if you’ve gone all out with a base coat. It’s lightweight and super shiny though, so it’s worth the additional time necessary to wait for a semi-pro finish.

The concept of this nail polish absolutely makes theoretical sense to me, but I’m not 100% convinced that the collagen will be able to penetrate deep enough within the nail to make a significant impact. I’ve only been using these for a few days and I do genuinely like them as nail care and colour products, but as I don’t have access to any of the ingredient listings I can’t be absolutely informed about whether or not these will do what they say on the tin – or what the concentration of collagen actually is. So many beauty companies are incredibly savvy when it comes to tapping buzz words onto the end of products in order to shift more stock, so this could be just another way of Nails Inc capitalizing on their professional expertise and position within an incredibly saturated market. However, these are great little products either way – and with them launching as part of a special QVC offer this week, it’s worth checking them out and grabbing a bargain while you can.

The Nails Inc ‘Powered By Collagen’ collection launches as a QVC TSV on 30th March, for all six products (including two nail polish colours in either ‘nude’ or bright’.) No details of the price right now, but you’ll have to tune in on the day! 

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  1. Claudia
    March 28, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    Not sure these are top of my list, but the pale pink certainly is nice! xLipstick Theory // Student Cruelty Free Lifestyle Blog

  2. Leanne Page
    March 28, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    I'm not completely sold either. Like you, I'm not convinced that they would penetrate deep enough. I do like the sound of the over night one though. I feel like it might be good for my dry cuticles

  3. Pam Scalfi
    March 29, 2016 / 8:33 am

    shades are pretty but im also not fully convinced this would actually work :pPam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

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